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Electrolux Washer Not Draining or Spinning? (Answered)

Most homes have a washing machine, which is a piece of household equipment used to wash clothes. 

Most of the time, this word refers to machines that clean with water instead of ultrasonic cleaners or dry cleaning, which use other kinds of cleaning fluids and are done by companies that specialize in this area. 

Laundry detergent usually comes in liquid or powder form, and it is mixed into the water for washing before the load is started.

There are a variety of local and international brands that are capable of producing washing machines of this kind. The brand Electrolux is one of the prime examples of this, which provides a satisfactory experience when washing clothes.

When you use an Electrolux product, you can get a variety of advantages. Here we will be discussing some fascinating facts about Electrolux washers and also try to figure out why the Electrolux washer isn’t draining or spinning. So, let’s get started.

Electrolux washer not draining or spinning

Simply put, dirt in the washer is the main cause of your Electrolux washer not draining or spinning. If your Electrolux washer isn’t spinning, a drainage issue can be to blame. And, if your Electrolux washing machine has stopped spinning, the most likely culprit is a clog inside the appliance.

Electrolux makes a wide range of high-quality washing machines that are made to keep working even after a lot of use. There are a lot of possible reasons why your washing machine has stopped draining and spinning, which is the problem you are having.

If the water in your Electrolux washer won’t drain, the problem is most likely caused by a clog somewhere inside the machine. And if the water in your Electrolux washer won’t drain, the problem is most likely caused by a clog somewhere inside the machine.

Not draining:

It is very likely that a clog is what is preventing the water from draining from your Electrolux washer.


Poor Load Distribution:

Uneven load distribution can throw off the washer’s balance and cause excessive vibration, disrupting spinning and draining. An out-of-balance front-loading washer can damage its internal components, requiring expensive repairs.


Reorganize your clothes by hand to ensure an even washer load. Add more clothes if needed, but don’t overload the drum. Check that the washer is level and adjust the feet to prevent vibration and movement, which can affect draining.

Lid switch assembly problem:

The switch assembly in a front-loading washing machine determines if the lid is open, and the lock keeps it closed while the machine is running. 

Electrical or mechanical lid switch/lock components can fail. If the lid doesn’t lock, the load won’t spin and the washer won’t drain.


A service technician should inspect your washing machine to rule out other possible causes of the lid switch or lock not working. A faulty lock assembly or switch may need to be replaced. 

Even the smallest problem with a front-loading washing machine can cause chaos. Using and maintaining your washer properly should prevent draining issues.


Drain height is incorrect:

The rate at which your washing machine drains is going to slow down as the height of the drainpipe increases. 

If you have placed your washing machine at a height that is too high from the floor, it is possible that the machine will not be able to pump water out or will drain very slowly.


Make sure to check the instructions that came with your product for the correct way to install the drain pipe and the required height.

Drain hose Is blocked

Dust in the drain hose can stop your washer from draining. A coiled or twisted drain hose can block water flow. Sometimes objects or clothing clog the internal hose. Fix a kinked hose behind the washer.


To gain access to the hose, open the washer by removing the appropriate panel, and then open the washer. If you disconnect the hose, you will most likely cause a significant amount of water to flow out. 

In the event that this does not resolve the issue, unplug the hose and clean it thoroughly to remove any residue.

Not spinning

If the drum on your Electrolux washing machine has stopped spinning, the problem is almost certainly caused by a clog within the machine itself.


Imbalance in the washer’s load:

Unbalanced washer is a common cause of a washing machine not spinning. Unbalanced loads prevent the spin cycle from starting, which could damage the machine. 

If the washer is under or overloaded, the load becomes unstable and the spin cycle won’t start.


If you find that your Electrolux washer is not spinning, you can easily correct the problem by redistributing the load. 

If there are only a few items in the washing machine, try adding a few towels to the load to help distribute the weight evenly. If the machine is too full, remove some of the items from it so that there is more space in there.

Incorrectly leveled Electrolux Washer:

There is a possibility that your washer does not spin because it is not level when it is installed. 

When starting a spin cycle, the washer will detect the unbalance and refuse to start the cycle. By adjusting the washer’s feet and using a spirit level, most washers can be leveled.


Even if your washing machine appears to be perfectly level, a misaligned surface could be the cause of the problem. A washer’s ability to self-balance can be hampered by an uneven surface, such as a warped wooden floor or uneven tiling.


Drain filter is uncleaned:

The inability of your Electrolux washer to spin could also be the result of a problem with the drainage.


The filter that is attached to the drain needs to be cleaned. Find the filter in the washer’s manual. 

Clean the pump blade and drain filter of lint and dirt. Then, change the filter. To clean the washer tub, run it through a cycle with hot water and no detergent.

Failed door latch:

The washer’s door latch ensures a tight seal. The washer won’t start or spin if it’s damaged or defective.


You can visually inspect the door latch for damage or use a multimeter to see if it’s working. The door latch assembly must be replaced if there is a lack of continuity or visible damage.

Will a faulty Electrolux drain pump cause washer not to spin?

Yes, a faulty Electrolux drain pump caused the washer not to spin. In the event that your drain pump fails to function properly, your washing machine will be unable to complete the cleaning process because it will be left with a full load of soiled laundry. 

Nevertheless, there is also a possibility that the drain pump will fail in this scenario by operating continuously.

Everything begins with the washer adding water to the drum. In order to remove the dirt, the drum will spin around and agitate the clothing. Finally, the washer must be drained as quickly as possible of all the water.

There is a possibility that it could be grounding out, which would cause it to continue running even when there is no more water in the washer for it to drain. 

Changing the drain pump will be the only thing that needs to be done if it turns out that the drain pump is the source of its own problems.

How do you force Electrolux to drain?

There are many things that can go wrong with the way your washer drains. You might have to get rid of the water by hand. Let’s see what we can do in this situation. You can use a number of tricks.

Prepare a container:

Prepare a place to put the water that comes out of the tank. Please keep in mind that there will be a lot of fluids and that you will need a lot of them. Take the filter off. 

The water should get out fast. When the flow rate diminishes, tilt the machine forward and attempt to drain everything to the end.

Unscrew the filter:

Then you have to unscrew the filter, but the water might not go out. The pipe is therefore clogged. Sometimes, all you have to do is move it a little bit and the liquid will start to flow. If not, it needs to be cleaned before it can be drained.

Lower the hose:

If what you did didn’t change anything and the water doesn’t drain out of the tank, you can lower the hose inside and pour the water into the container below.

Final Thoughts

Your Electrolux washer won’t drain or spin because of dirt in the machine and that’s the simplest explanation. It’s possible that your Electrolux washer isn’t spinning because of a drainage problem. For Electrolux washing machines, a blockage is the most common cause of a machine that won’t empty.