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Does a Dryer Have a Reset Button? (Read This First!)

A dryer is a powered household appliance that is used to remove moisture from a load of clothing and you can easily dry your wet clothes by just loading them into the dryer, pressing a few buttons and it’s done.

However, you should know how it operates as sometimes it may cause technical equipment problems and you will have to fix.

Does a dryer have a reset button?

Apparently nowadays modern dryers include a reset button that is located on the control panel but it may differ from one dryer to another. The reset button is really helpful in clearing any issues that may be happening with the dryer and also fixes glitches that occur in the electronics. 

Some dryers are equipped with a reset button, especially the modern ones. It’s usually located in the control panel however, the location may also differ. Resetting a dryer helps with most minor problems if the cycle is interrupted.

Resetting the dryer will start the cycle again, which is often enough to fix issues, such as a stuck cycle or a minor glitch or clear the error messages on the control panel. However, if there is no reset button on a dryer, you can still reset depending which dryer you’re using.


Whirlpool dryers usually don’t have a reset button but to reset, keep the dryer unplugged for at least one minute, plug it back in, then switch it on to finish the process. However, Whirlpool Duet Dryer has a reset button on its control panel.


The Maytag washer doesn’t have a reset button but they do have safety switches like if the cycle needs to be changed, stopped or altered, press the ‘Power/Cancel’ button. 


There’s no reset button in Samsung dryer but by disconnecting power and reestablishing it after 5 to 10 minutes, you can reset it. Or, you can press and hold the START/PAUSE buttons for about 2 minutes to initiate the reset. 


The roper dryer doesn’t have any reset button. To reset your roper dryer just push the switch all the way to the “Off” setting and then firmly push it back to the “On” setting. 


GE normally includes a reset button that made it very simple to reset. The button is on the control panel; press and hold the reset button for a few seconds to initiate it. 


Kenmore dryer doesn’t have a reset button but you can reset by cycling the power properly; either unplugging the dryer for 1 minute at the receptacle or flipping off the circuit breaker.


Hotpoint dryer has a reset button and you’ll find it in the back panel, a red button with a reset logo. You can simply press and hold the button and wait to actually reset the appliance.

Beko tumble:

Apparently in some beko tumble dryers, there is a red reset button on the back. But if it doesn’t have, press the start/pause/cancel button for five seconds to cancel the current programme and start again.


Amana dryers have a reset button located on the control panel but before pressing the reset button let it cool down; then push the reset button and hold it for a few minutes for a soft reset.


LG doesn’t have a reset button but you can simply do it by unplugging it for five minutes and then plug it back. 


You’ll find a reset button on the control panel in your Frigidaire dryer. Only push the reset button and hold to initiate it.

Do all tumble dryers have a reset button?

Tumble dryers normally have a reset button situated on the back panel, particularly in the older models. However, in newer models, this button may be inside the casing underneath the back panel which you’ll need to remove by unscrewing it.

There’s usually a reset logo on the button to find it easily. To reset the tumble dryer all you need to do is, press the red button and hold to initiate it; if it has tripped you’ll hear a tick.

If your tumble dryer is not heating up, having minor technical issues or glitches or appearing error messages on the control panel, these problems can be resolved by pressing the reset button.

However, if in any case it doesn’t have this reset switch and has a ‘once-only’ thermal cut-out, it has to be reset by an appliance engineer. 

Does the dryer plug have a reset button? 

Yes. Sometimes you may notice especially in the hair dryer that the dryer has two little buttons on the plug that are red and yellow buttons that say “test” and “reset.”

Actually, All modern hair dryers are equipped with the Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupters or ALCIs, and the red and yellow test and reset buttons are that circuit’s part. It operates by cutting off the power when a leak is detected.

The reset button pops out when the hair dryer is overheated or comes in contact with water.

Actually, the purpose of the test button is to allow you to cut off the power to the hair dryer manually and if the ALCI cuts off the power to your hair dryer, you have to turn it off and unplug it and again turn it on.

It’s actually a safety mechanism that prevents the user from any electric shock or any accident.

Where is the reset button on a dryer? 

The reset button for a dryer is usually located on the control panel, in front of the plug, or behind the machine, depending on the manufacturer.

Sometimes, it’s on the back panel or inside the casing beneath the back panel for tumble dryers. This reset button on dryers aids in the resolution of heating problems by resetting the thermostat or any other undesirable issue within the dryer. 

When the dryer reset button is located at the back of the panel machine, it must be activated by first opening the back cover and then pressing the red reset button found on most dryers.

To locate the reset button on an LG or Beko tumble dryer, look for a side access hole where a mounted vent tube can be seen after removing the plastic cover. The reset button can be seen connected to red and white wires after removing the plastic cover.

Why does a dryer have a reset button? 

The reset button on the dryer fixes any minor built-in electrical issues or any issue that hinders the switches or motors from working properly. This reset option in dryers can sometimes resolve electrical problems that emerge as a result of a power outage. Moreover, it helps in:

Aiding in interrupted cycle:

It aids in the resumption of the interrupted cycle. When the dryer displays any error numbers, such as low air flow, not turning on, heating, or spinning, it must be restarted.

It safeguards the dryer from any severe problems that may arise as a result of a defective connection. 

Resetting the thermostat:

If there’s any minor problem in setting, it can be resolved by resetting. If the thermostat fails to heat up, the reset button on the dryer will restore the machine’s functionality by resetting the functional panel.

How to reset a dryer? 

Resetting a dryer is important because it addresses the major indication of whether there is any fault with the monitor, switches, or electrical system, such as cycling the heater appropriately, resetting the thermostat, or resolving glitches by resetting the memory by wiping it out.

As a result, it resolves any issues that arise within the dryer. Typically, dryers feature a reset button that can be found on the control panel or on the front of the plug, depending on the manufacturer. 

Start by unplugging the dryer:

Each dryer has a different method of resuming operation. Normally, Whirlpool dryers are reset by turning on the power and twisting the program selector to the six o’clock position.

In a Frigidaire dryer, to reset, press the pause button twice, once to stop the cycle and once to cancel it.

Wait several minutes until the dryer’s motor unit is cool down:

Allow five to ten minutes for the dryer’s motor unit to cool down. In some dryers, it may take up to thirty minutes for the motor to cool completely before it can be used. 

Reconnecting to a power source:

After a few minutes, reconnect the dryer by plugging it into the power supply again.

Some dryers have a reset button that can be pressed and held for a few minutes to reset the dryer. This is mostly dependent on the models and manufacturers of dryers.

Final Thoughts

Today’s most of the dryer includes the reset button located on the control panel. Reset button in the dryer helps to resolve any minor technical issues and aids in the interrupted cycles. However, if your dryer doesn’t have a reset button still you can reset it by using the ‘start/pause’ button.