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Does a Pressure Cooker Use a Lot of Electricity? (Answered)

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Pressure cookers are gaining more popularity day by day. It can be found in almost every household. You can make plenty of items in very little time and have a delicious meal at the same time.

Modern pressure cookers come with various features and energy-efficient functions. Ever wondered how much electricity your pressure cooker uses? Let’s find out! 

Does a pressure cooker use a lot of electricity?

Pressure cookers use less electricity than other cooking appliances. They save energy instead, cutting down electricity costs. However, it depends on what kind of pressure cooker you have and how often you use it. On average, it can use 700 to 1,000 watts of electricity. 

The size of your pressure cooker also counts. Typically, the larger your pressure cooker is, the more electricity it will use. When compared to cooking appliances such as convection or microwave ovens, it uses much less electricity. 

Does instant pot use a lot of electricity?

Instant pot does not use a lot of electricity. It uses the same amount of electricity as other electric appliances such as an electric oven, or an electric pressure cooker. In fact, it can even save you electricity. 

It uses around 700 to 1,200 watts of electricity but it depends on the size of your instant pot and what you’re cooking. A study found that energy consumption is reduced by 70% when compared to other forms of cooking. 

Extended recipes will use more electricity than simple ones. Here’s a table to help you understand how much electricity an instant pot uses. This is only an estimate and it will vary according to size, brand, recipe, features, etc. 

Size of instant pot Electricity Consumption (Wattage)
Small700 Watts
Medium1,000 Watts
Large1,200 Watts

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How much electricity does a pressure cooker use?

Just like an instant pot, a pressure cooker saves you energy! The amount of electricity it uses depends on how often you use it and its power. For example, if you use it for around 6 hours a day, your pressure cooker might use 700 watts. It varies from home to home.

You can expect to pay about $0.175 kWh if you own a large 1200-watt pressure cooker. You get charged for every kWh of energy used. If you compare it with other appliances such as a microwave, pressure cookers use very little electricity

If you want to find out how much your pressure cooker contributes to your electricity bill, you can calculate it online! Simply, write down the numbers and they’ll give you an estimate. 

An ordinary pot requires much more energy than the average pressure cooker. 

What percentage of electricity is saved by the cooking of a pressure cooker?

By cooking using a pressure cooker, you can save 65 to 70 percent energy. This is because of their fast cooking time. The more time you spend cooking, the more electricity is used. Pressure cookers build up high pressure to reduce cooking time. 

Compared to other cooking methods, pressure cookers are 2-10 times faster. As a result, this saves energy and reduces the amount of electricity used. 

Suppose, you’re making a chicken roast. This can take about 2 to 3 hours when using a convection oven but the same recipe will take only an hour using a pressure cooker. By saving time, you are also reducing energy use. 

Hence, saving electricity by using fewer watts of energy. 

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How to reduce pressure cooker electricity usage?

Although using a pressure cooker reduces your electricity usage itself, there are still ways to lower it even more. Always remember to unplug your pressure cooker when you’re not using it. Calculate your pressure cooker’s hourly electric usage. 

Every pressure cooker model is different. Older models tend to use more energy than newer models. An upgrade to a newer energy-efficient model can save you money. 

Moreover, check your pressure cooker’s insulation levels. Higher insulation levels might save you time and electricity. Check any rubber seals of your pressure cooker. Ensure that they are intact and there are no cracks. 

Keep your pressure cooker clean so that you can optimize its efficiency. 

If you’re purchasing a new model, always purchase one with a timer. If you think you are spending a lot of time cooking, then it’s better to make fewer meals a day. Instead of making single-person meals, make a large batch so that you can eat it throughout the day. 

Which is better: electric pressure cooker or stovetop?

Both are different in their own way so it is up to you to find out which suits you better. 

Cooking time:

It takes longer to cook using an electric pressure cooker than a stovetop one. This is because of their cooking pressure. Stovetop pressure cookers usually have a high cooking pressure which enables you to cook in only a small time. 

Higher pressure levels are harder to reach when using electric pressure cookers. How much slower? Electric pressure cookers can be around 3 times slower than stovetop ones when reaching maximum pressure. 

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The average cooking time for a stovetop pressure cooker is 11 minutes whereas the average cooking time for an electric pressure cooker is 14 minutes.

Features and Scheduling:

Electric pressure cookers have special cooking timers. You don’t have to be focused on the time, it will stop cooking when the timer stops. You can even delay the start timer. 

Suppose you’re at work and want a fresh dinner by the time you come home, you can easily set the starting time for cooking by using an electric pressure cooker. This is perfect for people who have a busy schedule and who find heat settings complicated. 


Since electric pressure cookers have so many benefits, they tend to be on the pricey side. You can find cheap ones too but for the same level of performance, expect to spend at least $100. 

Normally, a large and efficient stovetop pressure cooker will cost you around $200. Smaller sizes are available that are less costly.


Stovetop pressure cookers are easier to store than electric pressure cookers due to their size. Electric pressure cookers are comparatively larger because of their external heating element and technological parts. 

Storing a stovetop pressure cooker is quite simple. If you want to utilize your kitchen space, then you might consider purchasing a stovetop pressure cooker. 

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Why do pressure cookers cook faster? How does a pressure cooker reduce cooking time?

Questions like these might rise up in your mind, trying to sort them up in the section below –

Pot stays airtight because it’s covered with a lid:

A form of the seal is made after water or other cooking liquid is poured on the pot. This liquid creates steam. Due to the lid, the steam is unable to escape from the pot. 

The high pressure causes the food to sizzle faster:

The steam that is unable to escape, the pressure increases. Because of the high pressure, the food reserves moisture and heats the food faster.

The boiling point of the liquid is elevated:

When boiling water at a normal pot, the boiling point of water cannot reach over 100 degrees Celsius. But in a pressure cooker, it can reach more than that. 

The temperature is maintained better and the food is cooked quicker. 

Are electric pressure cookers any good?

Aside from saving time and energy, electric pressure cookers are an excellent choice in other ways. Less maintenance and cleaning are required when it comes to cooking with electric pressure cookers. 

You don’t have to worry about cleaning the stovetop or other surfaces like the counter. The biggest advantage of an electric pressure cooker is its features. You can schedule your cooking. 

They come with safety features too to protect you from blow offs. Some of these features are pressure sensors and warning for high temperatures with the help of temperature sensors.

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Do pressure cookers cook faster?

Pressure cookers cook faster than most other cooking methods. But it depends on you as well. A small error in the recipe can change your cooking time considerably. For example, pouring more water than required can increase your overall cooking time. 

If you follow the manual and recipe properly, you can save a lot of cooking time. Pressure cookers cook faster because of the high pressure it builds up quickly. 

Do pressure cookers use less energy?

Yes, pressure cookers do use less energy. Studies have found that pressure cookers use 65 to 70% less energy than other cooking methods. By cooking faster, they save time, which in return saves energy. The more time you spend cooking, the greater the use of energy. 

Is it cheaper to use a pressure cooker?

It is cheaper to use a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers cost around $100 to $200 whereas a good oven will cost you more than $300. If you are using an oven to cook items that can be made with a pressure cooker, it can be cheaper to use a pressure cooker instead. 

This is because a pressure cooker cooks faster than an oven. Since pressure cookers cook faster, you are using less electricity, and hence saving on electricity bills. 

Are pressure cookers economical?

Yes, pressure cookers are economical. They save you time, energy, and money! They are not as expensive to purchase either. You can get a decent pressure cooker within $150. They are energy-efficient. It also produces less heat in the kitchen. 

So you don’t have to turn on the fan or air conditioning. You save energy this way too! Moreover, you are using only one appliance for cooking instead of multiple pots. Once again, saving energy. For this reason, pressure cookers are economical. 

Final Thoughts:

Pressure cookers don’t use a lot of electricity if you use them the right way. Other cooking methods use double the amount of energy than pressure cookers. But not all pressure cooker models are energy efficient. Thoroughly check the manufacturer’s description before buying a pressure cooker.

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