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How Many Watts Does a LG Refrigerator Use? (Explained)

Having a refrigerator has its own situation that are negative. The most common of all is the higher electricity cost.

It is true that many manufacturers are producing appliances that consume a little electricity. LG refrigerator ate also very less consuming.

But, if you are looking for the numbers, how many watts a LG refrigerator uses, it is a wise step. Let’s explore the query and other associated questions.

Watts usage for a LG refrigerator

Usually, a refrigerator uses around 500 watts on an average and the usage range is between 200 and 700 watts. Power usage of a refrigerator depends on its size and model, sometimes on its age. Medium sized LG refrigerators use around 300 watts. A 230 liter LG refrigerator draws 460 kWh annually. 

Refrigerators has eased our life in so many kevels, we simply cannot our life without the help of such appliances.

Even in small motor homes, where many facilities are unavailable, you’ll find a small refrigerator lying in a corner. This is not because the refrigerator is a cheap thing to have, rather, it helps life in great extent.

LG refrigerators are as good as any modern appliances. As the technology is advancing every day, the refrigerators are becoming more and more energy efficient, environment friendly, and most importantly cost efficient.

Along with the price of the fridges, their energy consumption rate is also decreasing every day.

However, the technology is yet to reach where we might not have to spend a penny. Until then we have to calculate how much it will cost per hour or day even on month for a refrigerator. To ease the calculation for your end, let’s learn it here-

Per hour:

Energy consumption is calculated in watt. Usually a 260 Liter frost free LG refrigerator consume as low as 275 Watt of energy per hour. However, the amount may increase when the capacity of the fridge will increase.

But, neither all refrigerator has same capacity nor has the same consumption level. It is quite true, that most of them consume less, but it can vary. A large size refrigerator can consume nearly 300 to 350 watts even more in some cases.

Per day:

Running a refrigerator for whole day will cost you around 6.5 to 10 thousand watts per day. Energy cost will be high due to such consumption. However you should not worry as such high load is calculated as 0.6 or 1 BTU unit by power suppliers.

Depending on how much it would cost you to collect every day groceries, and would waste otherwise, the cost of electricity for refrigerator is way less. However, you still should be conscious of your usage of electricity.

Per month:

Monthly a refrigerator will require only 20 to 30 BTU electricity to run. Depending on your supplier, the cost of such electricity would be nearly $10-$15. That means, it does not take too much to have a refrigerator in your home.

As the amount is not much, it is also not very low. However, in comparison of its benefit and services, the amount required per month is enough for any households.


Like any other machine, refrigerator consumes a little more energy that it would require to run while starting up. The energy is however very low. A fraction can be consumed extra.

If your refrigerator would consume 300 Watt otherwise, only 5 – 10 watt would you require extra. Thus, you should not worry so much of how much it may require to start.

Does an empty LG fridge use more electricity?

Refrigerators use electricity to reduce the temperature of the internal environment. Whether it is loaded with foods or air, the compressor aims at cooling them down.

If you open your LG refrigerator’s door, cold air comes out of the refrigerator and warmer air gets inside.

As soon as the warmer air enters the refrigerator, the compressor starts cooling them down. This process requires additional energy. If your LG fridge remains empty, more air will get into the refrigerator. As a result, more energy will be used to cool them down.

On the other hand, if your LG refrigerator is full of ingredients, there will remain less space for air to get inside. So, a small amount of air will enter the refrigerator requiring less energy compared to the previous situation.

So, an empty LG fridge uses more electricity than a loaded one.

How much does it cost to run an LG fridge per month?

The cost of running fridges depends on power consumption, and the power consumption depends on size, model, and age. Usage of energy may be more or less based on these factors resulting in changes in cost.

LG is a famous global brand plying on the market for decades. From the very beginning, they are introducing different models with varying features. In this modern era, energy-efficient refrigerators are very famous. LG is successfully meeting public demand.

However, as refrigerators with varying consume varying energy, costs also vary with them. For example, if your LG refrigerator consumes 460 kWh annually, monthly consumption will be around 38kWh (460kWh/12=38.33kWh).

You can get your monthly cost by multiplying 38 kWh by the cost per unit in your area. In the USA, the cost per unit is 0.1$. So, monthly expenditure will be 38.33*0.1=3.83$.

What factors determine LG refrigerator watt usage?

There are so many options available for refrigerator in the market. This modern age has introduced different features to make life more comfortable and sustainable. LG refrigerators provide very unique features to their consumers.

However, power consumption of refrigerators depend on their size, model, energy efficiency, usage, condition and age. Different models can consume varying energy.

There are energy efficient fridges available in the market which consume less energy.

Followings are some factors that determine watt usage of LG refrigerators.


Commercial refrigerators consume more watt than domestic ones. They are frequently opened.


Any refrigerator in bigger size uses more watts, so the cost will be more compared to smaller ones.


If you keep your fridge in warmer place and the area is not well ventilated, it will use more watts.


Usually, refrigerators use more watts during summer.


If you frequently open the doors of your refrigerator, it will consume more energy. Beside, an empty fridge consumes more than a loaded one.


Age of a refrigerator is also important. Sometimes, older fridges draw more electricity and thus increase the cost.

How do I check the power consumption of my LG refrigerator?

There are two ways to calculate power consumption of your LG refrigerator. One way is to look for a sticker where annual power consumption of your LG refrigerator will be written.

You can easily find out the daily and monthly consumption from the annual consumption.

The other way is to find a sticker where the voltage and amperage will be written. You need to apply following steps to find out power consumption from voltage and amperage-

Calculate the wattage:

The first step is to calculate the wattage of your refrigerator. You can easily find the wattage by multiplying voltage and amperage. For example, your refrigerator has a sticker showing 115 V and 4.5 A. so, the wattage will be 517.5 watts (115 V X 4.5 A=517.5 Watts).

Average power usage:

Here, you will need to follow the rule of thumb to calculate average power usage. According to this rule, the compressor remain on only when it needs to cool down the internal temperature.

It means that, refrigerators are on only one-third of the day. So, you need to divide the wattage by 3 to find out average power consumption. Here, 517.5/3= 127.5 watts is the average power usage per hour.

Daily power usage:

As, you have already found out the average power usage, it is easy to find out the daily usage. Multiply the average wattage by 24 and you will find your desired power usage.

Here, the daily usage is 127.5 X 24= 4140 watts per day = 4140/1000 kWh. Similarly you can find the annual usage as well.

However, if you are able to check the power consumption of your LG refrigerator, it will be easy for you to estimate the electricity cost.

Final Thoughts

LG is a global brand and exploring the market for decades. With technological advancement, more energy efficient LG refrigerators are leading the market. Consumers are buying LG refrigerators to save energy and reduce cost. On average, medium sized LG refrigerators use around 300 watts.