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French Country 5-Bedroom 2-Story Estate House with Double-Island Kitchen (Floor Plan)

Plan Details:

  • 6,433 Sq Ft
  • 5 Beds
  • 5.5+ Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 4 Cars

Picture yourself in a charming abode where each day unfolds like a dreamy escape to the French countryside. This isn’t just any home; it’s a place so enchanting that even Cinderella might consider swapping her glass slipper for a chance to reside here.

Welcome to the magnificent world of the grand French Country estate house plan – where opulence and coziness coalesce, and every nook and cranny beckons you into a fairy tale.

So, are you ready for a whimsical journey through this extraordinary residence?

Spanning an impressive 6,433 square feet, this residence is not for the faint of heart. It’s designed for those who believe that when it comes to homes, bigger is undoubtedly better.

Now, let’s talk bedrooms – five of them, to be precise. That’s right; this place is sleepover central! Because let’s face it, size matters when you can stretch out and roll around in your bedroom without ever risking an inadvertent fall!

And as for bathrooms – we’ve got you covered. With 5.5+ bathrooms, you’ll have a lavatory to suit every mood. Craving a bath fit for a monarch? The master bathroom is the answer.

In a hurry and just need a quick freshen up? There’s likely a convenient half-bath just steps away. Say goodbye to morning bathroom queues; you’ve found freedom at last!

Now, step into the barrel-vaulted great room and be prepared to have your breath taken away. The majestic fireplace stands as a testament to grandeur, waiting to be the backdrop for cozy evenings filled with stories and marshmallows.

What about those four colossal columns? They’re not just decorative; they’re the guardians of countless memories waiting to be created.

But why settle for just one level when you can have two? Ascend the staircase, and you’ll be greeted by an open rail balcony hall with breathtaking views. From here, you can oversee the great room, the foyer, and perhaps even spot the phantom of all those dropped cookies from above.

A four-car garage means no more playing musical chairs with your vehicles. And for those moments when you forget where you parked, well, there are only four possible places to search!

Now, let’s talk about the kitchen – a gourmet’s paradise with not one, but two islands! The six-burner range is ready to be the stage for all your culinary experiments (just hope they don’t require a call to the fire department).

And don’t overlook the walk-in pantry; it’s so expansive you might need a map to navigate it.

The game room, with its vaulted and beamed ceiling, is nothing short of a masterpiece. But wait, there’s more – a wall of sliding glass doors opens up to an expansive outdoor oasis!

This outdoor haven features a fully equipped kitchen, a fireplace, and even a pool bathroom. It’s as if the house is whispering, “Why would you ever want to leave?”

Need an additional suite? There’s a nanny suite, offering an extra 489 square feet of heated space. Positioned over one of the car garages, this suite has its own entrance. It could serve as the perfect retreat or even become a lucrative Airbnb opportunity.

The master suite – it’s not just a room; it’s a realm! With its size, beam ceilings, private exercise room, and a bathroom that could make kings green with envy (complete with a walk-in shower large enough to accommodate a mini soccer team), it’s the epitome of luxury.

And don’t forget the three other substantial bedroom suites, each with access to a shared home theater. Movie nights at home just got a major upgrade. Anyone up for some popcorn?

In conclusion, the French Country estate house plan isn’t just a house; it’s an experience. It’s a place where luxury seamlessly intertwines with comfort, where every day feels like a perpetual vacation.

But here’s the real secret – while this home may be grand and opulent, it’s the laughter, love, and cherished memories that truly transform a house into a home. And this one is ready to embrace all of that and so much more. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a place to create your own fairy tale.

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