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Furnace Inducer Motor Making Noise? (Explained)

The inducer motor is an integral part of the furnace to ensure the efficient use of gas. The motor draws the combustion air and supplies it to the furnace. Thus, it helps the furnace run smoothly without any inside air issues.

Sometimes, the furnace inducer motor might be damaged or reduce the operational capability. It’s because of long-term use, or the motor faces internal issues. Whatever the reason is, you must find it and repair or replace the old motor.

Why is my furnace inducer motor making noise?

If your furnace inducer motor gets old or is damaged internally, it will make noise. Otherwise, your furnace inducer is making noise because the motor is going out. It has reached the limit and the lifetime, or the motor entirely fails to draw the air during that time and starts creating noise.

You will find more reasons behind it. I have five reasons why my furnace inducer motor creates noise. Most probably, you also get them.

Blower Wheels:

Sometimes, the inducer motor creates noise because of the faulty blower wheels. When the blower wheels are decaying and loosened, they will touch the case every time. It will generate a scraping noise.

You need to either replace the blower wheels or repair them. If the wheels are loose, you can fix them by yourself. Just tighten all the screws. If they are decaying, you have to replace them.

Motor Bearings:

The inducer motor comes with inside bearings. When you start the engine, the bearings start running.

After extended use, they might get a lot of dust and debris that might prevent them from running. Since you turn on the switch and the bearings try their best to run, they create a disturbing noise.

You need to check the bearings every week or once a month. It will help you to avoid your furnace motor noise.

Blower Motor:

After using the inducer motor for years, it might lose power. Consequently, the motor will be blown and will create unbearable noise. Therefore, your furnace inducer motor is making noise because of the blower motor.

You can repair some blower motors if it still works. In most cases, you have to replace the motor with a new one. Otherwise, the noise issue will be there.

Loose Panel/Door:

Another reason your furnace inducer motor is making noise might be the loose door. If the screws and metal doors are loose, they will push each other. Therefore, it will create a disturbing noise. 

Fan Issues:

The furnace inducer motor fan is a crucial part. It helps the inducer motor work correctly and pass the air through the pipeline. For some reason, the fan might get damaged and will stop working. Eventually, the fan will be slower.

Slow fans will create corrosion and make noise along the way. You should check the fan once a week and clean it regularly to avoid fan issues properly.

How long will a noisy furnace inducer motor last?

Typically, a noise furnace inducer motor will last for five years if you solve the problem. Sometimes, it might last for only a few months when it is seriously damaged, and repairing is not enough. You have to care for your noisy furnace inducer; it will last for five years.

Typically, a new furnace inducer motor lasts for 20 years. It’s average lifespan of any particular power motor. When it starts to produce noise, you must understand that something is going on. Maybe the motor faces some internal cleaning issues, or it is going out.

At that moment, you have to clean the entire motor and be sure that there is no dust and debris in the drain or ventilation pipe.

You can repair the faulty or damaged inducer motor to increase its lifetime. Hopefully, you will get a few years of service from your noisy furnace inducer motor.

Why is my furnace inducer motor whistling?

Your furnace inducer motor is whistling because of internal damage. Either the motor is going out, or the bearings are decaying.

Sometimes, the decayed bearings whistle when you run the power inducer motor. They cannot run smoothly, and the corrosion between the bearings and metal creates the whistle.

Another reason could be dirt buildup. You must often clean your inducer motor. Otherwise, the dirt and dust will clog the ventilation or the drain pipe. It might also cause the whistle.

Other reasons are there, including the weak fan. Sometimes, overuse of the furnace motor will decay the fan, and the decayed fan may also whistle for no reason. You have to replace the fan and install the new one. Otherwise, the motor will lose its power.

How do I stop my furnace from whistling or making noise?

You can stop your furnace from whistling or making noise by the following steps.

Fixing up the weak area:

If the drain of your furnace becomes faulty, then the furnace will create a banging noise for the oil canning. This commotion can sound a piece like thunder, not the most charming sound, you will concur.

First of all, you need to find out the weak portion of the drain. Whenever you have observed it, you should get a thick piece of metal and screw it on the shaky area, and it will be solved then.

You can also repair the weak spot in the drains with the aid of denting it with a hammer.

However, if you’re very experienced with gear, screwing a chunk of steel is undoubtedly a higher and more simple choice.

Carefully checking ignition issues:

If there is a chance to get any problems that there is an issue with the gas, start your heater. How can you identify where it may occur? When you start the heater, you ought to focus on two things: Are the heater entryways shaking?

Do you see any curiously enormous flares in the heater? Assuming you notice any of these two things, or (ideally not) the two of them, almost certainly, an intense issue.

It’s time to realize that a portion of the new heater models has a truly customized sensor to switch off the tricky piece of your heater.

You probably won’t have this issue if you own a more old heater until it is past the unrecoverable point. Here, calling a professional is recommendable.

Replace drossy filters:

When you have a whistling sound from the furnace? This issue can be settled effectively; you ought to eliminate your heater channel and purchase another one.

Yet, how might you know whether the channel is the reason for the commotion?

If your channel is grimy and stopped up, the air can’t tough it appropriately. Since the openings are obstructed and accordingly more modest, the air makes the sound of whistling when it goes through those openings.

How do you know if your furnace inducer motor is terrible?

If you experience any of the following incidents with your inducer motor, you should be careful and take care of it. Maybe your furnace inducer motor is terrible.

Shrieking noise:

Tapping commotions are one of the most well-known indications of a terrible inducer motor.

These commotions might result from soil or ash gathering around the fan shaft. They could likewise come from the bearing in the engine sticking together.

At this stage, you cannot precisely identify the issue where it may occur in recent times. Here calling a professional is highly recommended so that it can be transferred to an excellent working condition.

Smells getting from inside:

As all the components of an inducer motor are mechanical here, many problems could happen. After starting the motor, you can get a strange smell from its inner side. It identifies that it perhaps affected a problem.

During this time, you check to see if it is a burning smell. If it is from the electric burn, you need to immediately detach the inducer motor from the controller board. Then hire a professional who has expertise in electrical burning.

Checking Vibration:

Vibrating commotions are one more indication of a terrible inducer motor.

If the motor’s wheels are uneven, it will vibrate as it turns, frequently slamming into contiguous parts. Since the inducer motor assists your heater with running securely, the heater will typically stop the engine.

A terrible inducer engine isn’t an explanation for why a heater would shut down. An impeded gas vent pipe or faulty pressure switch can make a similar result.

Final Thoughts

Your furnace inducer motor is making noise for a couple of reasons. If the motor engine is too old, maybe the motor is going out and making a noise. In other cases, the motor fan, ventilation, or drainage system may be clogged with dust and debris. They also help the motor to create noise.