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Kenmore 80 Series Washer Won’t Spin? (With Solutions)

Sometimes you need to wash your clothes as fast as possible. And at that time, your washing machine worked as a wand.

But if you are in a rush and find out that your washing machine is not proceeding towards the spinning cycle. What are you’ll going to do? Let’s find out the solution to fix your washer.

Why Kenmore 80 series washer won’t spin and how to fix it?

Sometimes, the washing machine doesn’t work due to some malfunctioning inside the motor. There are different issues involved with your Kenmore 80 series doesn’t work. The motor malfunctions, the switch is not working, and it can be your fault to distribute your clothes improperly.

Almost every possible reason will be discussed here, so brace yourselves and follow the solution provided here. Before spending money on some expert, you should thoroughly check your Kenmore 80 series washer.

Hope you can find the proper solution to your problems.

There are some common issues, and some need more attention. So, before jumping into hard ones, let’s see if we can provide you with some easy solution or not.5

Hoes Doesn’t Work Properly:


This phenomenon happens when your washer hoes become clogged with anything. If your washer hoes are clogged, your Kenmore washer will not proceed towards the spin cycle.

Because the drainage system will not work properly. Check the hoes and clean them by yourself. It may start your Kenmore 80 series washer spin cycle. 

Improper Cloth Distribution:


Proper cloth or laundry distribution is necessary. If somehow you push a lot of laundry inside your washer, it may not be able to run itself.

So, distribute your cloth inside the machine properly and restart the machine. If it has not started its spin cycle, channel all the water out of the machine again, put the laundry properly, and try the procedure again.

Washer Lid is not closing Properly:


Before starting the washing machine, you must ensure that the lid is closed. Or the washing machine will not start at all. If the lid closes properly, a switch ensures the machine that the lid is covered, and it can start to spin.

But, if somehow the switch malfunctions, the machine will not get the right signal to start the spin. You’ll need to spend 35 to 50 dollars to fix the malfunctioned switch, and you can do it yourself.

Your Washer is On An Uneven Surface:


Sometimes, your washer is not working simply because the washer is placed on an uneven surface.

Adjust the washer legs, and make sure that the washer is stably placed on the surface. Use a leveler to see if your washing machine is properly placed or not. Then restart your Kenmore washer. It may start the spin cycle after that.

If the Belt is Broken or Detached:


There is a driving belt for the washer to spin. And the driving belt is attached to the motor and the transmission to supply power to the washer.

If your driving belt is broken or detached from the pulleys, it may not work. Replace the broken or damaged belt. And if the belt is somehow detached from the pulleys, make sure to put the belt in its place.

If the Motherboard for Motor Controlling isn’t Working:


The motherboard controls the machine overall. If the motherboard is not working, the whole system will fall apart. Generally, a washer doesn’t need to have a regular checkup to see if all the parts are working.

But sometimes, the regulating part of the washer malfunctions. If your control board is not working, that means the whole system is down. It is better to replace a new washer than buy a new motherboard for your washing machine.

Problem in the Rotor:


In every motor, there is a rotor along with it. It creates a strong electromagnetic field that helps the washer to spin properly.

If it is damaged, you know that the washer will not work. If you find out that your rotor is broken, buy a new rotor and replace it.

Broken Motor Coupling:


Like the motor belt, motor coupling connects both the motor and transmission of the washer. The washer’s power to run itself comes from the motor and the transmission.

So, if somehow these two things cannot connect, it will not transfer any power so that the spin cycle can run. If this part is damaged, you need to change the motor coupling.

Broken Lid Switch:


This part helps the washer trigger that the upper panel is closed. If not, then you need to change it.

Without closing, the washer will not start spinning. So, you need to make sure that the lid and the lid switch are completely okay. If the switch malfunctions, then you need to change it.

Spinning Motor Malfunction:


The motor is the most crucial part of the Kenmore washer or any other washer. The motor causes the spin. If somehow the motor is burnt or not rotating, you might need to change the motor or the washer.

As it is the crucial segment of the machine, it is costly too. So, if this part is damaged, it is better to change the washer than buy a new one.

If the Clutch Assembly malfunctions:


In the washer, the clutch controls the rate of spin. If this part of the washer is broken, then your washer will not be going to the next washing stage.

Generally, old, broken clutches cause problems, so replace them whenever needed. Or your Kenmore washer will not work correctly.

Malfunctioning Electromagnetic Stator:


The stator is an internal component of the motor that creates a strong electromagnetic field so that the motor’s rotor can spin. These stators have windings that are highly prone to be worn out.

If you see any damage in the stator, you cannot fix the stator or the windings. The only way to fix the problem is to replace it with a newer one. Take professional help if needed.

Old Bearing Issues:


For a smooth spin, you need to have a good bearing. The inner case is rotating on the bearing. If the bearing becomes old, it may not work smoothly. And eventually, the bearing will stop spinning, the spinning cycle will stop as well.

Unfortunately, if the bearing is worn out or old, you cannot fix this issue. Because the outer case and bearing come together.

If one of the components is damaged, you need to change the whole system. And this procedure is too expensive. It will be better to buy a new washer than to fix the old one’s bearings.

How much does it cost to fix a washer that won’t spin?

Different types of costs are involved when you plan to fix the washer. As discussed earlier, you may face different problems with your washer. And different problems have different solutions with different cost structures.

If you fix the unbalanced problem, you need to spend about 150 to 400 dollars. Generally, the average cost of repairing your washer is about 150 dollars to 500 dollars.

Also, if you want to fix your washing machine’s spinning problem, you must spend 150 to 500 dollars, including the labor fees. The cost of buying a new washing machine is about 1500 dollars.

Is it worth it to repair a washing machine?

Sometimes, repairing a washing machine is much less than the cost of buying a new one. There are several cases where buying a new part and repairing the washing machine is too hard and costly.

You can fix your own washing machine, but you must still spend a lot of time on your washing machine. Some parts like repairing the motor, replacing the old bearing, changing the stator, etc., are too costly and sensitive.

So, in these cases, you should get a new washing machine than fix the old one. The cost of buying a new machine may cost you between $1000 to $2000.

So, if your washing machine has fewer problems, then deal with it and if your washer has some severe issues, buy a new washing machine.

Final thoughts

If your Kenmore 80 series washing machine doesn’t spin properly, then it must be issues with the inner parts of the washing machine. Overloading the washing machine can also cause the issue. Repairing it or properly maintaining it will ease the problems.