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How Hot Does a Toaster Oven Get? (All You Need to Know)

Whenever it comes to using electrical devices for cooking purposes, a toaster oven is pretty popular. You might also have a toaster oven in your kitchen.

Generally, we use a toaster oven to bake, reheat, toast, etc., purposes. That’s why being interested in a toaster oven is pretty normal.

So, you might be confused about how hot a toaster oven can get. If you want to use a toaster oven safely, you have to know about the working temperature of the toaster oven. Moreover, if you know details about a toaster oven, you can use the toaster most efficiently.

How hot does a toaster oven get?

Generally, a toaster oven can get hot up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 200 degrees Celsius. But the broiling temperature of a toaster oven can get up to 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. How hot a toaster oven will get also depends on the setting, brand, and model of the toaster.

However, a toaster oven’s heat can vary for different reasons. Moreover, the heat of any electric device can be different from outside and inside. So, let’s see how the toaster oven’s heat can vary from outside and inside of the oven.


Generally, a toaster oven doesn’t get that hot from the outside like inside. How hot a toaster oven’s outside will get depends on the material of the outside.

If the outside material is an insulating material, the outside will not get hot. But if the outside material is conducting, it will get hot.

Generally, the outside of a toaster can reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 93 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the exterior of the toaster oven is always lower than the interior of the toaster.

Sometimes, you will notice that your countertop is not getting hot at all. That’s because of the insulating material under the toaster. The insulating material prevents the passing of heat outside the oven.

Moreover, some brands ensure that they provide such material in the toaster oven that the oven will not get hot from the outside at all.

So, whether the outside of the toaster oven will get hot or not depends on the manufacturing material and design. Otherwise, the outside of the toaster oven is not supposed to get hot.


Generally, the inside of the toaster oven gets hotter than outside of the toaster oven. Besides, the inside gets as much as the operating temperature of the toaster oven.

For example, if the operating temperature of a toaster oven is 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the inside temperature will also be the same.

Sometimes, a little bit of heat loss might happen because of the low efficiency of the device. But most times, the heat will be the same as you set the temperature of the toaster oven.

So, how hot the inside of a toaster oven will get depends on the operating temperature. The inside temperature will be around that temperature. The more the operating temperature, the more the inside temperature of the toaster oven.

Do toaster ovens get hotter than regular ovens?

No, generally, toaster ovens don’t get hotter than regular ovens. Even toaster ovens get less heat than conventional ovens. That’s why you can’t use toaster ovens for all the purposes of regular ovens.

Generally, a toaster oven can get hot up to 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. But a regular oven can get more heat than this range. Because the size of the toaster oven is smaller than the regular one.

You might think that the toaster oven cooks faster and works faster. But this doesn’t mean that the toaster oven will be hotter than the regular oven. Generally, a regular oven is a little bit slow but it will hold more heat for a long time.

On the other hand, the toaster oven might get hot faster but the heat will not remain for a long time and rise the temperature too high.

How do you regulate your toaster oven temperature?

Generally, using a toaster oven is pretty effective and convenient. But sometimes, you might have complaints about the toaster oven. That’s why you need to regulate your toaster oven to make it work perfectly. So, let’s see how you can regulate your toaster oven temperature.

Dealing with inaccurate temperature:

You have to measure the actual temperature and the setting temperature of the toaster oven using an oven thermometer.

If you know the difference between the actual and the setting temperature, you can add or deduct the temperature while working with the oven.


Sometimes, the toaster oven doesn’t get hot quickly or doesn’t reach the desired temperature instantly. So the cooking process might be hampered. So, you can preheat the toaster oven and then start the main cooking.

Knowing the pre-setting functions:

While regulating the toaster oven temperature, you have to know about the pre-setting functions. For example, while toasting, you need to operate the temperature at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, when you will roast, the temperature should be 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus you should set the accurate temperature.

Knowing about a toaster oven functions:

Generally, a toaster oven will preheat faster than a regular oven. For example, sometimes the toaster oven will preheat 50% faster than the regular oven.

So, you need to know the difference between the toaster oven and the conventional oven to regulate the temperature correctly.

Why does my toaster oven plug get hot?

You might have noticed that your toaster oven plug gets hot whereas the plus is not supposed to get hot. Some problems might make the plug hot. So, let’s see the reasons why your toaster oven plug is getting hot.

Problems between plug and socket:

You might know that electrical resistance creates heat. So, when the connection between the toaster oven plug and the socket is not appropriate, there will create resistance. This resistance will create heat and the plug will also get hot.

Internal electrical problems:

Sometimes, a hot plug can indicate something dangerous like short-circuiting or faults in the internal electrical problems.

This can also lead to more power consumption than the regular flow. So, if you notice your toaster oven plug is getting hot, you should seek professional help.

Excessive current flow:

If excessive current flows through the toaster oven, the plug might get hot. Sometimes, the voltage difference creates this problem. This problem might be temporary.

Otherwise, the internal faults of electrical wiring might be responsible for this. So, you should immediately seek help if the plug gets hot.

Can a toaster oven catch on fire?

Generally, toaster ovens are safe because they have insulating materials at the base of the ovens. But sometimes, a toaster oven can catch on fire. Sometimes, the reason might be the electrical wiring problems, sometimes the problem might be with the toaster oven.

But if the toaster oven catches on fire, it can spread the fire fast. So, a toaster oven can be pretty dangerous. One of the main reasons for catching on fire is when the food particles accumulate on the base of the toaster.

When the food particles accumulate on the operating part of the toaster oven, the food particles will get burned and catch on fire. So, if the toaster oven catches on fire, the fire can spread quickly over the kitchen.

Sometimes, people avoid getting a toaster oven for the risk of catching on fire. So, if you install a toaster oven in your kitchen, you should take the necessary actions for preventing huge fires.

How accurate are toaster oven temperatures?

Most branded toaster ovens’ temperatures are accurate most of the time. But sometimes, the toaster oven might not be the actual temperature that you set on the oven.

For example, if you set a temperature and operate the oven, the temperature might be less than the set temperature.

Moreover, checking the accuracy of the toaster oven is possible at home. You can check the accuracy and run the toaster oven according to the test. But if the temperature rises higher than the setting temperature, it can create a huge problem.

Sometimes, you might not notice and the food might burn at high temperatures. Some low-quality toaster ovens might have faulty temperature settings. Otherwise, the toaster oven temperature is pretty accurate or around the set temperature.

Final Thoughts

A toaster oven can get highly hot but not excessively hot. Generally, it can reach up to 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The inside temperature of the toaster oven is around the operating temperature. But the outside temperature of the oven is lower than the inside temperature.