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How Much Does a Generator Weigh? (Explained)

Generators have become an important appliance in every household. Because not only does it save us from unusual load shedding but it also saves our appliances from short circuits.

Therefore, many people prefer to buy the generator in order to avoid the unusual load shedding. However, many people get confused about the type of generator they want to buy for their homes. Mostly, get into a dilemma when it comes to the weight of the generator.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the weight of different types of generators as well as we have also tried to clear all your confusion regarding the generator’s weight.

How much does a generator weigh?

It depends on the type of generator. Because the weight of the generators depends on their brand, type as well as on size. But on average, most generators have a weight of 260 pounds and the portable ones will add more than 40 pounds to 70 pounds to that.

The weight of the generators mostly depends on their size and type. Because the size and type of the generators actually decide the weight. For example, the gas type generators will have less weight than the portable type generators.

Because the gas type generators cannot move from one place to another as it doesn’t have any wheels like the portable ones. Actually, the wheels add some more weight to the portable ones.

Also, the size of the generator actually triggers the weight. For example, a 5000-watt sized generator will have the power of more than 170 pounds and less than 190 pounds.

In addition, sometimes the bigger sized generators have less weight because of the brand. For example, a 6400-watt size generator of the champion company has a weight of 160 pounds.



Well most of the Generac generators weigh more than 500 pounds. In addition, the portable ones weigh more than 550 pounds. The small ones weigh around 70 to 80 pounds.


The big generators from Honda weigh less than those of Generac ones. The big ones weigh around 125 pounds to 130 pounds. The small ones from Honda weigh around 50 to 60 pounds.


The big generators from the Champion company weigh around 150 pounds. Also, the small generators weigh around 65 to 70 pounds depending on the size.


Well, the Predator company’s big generators weigh around 180 pounds. Also, the small ones like the 3000-watt generators weigh around 90 pounds.


The generators from the Yamaha company weigh the highest. Usually, a 3500-watt sized generator weighs more than 160 pounds and the bigger ones like 6000-watt weigh around 250 pounds.



Well in the case of the gas generator, the weight of the big ones is around 280 to 310 pounds. For this reason, the gas generators are not called lightweight generators.

In addition, the small generators have a weight of around 50 pounds and sometimes the weight can be more than that.


The portable generators are also called heavyweight generators but they can be moved anywhere. Usually, the big portable generators have a weight of around 270 to 320 pounds. The small portable generators usually weigh around 55 pounds.

The extra wheel that is mounted for moving adds an extra weight of 50 to 60 pounds.


5000 watt:

The 5000-watt generators weigh around 150 pounds to 160 pounds. Sometimes the weight can be more than that depending on the brand. The portable 5000-watt generators usually weigh 160 pounds.

5500 watt:

The 5500-watt generator usually weighs around more than 175 pounds and less than 190 pounds. But some Heavyweight generators can weigh around more than 190 pounds.

7500 watt:

The 7500-watt generator is the biggest one. The 7500-watt generator usually weighs around 230 pounds. The portable 7500-watt or gas generators weigh around up to 250 to 260 pounds.


Well, the 20 kW generators usually weigh around more than 500 pounds. However, depending on the type and size the weight can go up to 600 pounds.


In the case of 22kw generators, the weight lies around 550 pounds. Also, just like the 20kw, depending on the size and type the weight can reach up to 650 pounds.


The 100kw generator belongs to the group of biggest sized generators. The 100 kW generators will weigh around 3500 pounds to even 4010 pounds. Depending on the brand and type the 100kw generators can weigh more than 4000 pounds.


Well, the 300kw generators usually weigh around 5000 pounds. If the 300kw generator is gas-powered then it can weigh around 5500 pounds.

5 kva:

The 5kva generators usually weigh around 230 pounds. Also, the weight of kva can increase depending on the type of generator.

15 kva:

The 15 kva generators weigh around 600 pounds depending on the type and size. The gas or portable 15 kVA generators usually weigh around more than 650 pounds.

20 kva:

The 20 kva generators can weigh around 800 to 900 pounds or sometimes more than that. The gas 20 kVA generators usually weigh around more than 1000 pounds.

60 kva:

The 60kva generators can weigh around 2000 pounds to 2500 pounds depending on the size and type.

Why do generators weigh so heavy?

Well, there are not many reasons why generators weigh so much. But we have tried to find some reasons why generators weigh so much. The reasons are given below:

Due to power:

The most common reason why generators weigh so much is due to the power. The more the power will be the higher the weight of the generator will be. Usually, small powered generators 2000-watt or 3000-watt have less weight.

And you can move them from one place to another very easily. The gas-powered ones are heavy but not that heavy compared to the bigger ones.

Backup generators:

The backup generators are the heaviest ones as the backup generators have a weight of around 90 kg.  The backup generators also have large power for which the weight is the heaviest.

Diesel-powered generators:

The diesel operated generators also have the heaviest weight. It is because the diesel operated generators have a motor that is started manually.

How do you measure a generator’s weight?

You can actually measure a generator’s weight by looking at its power. Because the higher the power will be the more the generator’s weight will be. It is important to know that the power actually determines the weight of the generator.

For example, a 5000-watt generator will weigh around 160 pounds whereas a bit-powerful generator like 6000-watt will weigh around 180 pounds or more.

Also, the 300 kW generator weighs the highest which is more than 5000 pounds. Actually, it is the biggest powered generator ever. In addition, the 100 kw weighs the 2nd highest having a weight of 4000 pounds.

The type and brand of the generator also determines the weight of the generator. For example, a gas powered generator will weigh around 260 to 300 pounds.

The portable generators will weigh around 300 pounds because the extra wheel adds an extra weight to the portable generators.

How to calculate what size generator I need?

Well, it is very easy to determine what size generator you need for your house. You have to just keep in mind some points as well as keep a note on the brand, size as well as on power. You can follow our below steps if you want to calculate what size generator you will need:

Select the device:

First things first, you have to select which device you want to run through your generator. Make a list of the appliances you want to run by the generator whenever there is load shedding.

Carefully notice the watts:

Now the second most important thing is to look at the starting watts and the running watts written on the appliances. Make sure you know what starting watt and running watt is.

Starting watt is the watt that is needed to start the appliance. Running watt is the watt that is needed for the appliance to run or to continue providing power to the appliance.

Select the generator:

Now you have to select the generator. Make sure you select a higher watt powered generator because it will balance the passing of power through the appliances. It also helps to reduce the noise of the generator.

In addition, the generator with higher power lasts longer. Lastly, if you have a total running watt of 1700 on your appliance then you have to buy at least 1900 rated generators.

Final Thoughts:

The weight of the generator usually depends on the size, type and power of the generator. Gas-powered generators weigh around 280 pounds and portable ones weigh around 300 pounds. The smaller ones weigh around 160 pounds and the bigger ones weigh around 350 pounds.