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How Many Amps & Watts Does a Washing Machine Use? (Answered)

Is your washing machine taking too much energy? Are you wondering about the power or energy consumption of your washing machine and wondering how many amps and watts are required for a washing machine?

How many amps & watts does a washing machine use?

Washing machines can use up a lot of energy and can pile up the electricity bill. Typically, washing machines use 10 amps and 2200 watts but on a single load of laundry, the calculation of watts can be up to 350 to 500 watts. The watts and amps can also vary depending on the model.

High energy usage is something that washing machines are known for however, some factors contribute to the heavy power or energy consumption of a washing machine. 

Nevertheless, this power consumption will vary depending on the washing machine, loads of laundry, and pattern of use. 

For example, LG washing machines can use 5 amps and Bosch washing machines can use 2300 watts. A normal washing machine in turn will use up to 500 watts for thirty minutes of washing and on average, washing machines will cost 2200 watts and 10 amps of electricity.

Does the washing machine use a lot of electricity?

Owning a washing machine can cause a lot of electricity. However, the usage of electricity also depends on the basis of loads of washing.

In addition, your washing machine on average can cost 350 to 500 watts of electricity. The electricity usage gets high if you are doing 3 or 4 loads of laundry a week and if you turn on the heating system on a washing machine.

How much does it cost for power washing?

Power washing can be a bit on the pricier side because power washing consumes a lot of power and energy. 

In addition, power washing is known for its usage of pressure to clean all the dirt and stains from the clothes, and moreover, power washing can cost on average fifty to one hundred sixty dollars per hour.

How to calculate washing machine power consumption?

It is very important to be able to know how to calculate the power consumption of washing machines as you may need this anytime in the future. 

Find All the Variables: 

Firstly, you need to make sure you know all the variables that are to be needed while counting the washing machine’s power consumption. 

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Correct Formula: 

You need to be mindful of the correct formula which is kWh = Wattage x operating hour / 1000. However, for finding out the monthly and yearly consumption, you just need to multiply 30 and 365 by the same formula.

With this formula, you can easily get the washing machine’s power consumption. 

Look at the Manuals: 

If you find it difficult to figure out the “wattage” in the formula, kWh = Wattage x operating hour/1000, then you can simply look at the manuals of your washing machine as the wattage is mentioned there. 

Factors affecting the energy consumption of washing machine

Your washing machine can take up a lot of energy. Additionally, there are many things which are sometimes accentuating the consumption of energy of a washing machine.

Excessive Heating: 

One of the most affecting factors that affect the power consumption of washing machines is excessive heating.

In addition, when you let your washing machine heat the water by itself, it will take 90% of the energy.  

Usage of Dryer: 

When someone uses the dryer to dry out the clothes that have just been washed, chances are you are enabling your washing machine to take up even more energy than usual which will eventually make the power consumption rise.

Front and Top Load: 

Another factor affecting the power consumption of washing machines is related to the structure of a washing machine. 

In addition, depending on the styles of washing machines meaning depending on its being front loader or top-loader, the power consumption will be affected. 

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Lack of Usage of Eco-Mode:

A lot of washing machines come with speeding mode or eco-mode and the lack of usage of these energy-saving modes can cause to pile up the power consumption. 

Leaving Power on:

Not a lot of people are aware of this but even if you are not actively using your washing machine, the power consumption is still going on which is another factor causing the power consumption of a washing machine. 

Lack of Usage of Solar Power:

One of the most common mistakes people make while using washing machines is that they do not switch to solar. The complete ignorance of solar power can eventually lead to excessive energy consumption. 

How to reduce the power consumption of washing machines?

Washing machines can cost a lot of money and sometimes, it can be a bit troublesome. However, your need to be strategic enough to cut down the power consumption with some effective tips which will let you wash your clothes in a more cost-effective way. 

Wash Strategically:

You do not need to wash small batches of clothes rather wait for your dirty clothes to pile up and then place a big batch into the washing machine. 

This will help to reduce the power consumption because when you wash your clothes in small batches, it does not matter what the amount is, the power consumption is still the same each time you wash even a handful of clothes. 

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Use Correct Amount of Detergent: 

It is not mandatory to submerge your clothes in a lot of detergents rather a little detergent goes a long way. When you use a lot of detergents, it will create a lot of lather which takes a lot of water and power to wash away and this will eventually cause power consumption to skyrocket. 

Switch off Power Consumption:

When you are not actively using your washing machine, then you must need to switch off the washing machine completely unless your washing machine will continue to suck power and will cause excessive power consumption. 

Use Solar System:

Another most effective way of reducing power consumption is by using solar power that will be very cost-effective. 

Do Not Use Dryer:

If it is not necessary to dry out the clothes in the washing machines, then you should avoid using the dryer. 

In addition, you can just dry your clothes in the direct sun and can only use the dryer when it is a rainy day and this will eventually help you to save a fortune. 

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Use Cold Water:

You can start using cold water instead of hot or warm water in the washing machine because on one hand, using cold water can reduce power consumption, and on the other hand, it will clean out clothes more effectively.

Prior Stain Treatment: 

If you solely depend on the washing machine to clean out all the stains of your clothes, it will take more than one or two washing and therefore, it will cause more power consumption. 

Rather, you should soak the stain-filled clothes in water or in a stain removable solution for thirty minutes before putting the clothes in the washing machine. 

What’s the best time to do laundry to save energy?

There are many ways of effectively using your washing machine to save energy and one trick involves doing laundry when the power consumption will be less. In addition, the best time not to do your laundry is in peak hours

Moreover, the peak hour is the time when everyone is using their washing machine and this time can range from 4 PM to 8 PM and therefore, the best time to do your laundry is outside this time frame. 

However, it is important to be mindful of the fact that the peak hours can vary from season to season and from country to country. 

How do energy-efficient washing machines work?

Energy-efficient washing machines work by reducing power and energy consumption.

In addition, energy-efficient washing machines work by using less energy, less water, and less detergent

In addition, they also work by using only fifty percent lesser water which in turn helps to tone down the excessive power consumption.

Moreover, energy-efficient washing machines are also not very harsh to clothes and are environmentally friendly. 

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Can a washing machine be on a 15 amp circuit?

Normally, there are a lot of electrical appliances that also use 15 amp circuits. In addition, a washing machine can definitely very effectively be on a 15 amp circuit. 

Moreover, including the washing machine, there are other 120V and 15 Amp devices that can work pretty well in a 15 amp circuit.

Final thoughts:

Washing machines can use a lot of energy and power, but it still is something very convenient when it comes to effectively doing laundry without any distress. Although a single wash can cost 500 watts, however, effective use of cold water, solar power, and eco-mode can help to reduce consumption.