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Goodman Furnace Blinking Red Light – How to Fix?

Keeping your home warm with the Goodman furnace is a great opportunity. It has all the safety components to give you the safest heating machine. It has quality machinery parts and a manufacturer warranty that will force you to install it accordingly.

If you purchase a Goodman Furnace, you will get safety & security guidelines where manufacturers write down the meaning of different LED flashes. You get everything from the following sections if you’re unsure what they mean.

Goodman furnace blinking red light

The Goodman furnace is blinking red light because of the thermostat signal. If your furnace can’t get the signal from the thermostat, it will stop working and blink the red light. It will blink for a short time and will be constant and won’t blink. You must check the internal parts and solve it.

Furnaces have some common security patterns that you should know better. It will say you can run the furnace machine to produce the heat. When you have an electric and automated furnace to keep your home warm, it will come with the thermostat safety. 

If your furnace doesn’t get the signal from the thermostat, it will blink the red lights and stop working.

Instead, your machine needs immediate repair to cool down and get the proper signal from the thermostat. It’s a safety signal that your machine will understand that it is ready to produce the heat.

The thermostat is mainly a device that controls the furnace and helps it understand the temperature. It primarily works for regulating the temperature and providing the signal whether your furnace needs to produce heat or it should stop. 

If your furnace doesn’t get that signal, it will stop producing heat. 

If it happens to you wrongly, you should check the thermostat device in your furnace. Maybe some cables are missing or worn out after a long time. There might be other reasons your Goodman furnace is blinking a red light. I will try to explain all those reasons below.


Sometimes, your Goodman furnace will malfunction for some unknown reasons. You should check if you suddenly notice that your furnace is blinking the red light. 

Some internal or external threats are there, or it gets damaged through something else. Especially if your furnace is too old to operate, it will malfunction with some weak machinery parts.

Thermostat Signal:

Here comes the main culprit for your Goodman furnace blinking red LED lights. As I said, if your furnace fails to get the signal from the thermostat, it will suddenly stop working and show you the red LED light. 

It will blink that light for a few moments and then constantly on it. So, you should check your thermostat connection and repair it if it is damaged or has any barriers.

What are the red light codes on a Goodman furnace?

Your Goodman furnace will have some red light codes that you should know to understand the signal and the coding system. You install this furnace to enjoy the service for a long time. Therefore, you must know some basic rules of the red light. 

The first role of red light is blinking. If your red light blinks for a while, it means something is wrong. Maybe your furnace fails to produce the heat, or it doesn’t get the thermostat signal to produce further heat. This code is very crucial for your Goodman furnace.

Another code is the constant red LED light. If your red light is on for a long time, you should understand that your furnace fails to provide the thermostat signal, and your machine stops working. It will be shut down in a while and will not work for a long time.

There are some error codes that will also have some meaning. For instance: the steady on code always refers to the normal operating mode of your Goodman furnace. Also, one flash code will result in system lockout. And code two relates to the pressure switch. 

What does a blinking red light mean on a goodman furnace?

A blinking red light on a Goodman furnace means your furnace is not in good health. It faces some problems regarding the thermostat signal. 

In contrast, a blinking red light on a Goodman furnace means it sends you a signal (also known as mistake codes) to take appropriate steps before you experience any unexpected occurrences. Your Goodman furnace’s problem relies upon how often the red lights blink. 

1 time:

Blinking a red light once on a Goodman furnace means it cannot get a flag from the indoor regulator, and as a result, it won’t work. It remains turned on before you solve the problem. 

2 times:

If it blinks twice, your draft blower isn’t functioning efficiently, or there’s a short within the weight switch circuit. You’ll be able either repair the brief or have the weight switch supplanted. 

Gas supply issues can arise because fire poles do not detect fire and some wiring issues.

3 times:

blinking thrice means there’s an issue with the weight switch circuitry. You must troubleshoot the switch to decide why it is failing. As a weight switch issue, the problem could arise from a blockage in the vent or if condensate depletion is stopped.

4 times:

it means a 24-volt combine or the high-limit switch is open. 

Conceivable causes include a despicably measured ducting system, a messy discuss channel, a defective blower engine, an open intertwine on the control board, or a limited circulating wind current. 

It is a temperature switch issue, or it can also be called an over-temperature restrain.

5 times:

Blinking red lights five times distinguishes the nearness of a fire, but there has been no asking for warmth. It is also known as a terrible circuit board giving the wrong flag. Some of the reasons are cracked & stuck gas valves along with faulty sensors. 

6 times:

if a red light blinks 6 times, then a code for opening the rollout switch. Follow it if there is any blocked or split warm exchanger, blocked vent, and destitute establishment. It’s an issue with line voltage extremity or wiring, for example.

7 times:

It signals a fire mistake. Wrong gas weight and defective & grimy fire sensors are reasons behind this. It also means the system has identified gas weight that’s underneath the acknowledged standard.

8 times:

Red lights blinking 8 times is a code for low flame sense. Potential reasons behind this are lame sensor malfunction and low gas pressure. This occurs due to some Ignition error.

9 times:

A red light continuously blinking 9 times is signaling an open weight switch, including the actuated draft blower. This issue can arise if the weight switch hose is broken or blocked or despicably associated with a faulty weight switch. 

10 times:

A blinking red light on a goodman furnace ten times is a code for turning around the extremity. Generally, it signals that there is some issue with the wiring system.

How do you fix a blinking red light on a goodman furnace?

With the following tips, you can fix a blinking red light on a Goodman furnace. They will help you to solve the problem in short.


Restarting your furnace is the most helpful tip to fix a blinking red light problem. If you find a sudden blinking of the red light without any reason, and you are sure there is no problem with your furnace, you should restart it soon. 

Your Goodman furnace will stop blinking red light and start producing the heat.

Cut Off the Breaker:

If you struggle to reset or restart your Goodman furnace, you should cut off the power from your breaker. You may face difficulties in resetting your furnace having the ability on. 

Therefore, you should turn off the power or cut off the power from the breaker and let your furnace restart in half an hour.

Check & Repair Thermostat Device:

The reason for getting the red light blink is the thermostat. When your Goodman furnace fails to get the signal from the thermostat, it will blink red light and will stop working. 

You must check your thermostat device and repair or change it if it happens. 

Wait for an Hour:

Sometimes, your Goodman furnace will take some rest. If you did everything that I said before, you should now wait for an hour. Keep your furnace off for that time and let it be ready for work. 

After one hour, you might get back your furnace, and it will stop blinking red light.

Final Thoughts

You should check the thermostat device if your Goodman furnace blinks red light. Maybe the thermostat fails to produce the signal, and your furnace will not receive that. Consequently, the furnace will blink red light and be constant after a while. So, reset or restart it to stop blinking.