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Kenmore 700 Series Dryer Not Heating, Spinning or Working?

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Washing machine play a significant role in our life. While they ease difficulties for us a lot, but a broken washing machine is as good as a headache.

Kenmore 700 series dryer is very advanced and popular among households. If you are facing any troubles with your dryer, we would like to help.

Let’s explore what may preventing your Kenmore 700 series dryer from heating, spinning or working. Also we would explore how to solve many other issues associated with the machine.

Why is my Kenmore 700 series dryer not heating?

Kenmore 700 series dryer may face heating issues due to clogged vent. As it is common phenomenon for vents to be clogged with lint from clothes, after a while, they start piling up and create nuisances such as not heating. To ensure the reason, checking would be wiser if lint is hindering the dryer.

It is only expected that a dryer would work fine and for that heating is very important. But if they do not, only means something is wrong in the machine. But it does not mean that you have to worry, as many problems can be solved at home without too much of effort.

A Kenmore 700 series dryer may have multiple reasons for not heating. Some are-

Clogged vent:

Clothe release lint while washing. These drain through vent and as a result they might clog and stop heat to get inside of the dryer. 

To fix the problem, you have to clean the vent and to prevent it from happening again, you have to keep the vent clean all the time.

Uneven load:

If you put clothe in uneven manner, meaning, the load is not even in all areas, they will stop the air to flow as usual.

It is also the reason, heat not reaching all paces at a time at the same rate. So, all you need is to spread clothes evenly so that no place has more clothes than other.

Faulty thermostat:

Faulty thermostat can also put heating on hold, as it won’t provide necessary information when needed. Replace the thermostat is only option in this case.

Broken fuse:

Sometimes a broken fuse is the source of all problems. Check the fuse if it is blown. And change it if needed.

Broken Heating element:

Heating element is the prime source of heating in dryer. It may also get broken in times, so, be careful if it is running alright. If it isn’t, you have to replace the heating element, that you can do yourself with some guidelines.

Why is my Kenmore 700 series dryer not spinning?

There are a couple of reasons that may halt a Kenmore 700 series dryer from spinning. Firstly a worn out roller would be unable to spin the dryer. Secondly, if the dryer is overloaded beyond its capacity, it will fail to spin. So first check the loading situation, or the rollers need to be replaced.

Spinning is one important job a Kenmore 700 series dryer supposed to do. However, the machine is not impregnable from problems and issues. Thus you may experience your dryer not spinning.

This can happen due to multiple reasons. Some are-

Worn out belt:

With times belt that helps dryer drum to spin may lose its grip over the spinning due to corrosion. It is very normal and it is just pure law of nature. However, you need to belt in this case which is very easy to do.

Worn out bearing:

If the dryer drum’s bearing becomes unable to rotate as good as it needs, the spinning won’t work. Firstly try putting some lubricant to fix the issue. If fails, change the bearing to make it spin again.

Door not locked:

In many occasions, the dryer simply doesn’t spin because the door is not locked properly; you must hatch the door to spin it.

The functionality of the dryer requires it to be completely locked to ensure safety and then it spins. However, if it doesn’t lock properly check into the door whether something preventing it from locking tight.

Child lock:

This is only here to save children from being injured. If the child lock is on, the dryer won’t spin. So, turn off child lock before giving the command for spinning.

Spin Motor:

Yes, this might be the most serious one. A faulty motor or a broken one needs to be fixed to spin the dryer.

Kenmore 700 series dryer not starting:

In most cases the primary reason for a Kenmore 700 series dryer not starting, is due to bad cable connection. It’s obvious that without the power input the dryer won’t run. So, check on the cable first before predicting anything serious.

Incorrect setting is also very common for Kenmore 700 series dryers. As the model is exceptionally advanced in feature and facilities, it’s common for petiole to mistaken while choosing the right setting for the dryer.

In washing machine, a dryer only starts when its lead is hatched properly; so in case your dryer lead hasn’t sit properly, it will not start. You have to be careful while closing the lead so that there is no room left that may disrupt starting the dryer.

Furthermore, problems in control board, drive motor, belt switch can also hinder A Kenmore 700 series washer dryer from running.

Kenmore 700 series dryer not drying clothes:

To dry cloth in Kenmore 700 series dryer, you would need two of the functionalities of the dryer to run properly. If any of the functions do not work, the drying would be off. So, if your 700 series dryer not drying clothes, look into the issues stated below.

If the dryer fails to heat up would be a big challenge to dry the clothes in due time. There are many reasons including clogged vents why the dryer might not heat up. To fix the issue, simply open the vent and look for clogging due to lint and remove them.

Subsequently if the dryer fails to spin, it will not able to rinse water off the cloths leading to not drying clothes. The spinning function cannot work due to either worn out belt or if overloaded. Fix these issues to dry clothes again.

Kenmore 700 series dryer not turning off:

A dryer machine is supposed to be turned off after it has done its job. But it would cause huge displeasure if a dryer does not turn off after it has been commanded to be turned off.

A Kenmore 700 dryer has a tool name thermistor, which is primarily responsible to turn off the appliance. Fixing the issue in due course will lead the dryer to run properly.

There also other ways you can follow to turn off the dryer. One particularly easy way is to removing the power cable. Termination of supply of electricity will be good enough to turn off the machine in needful time.

You may also want to keep the machine turned off for nearly 15 minutes before restarting again. Try to reset all settings, and this may help you to regain all functionality including turning off properly.

How to change the belt on a Kenmore 700 series dryer?

Changing a belt is particularly needed when it is worn out and is not as efficient as it needed to spin the dryer in proper manner. An old belt can be the primary reasons why dryer may not spin and be unable to rinse properly.

In order to change the belt, at first, remove the power connection to make the process risk free. Unscrew the lead and open the dryer chamber. Behind the chamber, you will find the old belt and remove it.

Put the new belt and position it between belt tensioner. Also connect the other part around the motor by looping it. Put the dryer drum back in position. Now, you can screw all things together and connect the power cable back in place.

Do not forget to conduct trial run to see if everything is working.

How to replace the heating element in Kenmore 700 series dryer?

At first disconnect the power supply. Unscrew the bottom part of the dryer to find machineries inside. The main component responsible for heating is heater housing, find it on top corner.

You need to remove the front deflector of the heater housing by either unscrewing from the main frame or simply bending it out of the way. Do not forget to cut both wires associated with the heating element.

Also switch it off so that you can replace it. Now you need to replace a new element with it. Connect the wires and put the front defector in its place again.

Screw the bottom part of the dryer and connect all the power cables. All you need now is a trial run. Place it back if everything is running smoothly, especially the dryer heating again as it supposed to.

How to reset Kenmore 700 series dryer?

Many times, it is quite disturbing when a function of the machine do not work properly. Especially when it does not turn off after command or miscalculate its steps. Thus, experts say to perform a reset before taking any other action.

Although rest is important, but the here is no reset button, you can press to reset immediately. Instead you have to follow some course of action together to have the Kenmore 700 dryer to have factory reset.

All steps required are not something new, you do it eventually, but now you have to maintain some numbers.

A reset in 700 series dryer is not very fancy steps. So, all it requires is unplug from the power station and keep it rested for 5 to 10 minutes. Open and close the door for six times in twelve seconds to perform the factory reset.

Final thoughts

Kenmore 700 dryer machine is one of the most advanced washing machine compliance available in the market. Due to some technical reasons, the dryer may not function properly, but all of the problems can be solved without any professional help. Check on the issues immediately to solve them beforehand.