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Frigidaire Microwave Not Heating: Why & How to Fix?

A microwave is a crucial kitchen appliance that helps us to heat & prepares our food instantly within a minute. If it goes wrong or stops heating, it will cause us difficulties. Sometimes, the damaged microwave becomes nearly impossible to repair.

We need to replace our existing microwave and get the best one. Before going through that process, you must identify why your appliance is not producing heat. Only then may you decide whether it is repairable or needs an immediate replacement. 

Frigidaire microwave not heating

Your frigidaire microwave is not heating for three reasons. Either the door switch is damaged, or the diode is burnt out. If you don’t fund these issues, you must check your food. Sometimes, the microwave can’t heat your dry food if it is fat-free. Figure out the reasons, then go for the solutions.

These three are the common reasons for most frigidaire microwaves. You can count more if you use different types of the microwave.

Notably, the frigidaire gallery microwave might have some other reasons why it is not heating. We will explain them in the following section since they might come with different reasons.

Sometimes the microwave damage needs immediate repair because it will stop heating like before.

You cannot delay the repair since it might lead to permanent damage, and your microwave won’t work anymore. If you can’t repair your microwave, you should replace the damaged part soon.

Frigidaire Electrolux microwave:

Frigidaire Electrolux microwave may fail to heat your food like before if it has any of these three problems. You must search for these problems if it ever stops working or heating.

Damaged Door Switch:

The frigidaire Electrolux microwave won’t work correctly or will fail to heat your food if the door switch is damaged.

Sometimes, you may break your microwave door switch that closes the microwave door properly. It will not let the microwave produce enough heat to prepare your cook. 

Faulty Diode:

In most cases, the faulty diode will ruin your microwave and won’t allow the perfect electric flow.

If you find your microwave not working correctly or failing to produce heat, you must check the diode. If it is damaged, replace it soon. Otherwise, the microwave will never work again.

Dry Food:

If your microwave doesn’t have those two issues, you should check your food because fat-free foods tend to be less heated under the microwave. In other words, most microwaves will fail to heat fat-free or oil-free food like the regular ones.

Knowing the microwave mechanism, you will see that they thoroughly melt the fat and heat.

Frigidaire gallery microwave:

For these three reasons, your frigidaire gallery microwave won’t work or will fail to heat the food.

Burnout Magnets:

Since the gallery microwave works on magnets, you must ensure that the magnets are not burnout entirely.

They will directly hamper the microwave work and won’t let your appliance work effectively. Magnets are directly connected to the heating system. So, if they burn out, your microwave will stop working.

Blowing a fuse:

If you use your microwave for a long time, the fuse will be blown. You cannot replace the fuse, and make sure to release some workload.

Internal Damage:

Some other internal damage might be there that will also hamper your microwave and won’t allow it to heat your food. In such cases, you should go through the entire mechanism and find the internal problems or damages. 

Is it worth fixing a frigidaire microwave that won’t heat?

It is worth fixing a frigidaire microwave that won’t heat if the process is simple, fast, and accurate.

When you find out the reason why your microwave fails to produce enough heat, you must try to repair it with less cost. First, identify the depth of the damages, and try to figure out the importance of that part.

Some common issues and errors can be sorted out quickly, and you can use your DIY skills to repair them soon. When you see that your frigidaire microwave is failing to produce heat and cannot repair it soon, you should replace it.

If your frigidaire microwave won’t heat and stop working, you should check its internal parts and look through the diode and other electric parts.

Finding the problem and sorting it out would be an appropriate solution to save the replacement cost. You may also claim home service from the manufacturer or seller if you have the warranty.

How do I know if my frigidaire microwave fuse is blown?

You can try the following methods to determine if your frigidaire microwave fuse is blown or not. I always try to follow these tips before replacing or finding out more issues, and they help me to a great extent.

Remove Plug:

Remove the plug from the appliance, and then determine whether or not the power outlet is functioning correctly.

Try plugging a lamp into the outlet to determine whether or not it receives power. If this is not the case, the issue is most likely caused by a circuit breaker rather than the oven.

Remove Panel:

Regrettably, fuses for microwaves are rarely located in places that are easy to access. To access the fuse, you must disassemble some of the components first. In most cases, this necessitates removing a panel.

Put every screw in a separate bowl. The power cord will eventually lead to the holder for the fuse. Take extra precautions to avoid touching any electrical components or metal items found within.

Check Filament:

If a glass fuse has blown, it will have scorch marks, and the filament will be melted. This is a giveaway that the fuse has blown.

You can use an ohmmeter or a continuity tester to examine a ceramic fuse. If the fuse is still good, an ohmmeter or multimeter should give you a reading near zero ohms, but if it’s blown, the reading should be infinite.

How much does it cost to replace the magnetron in a frigidaire microwave?

It will cost around $100-$300 to replace the magnetron in a frigidaire microwave. If you go for the minimum quality magnetron, it will cost around 100 bucks.

In contrast, the best quality magnetron will cost you around $300, including labor costs. If you know how to replace this magnetron, you can surely save some.

You should always look for a seller who gives a free installation service. You may order from home, and they will come and replace your old magnetron.

Some sellers or manufacturers will give you a warranty and provide free installation service for a limited year. You must look for these types of services to save costs.

How to fix a frigidaire microwave that won’t heat?

If your frigidaire microwave doesn’t heat, it needs to be fixed through the measures below:


If the diode fails, the magnetron will not receive adequate voltage to function correctly, preventing the microwave from heating up.

When a diode fails, you can usually tell because it has completely burned out. Examine the diode; replace it if it has completely lost its functionality.

Door Switch:

When the door of the microwave is shut, a series of door switches are triggered one after the other to ensure that the door is shut securely.

The microwave won’t start or heat up if any of the door switches are defective in any way. Applying a test for continuity to each door switch with a multimeter will help you discover what of the door switches are broken.

It is recommended that you replace any of the door switches that do not have continuity.


The magnetron generates the microwave frequency that causes the food to be cooked by employing high voltages and high currents of direct current electricity.

If the magnetron in the microwave burns out, the appliance will not produce heat. If the magnetron has wholly lost its functionality, you will need to replace it as it cannot be repaired.

Final Thoughts

Your frigidaire microwave doesn’t work and is heating because of the faulty diode, magnetron, and door button switch. If your microwave has any issues, it will not work or fail to heat your food correctly. You can sometimes repair your microwave; otherwise, a replacement will be the only solution.