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Dryer Won’t Stay On: Reasons & Solutions? (Quick Answers)

Dryers can cause starting issues for different causes, but when the dryer starts and turns off after a few moments, that’s even more frustrating. But don’t worry, This article will explain all the possible reasons for the problem and easy ways to solve that. 

Dryer won’t stay on

A broken door latch or glitchy door can cause the dryer to stop working within a few minutes after starting. Drive belt and dryer motor issues are also common factors that cause the problem. A broken moisture sensor also turns off the dryer just after starting.

Issues with dryers are pretty common. Sometimes the dryer does not get hot, sometimes it may not roll, or won’t start, etc. Most of the time, minor problems cause those issues. 

If you don’t have any idea, you always hire an expert and spend money to fix them. But with some technical knowledge and proper guidance, you can fix them DIY. 

When your dryer does not start, you can find hundreds of guides telling you where to look and how to fix it. But only a few guides tell you why your dryer is turning off after you start a cycle.

Let’s start from the beginning. There are two types of dryers: electric and gas dryers. Both types of dryers work similarly. There is a drum that rolls and a heater that blows hot air into the drum.

There is some crucial function that is vital for the dryer to work. 

The motor that rotates the drum must work properly. Without circling, your clothes can burn. So, when the drum does not rotate, the dryer stops.

The drum belt helps the motor to rotate the belt. It’s also essential for rotation. Dryer doors are another important part of the machine. If the doors are not correctly sealed, the dryer will lose temperature. That’s why you will not be able to start the dryer with the doors open.

Moisture sensors regulate moisture inside the washing machine. When the moisture is high or low, the machine can turn off.

The dryer machine is riskier than other home appliances in our house. The manufacturers know it, too, so they tried to make it as safe as possible. The most modern dryer will turn off if the computer can see signs of risk like overheating. 

Sometimes lint can grow inside a dryer, which can also cause such issues. 

Check out the points below, where we will discuss the reasons and solutions for why the dryer turns off after starting.

Door issues:

The doors of the dryer are a vital part of the machine. The door must seal the chamber so the hot air can not leave the machine. There is a switch in the door of the dryer. When the door is closed correctly, the button turns on. 

The dryer does not turn on until the switch is on. So, if there are issues with the door, a dryer can stop running after you start it. 


Inspect the door closely and check the switch of the door. The button should make a sound when you press it. If the switch or door has an issue, you will have to replace the door or switch. Here are the steps you can follow to fix that.

First, unplug the dryer from electricity. Then find out the hinges and remove them. After that, unscrew the door and remove the door from the place. Remove the door latch and set a new one. 

There are different models of dryers out there, but the basic steps are similar. You can check the manufacturer’s guide to get the detailed steps to replace the latch of your dryer doors.

Dryer motor issue:

If the dryer motor does not work correctly or overheats, the dryer will stop working in the middle of a cycle. When that happens, you will need to change the dryer motor. 

When your dryer stops working in the middle of a cycle with a buzzing sound, you can suspect the motor for the problem.

You can also understand when your motor turns on and off automatically when you start it. Here is how you can replace a dryer motor. 


You will need essential tools and technical knowledge to replace a dryer motor. First, get a new mode of dryer motor online or market. Then Turn off the dryer and unplug it. It will be easier for you if you have a user’s manual. 

Find out the lower access panel and open it by removing the screws. Then you will see a lint trap. You will have to unscrew and remove the lint trap too.

Remove the top panel and disconnect the door switch’s wire. After that, remove the drive belt and dryer drum; now, you should see the motor. 

Disconnect the wires connected with the motor. Replace the new motor in the same place and connect all the cables. Now, start installing all the parts you removed. If you are unsure about anything, it’s best to double-check on the internet or manual. 

When done, check if the dryer is working or not.

Broken drive belt:

The drive belt is the belt that helps the drum to rotate with the help of a motor. If the drive belt is not working correctly, your dryer can turn off shortly after you start it. Look at the solution part to fix it DIY.


Disconnect the dryer from the electrical connection. Remove the lower panel by removing the screws and then remove the lint trap. If the lint trap is dirty, you can clean it, as a dirty lint trap can cause a fire.

Now remove the top screen of the dryer by removing the screws. After that, disconnect the door switch wire from the top panel. Now you can see the drive belt connected with the drum. Remove the belt and check if it is damaged. 

If there are issues with the belt, replace it with a new drive belt and install everything as it was. This should be enough to fix a broken drive belt.

Moisture sensor issue

When the moisture sensor is buggy, it can also cause turning off after you start it. Replacing the moisture sensor is a bit complicated. 


So, we suggest you follow a complete guide on moisture sensor issues or hire a professional to fix that for you. The thermal fuse also causes similar problems. We will discuss this in the later part of the article.

Is dryer won’t stay on a common problem?

Struggling to turn on a dryer is a common issue, but not staying on is not that common. But it can happen in most dryer brands. Check out if it happens with those common dryer brands.

GE dryer:

GE dryers rarely cause starting issues.

Samsung dryer:

Check the door and plug in if your Samsung dryer is not starting.

Kenmore dryer:

Kenmore dryers can also have starting issues on rare occasions.

Whirlpool dryer:

A few people had such issues with Whirlpool dryers.

Maytag dryer:

Check the circuit breaker or door if your Maytag dryer is not working.

LG dryer:

LG dryers can also have starting issues when getting older.

Hotpoint dryer:

Hotpoint dryers can have starting issues, but it’s not that common.

How do I know if my thermal fuse is blown?

The thermal fuse is an essential safety part of the dryer. It blows off when the heat hits the danger point and stops the dryer immediately. Here is how you can understand your thermal fuse is blown, and you need to replace that. 

Sudden stop:

If your dryer suddenly stops, the thermal fuse may be blown.

Check with multimeter:

You can remove the back panel and check the thermal fuse with a multimeter to be sure if the thermal fuse is causing the issue. Check the next section for the steps.

How do I reset my dryer thermal fuse?

Resetting the thermal fuse is relatively easy. You just need a multimeter and a screw drive to reset the thermal fuse of your dryer. Here are the steps to check and install a new thermal fuse in your dryer.

Remove the back panel:

Remove the back panel by removing the screws.

Find the thermal fuse:

You can see a small white part with two wires connected. That’s the thermal fuse.

Remove the wires and use your multimeter:

Remove the wires and use your multimeter to check the two points. If the meter does not beep, remove the thermal fuse and install another one.

Check if the dryer is working:

Connect the wires, install the back part, and check if the dryer is working.

Final Thoughts

The dryer motor and drive belt are the common reason for the dryer turning off after starting. Moisture sensors and dryer doors can also be responsible for those issues. Checking the door is easiest, but replacing a moisture meter can be difficult. Take professional help if you are unsure.