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Keurig Heating Light Stays on – How to Fix? (Quick Answers)

Keurig is a famous and excellent coffee brewing system. You might feel amazing making coffee with your Keurig coffee maker in the morning. But when you see your Keuring coffee maker heating light is on, and you can’t make coffee properly.

So, you might be confused about why the Keurig heating light stays on. Moreover, you might want to know the solution to the problem.

If you’re going to fix the Keurig heating system, you must know its situation. So, learning about the Keurig function and fixing process is pretty essential. Let’s see details about it.

Keurig heating light stays on

The common problem your Keurig heating light stays on is scaling. Moreover, ‘Add Water,’ ‘Heat,’ and ‘Medium Cup’ lights are flashing can be another reason. Besides, the use of reusable k-cup, dirt in the machine, blocked exit needle, low water reservoir, etc., can also be the reason.

However, different reasons can be responsible for the Keurig heating light staying on. Each problem has a different solution. 

So, let’s see the underlying problem of the Keurig heating light staying on. Moreover, the solutions of the corresponding problems are also provided.

Scaling of the machine:

After continuously using the Keurig coffee maker, the machine might develop scale. Scaling the machine will prevent the machine from working correctly. Moreover, it will give wrong signals.

For example, the heating light might stay on when the machine has scale. So, when the scale blocks the machine, the descaling red light might stay on in your Keurig machine.


Descaling is the solution to this problem. Descaling requires cleaning the machine thoroughly and unblocking the system. If you want to prevent this problem, you have to descale the machine regularly. You must descale the machine every three months.

Multiple lights are flashing:

You might see that multiple lights of the coffee maker are flashing at a time. For example, the ‘Add Water,’ ‘Heat,’ and ‘Medium Cup’ lights are all flashing together. If this problem arises, you must solve it to function the coffee maker again.


To solve this problem, you must ensure that the cold water reservoir is placed correctly. For doing this, you can reseat the reservoir. Moreover, you can perform a water-only brew. If the water brews well, then the troubleshooting is completed.

But if the water is not dispensed, you have to solve the problem another way. For example, if you use a water filter, you can remove the water filter and run a water-only brew.

If the brew is correctly done, you can change the charcoal filter and place the water filter in the brewer. But you don’t use a water filter; you can perform three more water-only brews to check the brewed water amount.

Reusable cups:

The heating light might stay on if you use reusable K-cups in the Keurig machine and pack them excessively tightly.

When you load the refillable cups too tightly, too much coffee or tamping too hard will be there. It will create a lump of coffee. The lumps of coffee will be too dense that it will be difficult for the water to pass through.

This way, the machine will face blockage in the pipework and will not work correctly. As a result, the heating light will stay on.


To solve the problem, you can stop filling the reusable cups tightly. You have to fill the cups so that the filling is within the required level. So, the coffee lumps will not be created, and the blockage will also not happen.

Moreover, you can refill the cups loosely. Besides, don’t push the coffee down to make more places for coffee.

Dirt in the machine:

The heating light might stay on when the Keurig machine gets dirty and blocked. Sometimes, you might clean the upper surface of the machine. So, the machine is not thoroughly cleaned. That makes the machine block.


Cleaning the machine thoroughly is the only solution to this problem. You can descale the machine.

If descaling is not enough, you must try the process multiple times. You can clean the machine with vinegar and soak the parts in the vinegar for two hours. This will clean the machine parts perfectly.

Blocked exit needle:

When the exit needle is blocked, the heating light might stay on. For example, you might see a tiny bump on the k-cup. So, when the needle is blocked, you will face a problem brewing the coffee in the Keuring machine.


If you want to solve the problem, you can put a regular needle or paper clip to check whether the needle inside is loosened or not. Then you can clean the needle. To clean it thoroughly, you can put off the machine and then wash it.

Low water reservoir:

When the water reservoir is low and or the reservoir is empty, the heating light might stay on.


To solve this problem, fill up the reservoir with water. Fill up the reservoir so that the water is up to the required level. If the problem is not solved, you can turn off the machine and try after restarting the Keurig machine.

Other problems:

Other problems might also be responsible for the heating light problem. For example, the incorrectly installed water reservoir might be the reason. Moreover, a dislodge magnet inside the reservoir, the frozen onboard computer, etc., can be why your Keurig heating light is on.


For these problems, you can try resetting the machine. Moreover, you can try to install the water reservoir correctly again.

Is Keurig heating light on a common problem?

Keuring heating light can stay on for common problems. So, staying on the light is pretty common. Most problems associated with the heating light are solvable, and you can fix them on your own. So, let’s see whether red light and k40 light are the common problems or not.

Keurig red:

The Keurig machine red light is under regular operation. Generally, when the normal brewing operation is running, the red light is normal. Even it is not a problem when the machine is running.

But if the light is on without operation or not for the specific operation, there might be a problem. But the problems related to the red light are common, and you can solve the problem on your own.

Keurig k40:

The k40 light stays on in your Keurig machine for some common problems. For example, when the machine is dirty or blocked, the k40 light can stay on.

Moreover, the blocked machine and low water reservoir can cause the light to stay on. So, the problems related to the Keurig k40 light being on are pretty common and solvable.

How do I reset my Keurig with all the lights on?

Your Keurig with all lights on is a severe issue. If you can’t solve the problem, you can’t make coffee properly with the machine. So, let’s see how you can reset your Keurig with all the lights on.

Opening and closing the k-cup lever:

First, you can try to open and close the k-cup lever. Then you have to notice whether the Keurig brew cycle is interrupted or not. The opening and closing of the k-cup lever will reset the machine, and the machine will be ready to brew again.

Turning off the machine:

After that, you have to turn off and unplug the machine from the electrical connection. After turning off and unplugging the machine from the wall, keep the machine at rest for a couple of hours.

Then plug the machine and turn it on again. This will reset the machine and get the machine ready to brew again.

Resetting the water reservoir:

Then, you can detach the water reservoir. Most Keurig machine has a removable water tank. So, you can take off the water tank and rest the machine for an hour.

After that, you can re-place the water tank again in the place. After re-placing the tank, you can turn on the machine. This will reset the machine again. Finally, the machine will be ready to brew again.

Final Thoughts

Keurig heating lights can stay on for many different reasons. But some common causes are the scale build-up and dirt in the machine, low water reservoir, tightly placed k-cup, blocked exit needle, etc., which can be reasons. But you can solve these problems with less effort on your own.