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Kenmore Microwave Not Heating: Why & How to Fix? (Answered)

Kenmore has a large variety of microwaves in its collection. All of those models are good and effective to use on daily basis.

But machines are prone to damage and a Kenmore one is no different. One of the most common problems with Kenmore microwave is that it doesn’t heat or warm the food. 

Well, sounds very frustrating as this problem affects your daily life. But thankfully there are logical rescans behind this issue and can be fixed in most cases. Let’s know about that!

Kenmore microwave not heating

One of the main reasons your Kenmore microwave is not heating is a blown fuse or poor power connection. In such a situation, the microwave doesn’t work at all neither it warm food. Moreover, a damaged magnetron or diode, faulty door switch, or even a wrongly pressed button can cause this problem.  

It’s really annoying if you have trouble starting your day because of your Kenmore microwave that’s not heating and preparing your food.

Since the microwave is an unavoidable part of our daily life you cannot sit calm and instead look for the reasons that are causing the microwave not to heat.

There could be several reasons behind a Kenmore microwave that’s not able to produce heat. Let’s know the possible causes of some of the Kenmore microwave models here in detail: 

Kenmore elite microwave

Wrong setting:

Kenmore elite microwaves are one of their latest editions. No doubt it can warm and ready your food quickly but if the mode or settings are wrong the oven will not heat the food. 

Wrongly pressed buttons can activate such functions that will not command the microwave to heat food such as the timer button.

Blown fuse:

If the main fuse of the microwave is burnt or blown the microwave will not get a power supply and thus will not heat or work at all. A blown fuse is usually the main reason your Kenmore elite microwave is not heating.

Damaged magnetron:

The magnetron of the Kenmore elite microwaves helps to produce heat. If this component is damaged the microwave will not be able to heat. 

Kenmore model 721 microwave

Loose connection:

If the microwave is plugged in loosely it might not be able to get continuous power, which can stop the heating in your Kenmore model 721 microwave. Besides, a microwave that’s connected to an inadequate or unsuitable power source can cause the not-heating issue. 

Faulty Door switch:

Defective door switch is another reason why your Kenmore model 721 microwave is not heating your food. Door switches are there to ensure the microwave door is properly locked. If they are faulty your oven will not start heating.

Defective diode:

Diode in a microwave associate the magnetron to produce enough heat to prepare the food. If the diode is somehow damaged or burnt it will not be able to support the magnetron thus the oven will not produce heat.

Kenmore microwave model 790.803

Burnt capacitor:

The capacitor in your Kenmore microwave model 790.803 helps to generate heat by supporting the magnetron and also does tuning. If the capacitor fails, the microwave will be detached from power and will not heat anymore unless you replace the capacitor. 

Gap between the door and microwave:

Microwave door needs to be closed firmly to start the device. If the door isn’t properly closed or has gaps in between the microwave will not start heating.

Is it worth fixing a Kenmore microwave that won’t heat?

Whether it’s worth fixing a Kenmore microwave that won’t heat depends on how badly it is damaged, the servicing cost as well as the parts price. 

Kenmore microwaves often face the problem where it doesn’t heat the food. The heating function doesn’t work at all and this can be caused due to many reasons. 

Usually, we try to repair a damaged device on the first try. Because a new Kenmore microwave is expensive.

When the problem behind your Kenmore microwave is minor such as poor power supply, faulty door, or blown fuse, it’s okay to repair as the cost will be less.

But if your microwave has major issues such as a burnt diode or damaged magnetron it might cost you high including the labor charge depending on the model. In such a case, it’s better to buy a new one at that price. 

How do I know if my Kenmore microwave fuse is blown?

Often it’s a blown fuse that causes the microwave not to heat. But since there are chances for other factors being responsible too, it’s hard to blame the fuse without noticing the signs.

But by observing some symptoms you can know whether your Kenmore microwave fuse is blown.

The microwave will not start:

If the fuse is blown the microwave will not start as it will not get power to function. The lights won’t be on and it will not respond to commands. 

The Microwave will not heat:

If your Kenmore microwave’s fuse is blown and damaged, the oven will be unable to produce heat. Thus the microwave will not heat your food.

The fuse will be melted:

Many microwaves contain fuses that are made of glass so can be observed. You need to remove the upper part of the microwave and check if the fuse is melted to know it’s blown. 

It will show in the multimeter test:

By doing a multimeter test you can easily know whether the microwave fuse is damaged or not. If the multimeter reading shows infinity or anything near zero ohms the fuse is surely blown.  

How much does it cost to replace the magnetron in a Kenmore microwave?

The magnetron in microwaves is a crucial part and needs to be replaced immediately if damaged. To replace the magnetron in your Kenmore it can cost around 100$ to 150$ depending on the model and availability of the parts.

Magnetrons of a microwave aren’t cheap. They usually cost 100$ to 250$ which can vary from brand to brand. Moreover, there is a service charge required to replace the magnetron with an expert. 

If your Kenmore microwave is not heating the food, it’s because the magnetron is damaged. Magnetrons can’t be repaired so you’ll need to buy a new one. 

Various e-commerce sites along with Kenmore stores do have different magnetron for different moles of Kenmore microwave. To buy one you might have to spend 90$ to 100$ and the price can go up to 150$ with labor costs. 

How to fix Kenmore microwave not heating?

Generally, we tend to take damaged microwaves to repair but if you don’t have an idea about the problem and the solution, it can cost you much.

A microwave that does not heat is a common issue and can happen due to a faulty diode, defective door switch, damaged magnetron, or blown fuse.

There are several ways to fix a Kenmore microwave that does not heat. Here are a few tips that can help you to get back your Kenmore microwave:

Plug the microwave again: 

Many times a loose connection interrupts a microwave from heating. So before you take this to a repairman unplug the microwave from the power source and plug it again pressing in force. It may help to start the oven again.

Repair the fuse: 

A blown fuse is often responsible for a Kenmore microwave that doesn’t heat. If you see the fuse is melted or has damaging strokes in it, change the fuse and the microwave will start working.

Shut the door properly: 

Closing the door lightly can stop your microwave from heating the food. So after putting food inside close the door so that there is no gap between the microwave and the door. If the door switches are faulty fix them. 

Replace the magnetron: 

With a damaged magnetron a microwave will not heat. So if you find out the magnetron is damaged you have to change it soon. That will fix your problem. 

Final Thoughts

Your Kenmore microwave will not heat if the fuse is blown or the magnetron is damaged. these parts generate heat in the microwave. Besides these, many other reasons are responsible for a microwave that doesn’t heat. Such as a faulty diode, defective door switch, or lose connection.