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Is Dehumidifier Water the Same as Distilled Water?

There are cunning similarities between dehumidifier water and distilled water. But are they the same? What are the differences between dehumidified water and distilled water?

We will discuss the various aspects associated with these two types of water. So read on to learn if dehumidifier water is the same as distilled water.

Is dehumidifier water the same as distilled water?

Dehumidifier water is not exactly the same as distilled water, but they are similar in many ways. Such as both types of water have no mineral content in them, which makes them very similar. They are also very clean. But the process to attain these two types of water are very different. 

Dehumidifier water is similar to distilled water in so many ways. But they are not the same. They are produced by following different methods.

Dehumidifier water is produced by using the moisture in the air. The dehumidifier uses a fan and passes moistured water through some layers of coils.

These coils are chilled and cool down the air. Eventually, as the air is cold, it drops the moisture. These then turn into droplets of water. 

On the other hand, the distilled water is produced by boiling water. Through this process, you will eliminate any pathogens that might dwell in the water. In addition, you will get rid of any minerals that might be present in the water as well.

So both of these water is free of minerals and pathogens. Both dehumidifier water and distilled water are very clean. In addition, they both have similar tastes.

What is the difference between humidifier water and distilled water?

There are several differences between humidifier water and distilled water. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant differences between them:

Different collection methods:

The collection methods for these two types of water are different on so many levels. Distilled water follows one of the oldest methods.

It filters the water, then boils it, and later steams the water to eliminate minerals, pathogens, and toxins. The steam is later condensed and turn back to the water.

On the other hand, dehumidifier uses relatively modern technology. It works with the help of chilled coils. A dehumidifier collects humid air, passes it through those chilled coils, and later condenses the humid air to form water droplets.

Level of clarity:

Hands down, distilled water is one of the purest forms of water. In comparison to distilled water, dehumidifier water is not as clean.

Dehumidifier water passes through several layers, including coils, a water collection tank, and more. If these components are dirty, then the water will also turn out to be dirty.

On the other hand, it is always made sure that distilled water is very clean. All the pathogens and bacteria are eliminated through the distillation process. And once the steam is condensed, we are always left with the cleanest water.

Commercially collected distilled water is very clean. In comparison, dehumidifier water is not considered as pure.

Can I use dehumidifier water as distilled water?

Yes, you can use dehumidifier water as distilled water. Although the production process for these two types of water is different, the result is practically the same. So you can replace one with another and get the jobs done.

You can use dehumidifier water as distilled water to carry out several tasks. You can use the water in car cooling systems, generators, lab experiments, and more.

Does a dehumidifier distilled water?

Dehumidifier does not distill water. The production process for distilled water is quite different than what a dehumidifier does.

A dehumidifier works with moistured air and collects water droplets from the air. On the other hand, distilled water is collected by boiling and steaming water. So they are very different in their collection process.

Dehumidifier does not distill water. Instead, it collects humid air and passes it through multiple layers of chilled coils. These coils then cool down the air to collect water droplets.

How do you make dehumidifier distilled water?

There are several methods that you can use to produce dehumidifier distilled water at home. Follow these steps to learn how to make dehumidifier distilled water at home efficiently:

Collect the utensils:

Gather all the utensils that are necessary for the process. Collect a large bowl and a small one that can float inside the bigger bowl. The smaller bowl should be made of glass.

Moreover, you will need some ice to carry out the process.

Fill the bowl with water:

Now you will have to fill the larger bowl halfway with water. Then place it on top of a stove.

Now place the smaller bowl, which is made of glass, inside the larger bowl. Cover the larger bowl with a lid.

Boil the water:

Now you will have to boil the water. Put some ice cubes on the lid of the larger bowl. The combination of boiling and ice will produce condensation in the water.

Allow condensation effect: 

Now, wait for the water to boil. As the water continues to heat up, you will notice that it turns into steam and gathers are the top of the lid.

Since the lid has ice on it, the steam will condense and drop down onto the glass bowl that’s placed inside the larger bowl.

Let the process continue until all of the water is condensed into the smaller bowl. Once the small glass bowl is filled, remove the lid and collect the water. It is now distilled water and you can use it in a dehumidifier.

Is dehumidifier water purified?

Yes, dehumidifier water is purified. It is clean, free of any pathogens or minerals.

A dehumidifier condenses humid air and collects water drops from the moisture in the air. It does so with the help of chilled coils which cool down the air.

So the condensed air is purified as the water is primarily evaporated from the humid air.

What can I use the water from the dehumidifier for?

There are several uses for dehumidifier water. Let’s discuss some of the most common ways you can use the water from dehumidifier water.


Dehumidifier water is considered very clean. They are free of any microorganisms, metals particles, pathogens, and minerals. You can drink dehumidifier water yourself or water your plants with it.

Flushing toilet:

You can always keep a bucket full of dehumidifier water in the bathroom as standby. It can be used to flush the toilet if need be.

Used in generators and car cooling units:

Dehumidifier water is one of the cleanest forms of water. You can use it in any generators and cooling units of your cars. Since it is free of minerals and bacteria, the water will help run the machines smoothly.

Is water from a dehumidifier drinkable?

You can drink the water from a dehumidifier. But there are some factors that you will need to consider.

Since dehumidifiers operate with the help of chilled coils, you should make sure that those coils are clean. Air will pass through the coils and condense them into water droplets.

If the coils are not clean, the water will also end up being dirty. In such a case, you will not be able to drink the water from the dehumidifier.

In addition, take note of the condition of the water collection pot of the dehumidifier. If it is in good condition and clean, then it is okay to drink the water.

Can dogs drink water from a dehumidifier?

It is not advisable to allow dogs to drink water from a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers indeed remove all unhealthy pathogens and bacteria, but they are still not safe for dogs to drink.

The water collection tanks in dehumidifiers are not often clean. For this reason, they are not considered a safe source of water, especially for your dog.

Dogs may face stomach irritation, indigestion, vomiting, and even diarrhea if they drink water from a dehumidifier that was not clean.

Is it OK to water plants with dehumidifier water?

Yes, it is OK to water plants with dehumidifier water. Regular water often contains excessive levels of minerals and pathogens that may end up hurting the plant. So dehumidifier water is always a safe choice for watering plants.

The dehumidifier water will prevent the plant from consuming unwanted toxins and minerals. More often than not plants consume excessive toxins that eventually deposit in their seeds and fruits.

But if you water your plant with dehumidifier water, such a problem will not occur. It will save the plant from contamination.

Final Thoughts

Dehumidifier water is not the same as distilled water. They are similar in terms of being free of pathogens, minerals, and toxins. Both dehumidifier water and distilled water are considered very clean. However, the collection methods of these two types of water are massively different.