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How Many Gallons Are in a 100lb Propane Tank? (Answered)

From cooking to barbecuing, even for keeping your house warm, propane gas works very fine. And to store it you have to have a propane tank.

Whether you want to buy a new tank or refill the old one, you may need to know how much propane does your tank need, or how empty they are.

These things aren’t very difficult to know. And let’s learn how to do these.

How Many Gallons Are In A 100lb Propane Tank?

A 100 lb propane tank can hold 23.6 gallons of propane. As one gallon of propane weighs 4.2 pounds, the calculation is simple. However, there are other attributes that can determine the change in overall quantity. The total capacity of a propane tank can change with the surrounding temperature.

A propane tank is a regular cylinder shaped container but has high endurance and can hold high pressure fuels for households and other activities. It is ubiquitous to see these tanks being used in every house across the country.

Propane tanks are sold almost everywhere. They come in cheap and can be easily transported. Also, refueling stations are very commonly found; thus, refueling propane tanks do not seem very difficult.

Many people use propane tanks for different reasons. Some find it easy to use for cooking, and some use it with their barbecue stoves. Some use propane to reduce the cold during winter.

Therefore, propane tanks are sold in many sizes. From 1 gallon propane tanks to 100 gallons, they are found everywhere. However, the most common sizes come in 100 pounds and can be bought from your nearest corner stores.

Usually, propane tanks are filled with liquid propane. This form is easier to carry and store than the gaseous form. Liquid propane is measured in Gallons.

One gallon is equal to 4.24 lbs. of propane. Thus a 100 pound cylinder, which can hold 100 pounds of propane at most, can contain around 23.6 gallons of propane.

There are other things that can also affect the quantity of propane in a 100 pounds tank. Most important is the temperature, and another one is water quality.

However, propane tanks are a very useful daily use household component. They must be kept in a safe place as they contain highly flammable objects.

How to measure how many gallons are there in 100lb propane tank?

Propane is needed in almost every work that requires heating. Thus an average household must own a propane tank sized according to their need.

The liquid propane stored in the tank is found everywhere to refill. Any corner store will refill along with filling stations.

If you transport a propane tank, be careful about keeping it upright. Transporting propane tank side-wise is unsafe and considered illegal. As propane is flammable, mistakes of any kind can result in severe loss of property and health.

If you want to fill your propane tank, you may want to know how many gallons of propane are needed to fill the tank. And to measure the number, you can follow these steps.

Water capacity:

You can find this one labeled as WC on the collar of the cylinder right above the TW (Taro weight).

Water capacity suggests, if filled with water, how much water could the tank hold. As water and propane have different masses, propane will weigh different than what is written in WC.

Convert the WC:

You can store 42% of the total WC at most. That means if there is 100 lbs. written on the collar, you can only store 42 lbs. of propane inside the cylinder.

Convert to gallon:

As pound and gallon are two different measuring units, they have a conversion rate. At an ideal temperature of 60°, a 100 lbs. tank can hold 23.6 gallons of propane.

How much does it cost to fill a 100-pound propane tank?

Propane is a very useful fuel for all kinds of cooking and barbecuing. From smaller propane tanks to bigger ones, propane tanks are everyday household items for preparing favorite dishes.

Filling propane into tanks is an easy process. But if you store propane for a long time or had filled your propane tank a long time ago, you better refill it for a more efficient result.

Refilling smaller propane tanks are easier and cheaper as the owner can carry the tank to a filling station. Whereas larger tanks require being filled by fuel trucks.

However, if you want to fill a 100-pound propane tank, you can carry them to the nearest refueling station to save some money. Also, propane costs around $0.80 per pound. You have to pay around $80 if you want to fill a 100-pound propane tank.

How long will a 100lb propane tank last?

Propane tanks are everyday household components that can be seen in every house. Whether for house warming, cooking, or barbecuing, the need for a propane tank is acute.

Propane tanks come in many sizes. As per the requirement, people can choose the most convenient size of propane tanks for them. 100 lbs. propane tanks are the most popular ones, and many dealers mention them as the best seller.

It would be best to determine the propane tank based on your required fuel amount. And the propane tank will also last depending on your expenditure.

Usually, a propane tank that can hold 100 pounds of propane can produce energy up to 2.15 M BTU. So, if you have compliance that requires 80000 BTU an hour, and if you run it for 24 hours, the total duration it will last is 1.12 days.

How to tell how much propane is left in a 100 lb tank?

Propane tanks are very useful household components, and they come in very handy in various works and uses. A filled tank will last for a long time and fulfill your requirements.

Also, a tank filled a long time ago should be refilled as old fuel is not good enough. Thus you may check whether the propane tank is full or not.

Also, refilling while the tank has some fuel left is often considered not good for the tank’s health. However, most people found it not very disturbing to refill while there is some fuel inside.

Nevertheless, if you want to know how much propane is left in your propane tank, you can use this method.

Weigh the whole tank:

If you put your whole tank on a weighing scale, you will know the total weight of the tank. As our propane tank has a high capacity, you should use a scale that can match the weight level.

Tank’s weight:

As the tank is built with heavy metal. This cylinder is heavy and has a lot of weight. If you look at the neck of the cylinder, you may find a label under the acronym TW that will give you the manufacturer’s weight of the tank.

Subtract the weighs:

Now, you need to subtract the tank’s weight from the total weight you found on the scale. This is the amount of propane left in your 100 lbs. tank.

Can a 100-pound propane tank be transported on its side?

Propane tanks are built to be standing upright always. The bottom surface of the tank is built heavily to sustain the pressure of the tank and the mass of the fuels inside.

Alongside these tanks are also capable of tolerating surrounding air pressure in different conditions.

Sometimes, while transporting propane tanks, many compromise the safety of the tanks for their convenience. This is a wrong action and very dangerous and unsafe.

A 100 pounds propane tank is very heavy and has enormous pressure on its surface. As a result, the surface below should be highly compatible to withstand the load.

Therefore, a 100 lb propane tank cannot be transported on its side. It is unsafe and illegal to transport any tank or cylinder lying on its side. The only way to transport a 100 lbs. propane tank is to be fully upright.

Final Thoughts

Although propane is a gaseous object, it is transported and stored in liquid form. Thus a 100 lb propane tank will be filled with liquid propane. Usually, a 100 lb propane tank can hold 23.6 gallons of liquid propane. Liquid propane is easier to transport. Frequent refilling allows longer usability.