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Does a Gas Dryer Have a Pilot Light? (Read This First!)

The gas dryer uses natural gas or propane to create heat. But you need a pilot light or an electric indicator to light your dryer. The pilot light is a gas burner that is aligned with the dryer permanently. It helps to light a big burner, including a gas dryer.

You can control the dryer light with the help of a pilot light beside the lighting. But the tradition of having a pilot light is decreasing. Most of the gas dryers now come with electric ignition that works like a pilot light.

Follow our tips and steps to know if your gas dryer has a pilot light or not. You will find either a pilot light or an electronic igniter to light the dryer. It will also help to produce the heat following the same way.

Does a gas dryer have a pilot light?

A gas dryer doesn’t have a pilot light. You will not find a pilot light in any modern dryer. If you have an old dryer, it might have the pilot light. Since 1994, manufacturers have stopped making dryers with pilot lights, the gas dryer or the electric dryer both have had electronic ignition.

All the recent gas dryers have electronic ignition to light the dryer instead of a pilot light. It helps them to light the dryer fast. Also, it’s a safe way to dry your clothes as it makes the heating process perfect.

The pilot light was a popular lighting option. People used to have that in every gas dryer. However, the time changed. Science has made our life easier and comfortable. In addition, it replaced the pilot light with electronic ignition.

You will find the electric button just below the dryer. If you turn it on, your dryer will start to produce the heat using natural gas or propane. And it quickens the drying process; therefore, you will get your dresses dry soon.

However, the gas dryer is updated. You will get an automated gas dryer everywhere. As a result of scientific advancement, you will miss the pilot light and get the electronic feature. It is handy and easy to use too.

Brands Have Pilot Light

7 reasons why gas dryers have a pilot light

There is multiple reason why a gas dryer has pilot light. Lets get to know them.

Helps to light fast:

The pilot light helps to light the dryer soon. You will no longer find it hard to lighten the dryer.

Easy to light:

It creates an easy-to-light option. You don’t need to light up the dryer every time manually. Instead, you can press the pilot light and get the flame instantly.

Saving time:

Saving time is another crucial reason why the gas dryer should come with a pilot light. It can light the flame within a second if your dryer comes with a pilot light. But manual light up will need time to light it.


It is safer than other lighting options. You can leave it on all the time, and there will be no issues at all.

Easy power supply:

The pilot light can easily ignite the gas; as a result, your gas dryer gets the power without any hassle. That’s another reason for having a pilot light on your dryer.

Uses less gas:

A pilot light consumes a minimal amount of gas. It takes nearly 600 BTUs in an hour which is an average consumption. It may differ from dryer to dryer. If your dryer has a pilot light, it’s a blessing for you.

Manually light option:

You can manually light on the gas dryer if you have a pilot light on it. If your dryer doesn’t have it, you can’t manually light it on.

Where is the pilot light on a dryer?

Typically, you will find the pilot light on the bottom of your dryer. It would be best if you searched for a while. It might be inside of the base. The exact location depends on your gas dryer brand.

For example, you will find the Whirlpool gas dryer’s pilot light inside the bottom. If you have a different brand’s dryer, look at the user manual. You will find the exact location of the pilot light there.

Moreover, you might not get the real pilot light if you buy a new gas dryer. Instead, you will get the electronic igniter. It will also work as a pilot light. But the difference is automatic and manual.

Most of the pilot light was manual. If you find any old model gas dryer, you might get the manual pilot light there. But all the digital and updated gas dryers come with an automatic igniter.

The electronic igniter is the updated version of a pilot light. You will indeed find a helpful and efficient way to light your dryer. Therefore, you will not regret buying a new gas dryer that comes with an electronic igniter.

In a new dryer, you will find the pilot light or the igniter on the front side. You will find the indication too. Thus, you can find out the brand new automated pilot light on your dryer.

How do I know if my gas dryer has a pilot light?

As we said before, you will get the pilot light if you have an older version of the gas dryer. However, some easy steps will show you how to know if your gas dryer has a pilot light. Keep on reading to learn that.

Move your dryer:

To find the pilot light, move your dryer a few inches. It will help you see both sides of the dryer. It’s the first step.

Find the screws:

Find out the screws under the dryer. You might find out the indication of the pilot light there. It’s an easy way to get a pilot light on your gas dryer.

Look at the bottom:

If you don’t find the pilot light yet, look at the bottom side of the dryer. Depending on your dryer’s brand, there is a chance to get the pilot light inside of the bottom.

Look inside the metal tube:

You might find a metal tube on the dryer. When you find it, look inside of that tube. It might be the house of your pilot light.

Check the manual:

Hopefully, you get the pilot light already. But if you don’t wait a bit. Nothing to worry about. Check out the user manual guide. Be sure to identify the pilot light place.

Can you manually light a gas dryer?

Yes, you can manually light a gas dryer. In that case, you need to use a long match or the grill lighter. Both of them will light the pilot as well as your dryer. But it’s not a good practice.

Some precautions are using a gas dryer. You should not manually light a gas dryer. Instead, go for the instructed ways to do so. You will get the electro mechanism igniter to light your gas dryer.

In addition, an electric mechanism igniter is an automated way to light the dryer. You should only go for a manual method if you find any issues with the igniter. Other than that, use the automated way or the electric igniter to do so.

Do you have to light a pilot on a gas dryer?

You have to light a pilot on a gas dryer manually. But the condition is that the dryer needs to be older. You will not find the new dryer having a pilot light.

Pilot light is a manual way of lighting the dryer. But people used it before 1994. Since then, the manufacturer has come with an automatic igniter that replaces the pilot light efficiently.

However, the pilot needs to get the light to start the dryer. When the dryer receives light, it will start heating the air and drying your clothes. So, make sure you light the pilot and get your job done.

How to light a gas dryer pilot?

Light, a gas dryer pilot, is no more a challenging task. You can do it quickly. First, you need to prepare the pilot by knobbing it for a while. You need to press the knob for about 20 seconds. At that time, your pilot should be ready to light.

After that, you need to turn the knob on. Then, turn on the dryer switch; be sure to place the front panel accurately. If you make any mistake, your dryer’s pilot will not light.

If you follow these steps, your dryer should be ready to use and start producing heat too. If needed, re-check the steps and your dryer. You might miss something if your dryer doesn’t light yet.

Final Thoughts

The gas dryer doesn’t come with the pilot light. You will find an automatic electronic igniter that has replaced the pilot light since 1994. However, you will only get a pilot light if you get any older dryer. Other than that, you will not get the pilot light usually.