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How Long Is the Spin Cycle on a Washer? (Answered)

Washers are one of the most common and important appliances in every household. Washers don’t only save time but also clean and dry the clothes very quickly.

The spin cycle starts after the clothes are completely washed. But it may vary depending on brand and model number.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss How long is the spin cycle on a washer in detail. Stick to the last word of this article to get your desired answer.

Spin cycle length on the washer

The spin cycle is 4 to 5 minutes longer on a washer but it can vary depending on brands and models. The spin cycle starts just after the wash cycle. The primary purpose of the spin cycle is to take out the moisture from the clothes and save the time that is required for drying under the sunlight. 

The spin cycle length of washers depends on the model. Because all the washer manufacturers have different modes they mount on the washers for having the best spin cycle time.

Well, below we have discussed some of the models that have the best spin cycle length:

Samsung washer:

Samsung is a good brand that makes top-quality washers. There are different models of Samsung washers available on the market. The length of the spin cycle on a Samsung washer varies depending on the model.

The spin speed is faster in some models while the models have a slower spin speed. If the spin speed is more, it will take less time to dry. In some latest models of Samsung washers, the spin cycle is usually 4 to 7 minutes longer.

GE washer:

GE washer is also a good washer manufacturer. However, just like Samsung, the GE washer has different models.

However, the average spin cycle of a GE washer is 5 to 6 minutes. Sometimes the length of the spin cycle can be more than that depending on the models.

Maytag washer:

The spin cycle of the Maytag washer depends on the load of the clothes.

However, the Maytag washers have the fastest spin cycle because these washers have a mode called “Quick Wash”. The average spin cycle length of quick wash is about 10 to 15 minutes.

Kenmore washer:

One of the most eye-catching features of the Kenmore washer is that the spin cycle length is shortened whenever the Kenmore washer is washing heavy-duty clothes.

The spin cycle length of the Kenmore washer is about 8 to 10 minutes.

Amana washer:

Depending on a load of clothes, the Amana washer spin cycle length can be 8 to 12 minutes.

Sometimes, it is seen that the Amana washer takes much more time in spin due to the load of the clothes. Also, the Amana washer has the reputation of taking half an hour on the spin cycle.

Whirlpool washer:

The spin cycle length of the Whirlpool washer can be in between 10 to 15 minutes.

But depending on various models of Whirlpool washers the spin cycle length can be more or less. Also, the whirlpool washers are known for their faster spin cycle.

Hotpoint washer:

The length of the spin cycle of the Hotpoint washer is around 8 to 9 minutes. Although it can take much longer than that it is good for the clothes as it will be able to dry the clothes fully reducing the time for the dryer.

Speed queen washer:

The average time of the spin cycle of Speed queen is about 10 to 12 minutes.

Various models of speed queen washers have different spin cycle lengths, however, the average spin cycle length of a speed queen washers is around 11 minutes.

How long is the final spin cycle on a washer?

The final spin cycle on a washer is not very long. The final spin finishes within a very short time. Usually, the spin cycle starts after the clothes are properly washed using detergent and water.

Though the length of the final spin may vary from the washer to washer, generally it lasts for 4 to 5 minutes. The spin cycle continues until all the water is removed and the clothes are completely dry.

Also the final spin cycle on a washer depends on the rmp. The amount of water drained at the conclusion of the cycle increases with increasing rmp.

In accordance with the materials you’re laundering, you may directly adjust the spin cycle’s speed. Nevertheless, the majority of washing machines are set to the usual speed that 1300 rpm which is appropriate for most washing loads.

Things that affect the spin cycle time and speed

There are different things that affect the spin cycle speed and time. It is recommended to adjust the spin cycle speed for different categories of clothes. 

However, there are some factors that affect the spin cycle time and speed of a washer. The factors are described below:

Overload of the clothes:

Overload of the clothes can be one of the main problems for which the spin cycle time and speed gets affected. Sometimes the clothes can get stuck which can affect the spin cycle and speed of the washer.

Draining of water:

Make sure the left out water of your washer drains properly. Sometimes the washers doesnot spin or it affects the spin cycle if the water is not completely drained out.

Loose bolts:

Sometimes the loose bolts of the motor or drum can affect the speed of the washer. The loose bolts of thre motor can reduce the speed of the washer as well as it can affect the spin cycle length of the washer.

How fast is the spin cycle on a washing machine?

The spin cycle is used to dry the clothes after a proper wash. The spin cycle can get really faster if the spin speed is made higher. Usually, the spin cycle speed of a washing machine ranges from 800 RPM to 1800 RPM.

If the spin cycle is run at a higher speed, clothes will dry more quickly. However, there are some conditions based on the type of clothes. Some clothes need to be dried at a slow spin speed while some can be dried at a higher spin speed.

So, while running a spin cycle, we should run it at the exact speed so that our clothes remain good and new.

Why does my washer spin so long?

There can be many reasons why a washer spin cycle can be lengthy. Let’s find out the reason and know how to fix them.


We should have a look at whether the washing machine is loaded with too many clothes. If so, we should remove some clothes and restart the machine. We should ensure that the lid of the machine is perfectly closed.

To verify whether the lid is perfectly closed or not, we should have a clear look at the lid stitch. If the switch makes a sound, then it is totally fine.

But, if it does not make any sound, then the lid switch may be faulty. So, we should replace the lid switch with a new one.

Faulty lid:

If the lid switch is not faulty and works well, we should go through Step 2. In this step, we should see whether the water is draining completely or not.

If we notice the water doesn’t drain out properly, we should disconnect the drain hoses from the machine. After that, we should look for any blocks or jams.

Loose or torn belt:

We should have a look at the belts that resides at the back of the washer. If any belts are loose or torn, we should replace them. Also, we should check if everything related to the motor is well connected.

Faulty switch or hose:

We should check the switch and hose of the water level. The washer may spin slowly due to jam and block in the hose of the water level.

We should clean the hose properly. Then, we should take a voltmeter in hand and check the water level switch at the back of the washing machine. If the switch gets power, then it is totally fine.

If the washer still spins so slowly, then we should take the washer to an experienced technician.

Final Thoughts

The spin cycle usually starts after the washing and usually lasts around 10 minutes. However, depending on various models the length of the spin cycle can be more or less than that. But all washers have an average spin cycle that lasts around 10 to 12 minutes.