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How Long Do Samsung Refrigerators Last? (Read This First!)

A refrigerator is an essential home and kitchen appliance. It is made with an insulated thermal compartment and a heat pump to cool the fridge temperature and below the room.

We use it every day to store our needy products and foods. Therefore, users expect to have a long-lasting refrigerator that is worth the price. The same goes for the Samsung refrigerator.

Today we will explore the Samsung refrigerator and will figure out the lasting time too. Keep on reading to know more.

How long do Samsung refrigerators last?

Samsung refrigerators last for ten years and more. If you take proper care of the fridge, it will go up to 15 years or more. The user’s experience is excellent. Moreover, Samsung refrigerators have a parts warranty, and you will enjoy the customer service as well.

On the other hand, Samsung French door refrigerators also last about 10 to 15 years. All the Samsung products come with quality parts. Therefore, this brand can quickly provide a warranty.

Now comes the Samsung smart family hub refrigerator. It lasts longer than ever. The average lifespan of a family hub refrigerator is ten years. You will enjoy the warranty and customer service all around the world.

However, if you want to buy a refrigerator, the Samsung brand would be an excellent choice. You can surely go for it. It’s a lifetime choice for you.

How long do Samsung refrigerator parts last?

Samsung refrigerator parts last for at least ten years. With proper care, you can extend the lifespan up to 18 years. On the other hand, parts will get damaged if you carelessly use the refrigerator.


Antifreeze is the coolant of the refrigerator. Typically, an antifreeze or coolant lasts for 12 years. If you take proper care, it will last for about 15 years.

Make sure you follow all the instructions and user manuals to lengthen the lifespan of a coolant. Take proper care of it; when you find any error, go to customer care.


Motors are the core part of a refrigerator. If it gets damaged, the fridge won’t last for long. However, usually, motors last for 15 years.  But in most cases, you will get ten years of warranty from the manufacturer.

Water filter:

The water filter of a refrigerator lasts for six months. The manufacturer refers to changing the water filter twice a year. It’s good practice as well. 

Why do Samsung refrigerators not last as long?

Samsung refrigerators have some faults and use issues; therefore, they don’t last long. Especially when the parts have quality issues and damage for any reason, your refrigerator will not last long.

There are some significant reasons why the Samsung refrigerators don’t last long. They are:

Ice maker issue:

Most of the users claim the ice maker issues on the refrigerator. If your ice maker faces problems, it will hamper the entire refrigerator lifespan.

Leaking issue:

When the refrigerator gets leaking or slushing issues, the fridge won’t last long. Therefore, you must be cautious about those issues.

Ice component failure:

Ice compartment is another significant concern for the users. If it fails to work correctly, it will create over freezing issues. As a result, the lifespan of the Samsung refrigerator will decrease.


Fan noise is another concern for the Samsung refrigerator. When the fan doesn’t work properly, it will create noise. Eventually, the refrigerator will not last as long as you expected.

Voltage hamper:

Proper electric voltage is another factor that can hamper the lifespan of a refrigerator. If the socket fails to serve suitable volts, the Samsung refrigerator will not last long.

Misaligned doors:

Misaligned doors are another worst problem of Samsung refrigerators. Most of the users claim that they face misaligned doors issues after several years of use.

Some also said that they found some new refrigerators have door opening and closing issues. Properly check this fact before buying any Samsung refrigerator.

Do Samsung refrigerators have problems? How to make your Samsung refrigerator last longer?

Samsung refrigerators have some problems. Water leakage, loud noise, and uneven temperature are the main problems. Keep on reading how to get rid of them and make your Samsung refrigerator last longer.

Water Leakage:

Water Leakage is the worst problem of the Samsung Refrigerator. When the debris clogs up the drain, it happens. Water leakage will ruin the entire refrigerator lifespan.


To avoid water leakage, you need to clean the refrigerator regularly. Once in a month is a good practice. If you do so regularly, it will enhance the lifespan of the fridge.

Loud Noise:

When the refrigerator’s fan gets some dust or debris, it starts creating a loud noise. If it continues for months or weeks, it will be damaged entirely. As a result, your refrigerator lifespan will also be affected.


You need to clean the fan and make sure there is no dust around the refrigerator. It would help if you cleaned the entire house every day or twice a week. In that case, you should clean the refrigerator area every day.

Uneven Temperature:

Another crucial concern of the Samsung refrigerator is the variable temperature. If your fridge gets low volts, it will create an uneven temperature.


Even temperature is a must for a Samsung refrigerator. To ensure it, you should confirm the electric voltages. Make sure you use a different socket that can provide enough voltage power.

Ice Maker:

If the ice-maker doesn’t work correctly, it will produce over ice or less ice. Both are very crucial. You need to be careful and find the perfect solution.


You cannot figure out the actual reason unless you work as an electrician. In that case, you should call for help from customer care. They will come to your house and solve the issues within a while.

Misaligned Doors:

The most common problem of the Samsung refrigerators is the misaligned doors. If you find the door is not aligned perfectly, it will hamper the refrigerator’s internal temperature. As a result, it will damage a lot.


After using your refrigerator, make sure you close the door properly. And check the door before buying the fridge. Also, don’t hesitate to taste the door opening and closing. Do it several times.

Also, if you find it after using years, you can still seek help from the manufacturer. Customer service is there for you. Just call them and let them solve your refrigerator’s issues.

Lighting Issues:

Every refrigerator has lights. But it might be damaged due to some careless use or internal damages. In that case, lights might get the power and lose their productivity too.


When you get the lighting issues, check the electric supply and socket one after another. Don’t forget to check the refrigerator’s wire. If it gets damaged, the light won’t get enough power.

After checking all these things, if you still can’t solve the issues, call for help. Customer service is there for you.

Which is the best Samsung refrigerator?

The side-by-side door is the best Samsung refrigerator. You will find various models. Try to look for the door-to-door option. They usually ensure the best quality parts.

Furthermore, every updated refrigerator comes with all the new models and brand-new parts. They all have a minimum of 10 years’ warranty. You can easily use them for years without facing any issues.

However, the Samsung family refrigerators are also better if you have a large family. It depends on your budget too. A flexible budget is always welcome to get the best Samsung refrigerator.

The French Door refrigerator is also an excellent choice for regular users. You can check the latest price and offer. Sometimes Samsung offers a discount, and you should buy the discounted refrigerators to save some dollars.

Which brand of refrigerator lasts the longest?

Typically, the Samsung refrigerator lasts the longest. You will find the best quality parts here. And the manufacturer gives you ten to fifteen years of warranty in that case.

On the other hand, the Samsung brand also provides a lifetime service warranty.

That means if you face any issues after the given warranty time, let’s say ten years, you will also enjoy their service center. In that case, you need to pay the part’s price if required.

You will find other brands like LG and Whirlpool that also produce long-lasting refrigerators. You can check these refrigerators too. You will not be disappointed to use those brands as well.

Final Thoughts

Ten years is the average lifespan of Samsung refrigerators. If you take proper care, it will last longer, up to 15 to 18 years. All the parts of Samsung refrigerators ensure the best quality that ultimately helps to last longer than other brands’ refrigerators.