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Is Your Nespresso Vertuoplus Leaking Coffee? (Explained)

Coffee machines are a daily necessity around most of the houses now a days. As it is an electronic appliance, there might be occasional problems with it. if you know the reason behind it you can fix it quickly.

Why is your Nespresso Vertuoplus leaking coffee?

The main reason this appliance leaks is the clogged nozzle. Coffee residue is left behind the nozzle every time you make coffee. And these residue clogs the nozzle. That is when your Nespresso Vertuo plus starts to leak. You just have to de-scale the machine and clear out the blockage to fix it.

Nespresso Vertuo plus is a very useful appliance around the household. And just like most of the electronic appliances, the Nespresso Vertuo plus faces some glitch with time.

A common issue for the coffee machine is that it starts to leak, usually from the back. The leakage can be noticed from the bottom as well, or into the capsule box.

There are several reasons for your Nespresso Vertuo plus might start leaking all of a sudden. The obvious reason might be blockage. To fix the leakage you should get to the reason of it.

Blockage in the nozzle:

A little bit of coffee residue is always left in the back of the nozzle every time you make coffee. These residue can form together and cause a blockage at the end of the nozzle. Which can cause the back of the machine to leak.

Thermo block:

If you find your Nespresso Vertuo plus leaking from the bottom it might because the thermo nozzle is blocked. This blockage is also from the coffee residue. It might also mean the inside pipe work is damaged or blocked.

Capsule holder:

A blocked capsule holder can cause leakage as well. A defective capsule holder could also cause leakage in the appliance. Make sure the capsule holder is not filled with gunk.

The reason for leakage is important if you want to fix your Nespresso Vertuo Plus quickly. If you find the cause behind the leakage it will be cheaper and easier to solve the leakage problem.

How to fix a Nespresso Vertuoplus leaking?

A leaking Nespresso Vertuo plus can be a big hassle. There might be several reasons behind the leakage.

And once you get to the reason behind the leakage you should get to work;. There are many ways you could solve the issue. You have to choose the best solution according to the problem.

As there are many reasons for the leakage of your Nespresso Vertuo plus, there are many solutions as well. Make sure to catch the right reason behind the leakage. So you know exactly what to fix and where to make the adjustments-

Descale the machine:

The most common reason behind a leakage is the blockage from the coffee residue. In cases like this the best way to fix the machine is to descale it entirely.

You can do it by yourself or you can go to a professional. The process of descaling the Nespresso Vertuo plus is not to difficult. If you are confident you can have a go at it.

Descaling should be done every 3 months, even if you machine is not leaking or clogged. Descaling is basically cleaning out the minerals from the machines’ internal surface. Follow the given steps to descale your Nespresso Vertuo plus-

  • Turn the machine on and place the water tank with water mixed with the descaling solution.
  • Activate the descaling process by pressing both the buttons and holding them for 3 seconds.
  • Press the big cup button, or the Lungo button.
  • After you see the entire solution run through the machine, fill the water tank again. Repeat the process.
  • Press the Lungo button to properly rinse the machine at the end.
  • To exit the descaling mood, press the two buttons for 3 more seconds again.
  • And with that, the descaling is done in your Nespresso Vertuo plus.

Clean the capsule holder:

There might be something wrong with the capsule holder if there is leakage from the drip tray or the capsule holder itself. In cases like this you should clean the capsule holder.

  • If the nozzle is clogged then there will be leakage as the water will be clogged. Make sure to clean the nozzle as soon as you see any leakage.
  • Clean up the gunk in the capsule holder. As you make coffee with the machine, there might be a little residue left. This could cluster together with time and clog the capsule holder. Make sure to clean the capsule holder.
  • If the capsule holder is defective, change it as quickly as possible. The defective part could cause the leakage. And the same defected part could cause much greater damage to the machine.

These are how you can fix the capsule holder, if that is where the problem lies.

Fix the water tank:

If you see water leaking from the base of the machine, then you need to check the water tank. There might be an issue with the main water tank or even the heating element.

  • Detach the water tank and look for any defect or breakage. Leave the water tank full with water on a bench to see if it leaks. If it is defected then change it quickly.
  • You need dissemble the entire machine to check the internal pipe works and thermal block. The defect on it will be very obvious. Make sure to quickly change the pipe work if there is a defect.

There are several ways to fix your Nespresso Vertuo plus if it is leaking. You can do it by yourself or you can go to a professional to get it done.

How long is a Nespresso Vertuoplus machine under warranty?

Nespresso coffee machines come with a two-year warranty. The duration of the warranty changes according to the type of the machine you have.

The Nespresso Vertuo plus offers two years of warranty if it is the household machine. 24 months is the usual warranty time for the regular household machine.

If you take the Nespresso Vertuo plus pro, which is the business use version of the machine, you will get a warranty of a year. This is standard for all the versions of the business use models of the machine. But on an average, the machine offers a two-year warranty for the Vertuo plus

How long does a Nespresso Vertuoplus machine last?

A Nespresso Vertuo plus can go on for around 5 to 10 years, if you take care of it properly. The appliance will need a lot of maintenance and taking care of.

You will have to fix the occasional leakages and pipe changes. But apart form this, there is no other issue to minimize the lifespan of the machine.

If you take care of it properly, you can use your Nespresso Vertuo plus for at least 5 to 10 years. The coffee machine has amazing durability and can last up to 10 years easily. You have to take care of the maintenance occasionally.

How much does it cost to repair a Nespresso machine?

The repair cost of any appliance depends on the damage of the product. The more the damage, the higher the cost. This is the same for the Nespresso Vertuo plus coffee machine.

You can estimate the cost range from $150 to $350. Usually the cost should be within this range, unless there is a serious damage.

If you have warranty left then there will be little to no cost for the repair. But with major damages and defects you will have to pay around $150. This is very little compared to the other appliances. The machine is fairly easy to fix.

Is it worth repairing a Nespresso machine?

Fixing a coffee machine is something most people tend to avoid. Many think it is not worth the money to fix a coffee machine. However, for the Nespresso Vertuo plus you can choose to fix the machine if there is any minor problem or issue.

With the right maintenance the machine will last up to 5 years at least. Which is why you can try fixing your coffee machine by a professional.

Though the fixing cost might not be little or cheap. If the defect is minor then it is worth the fixing. If there is a major issue, it is best to change the machine itself.

Final thoughts

Nespresso Vertuo plus is a common appliance in the household. However the machine may leak because of the residue build up from the coffee. This can be fixed easily as you clean the internal pipe work or de-scale the machine. Make sure to de-scale the machine every three months for maintenance.