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Does Air Fryer Need Oil? (All You Need to Know)

Air fryers have added several layers of convenience to your kitchen. But they will still need some oil in order to operate well. In this article, we will discuss whether air fryers need oil. 

We will dig further into the types of oil that different air fryers use, and other factors associated with it. So without further ado, let’s read ahead to learn more about it. 

Oil for air fryer

It is not necessary to add oil to air fryers. You can cook just as well without any oil. But it is advised that you put a little oil in the air fryer before you cook. This will enhance the cooking experience. Adding some oil to it will make the food a little crispier. You can also spray some oil. 

Oil fryers have added so much convenience to our cooking experience. This product is so lucrative because of its ability to function even without oil. The fryer adds a new twist to our cuisine. 

Ninja air fryer:

Ninja air fryer will need oil. The amount of oil is very little. You do not need even a teaspoon of oil in order to cook a decent meal in the ninja air fryer. You can simply use a couple of sprays of oil in the ninja air fryer and it will be good to go. 

Philips air fryer:

Philips air fryer needs a little oil to cook you a crispy meal. Philips air fryers are designed to work with a minimal level of oil. You may use as little as a couple of drops of oil in the Philips air fryer and it will help you prepare a delicious meal. 

A range of oil, from vegetable oil to coconut oil will be appropriate for use in this fryer. 

Instant pot air fryer:

instant pot air fryer is synonymous with convenience in the kitchen. As the name suggests, the product is designed for preparing a quick meal. 

The instant pot air fryer will need a very little amount of oil in order to produce a quick meal for you. You can use any type of edible oil in it, ranging from vegetable oil and soybean oil to canola oil. 

Power xl air fryer:

The Power XL air fryer has made quite a name for itself by enabling users to cook very healthy meals with a minimal amount of oil. This is particularly useful for people with cholesterol issues. You can cook without any oil in this fryer. 

You do not need to use oil in the power xl air fryer. However, if you want a crispy finish, then you should use a little oil. The fry is designed to hold oil for a longer time compared to its competitors. So minimal oil level will do perfectly well. 

Nuwave air fryer:

you will need some oil in the Nuwave air fryer. The air fryer is perfect for cooking with very little oil. Adding some oil will make the food crispy and a bit crunchy if that’s what you are aiming for. 

Farberware air fryer:

you do not need oil in the Farberware air fryer. But adding a little bit of oil will make your food crispy. You may use any oil, from sunflower oil to coconut oil. 

Tower air fryer:

It is not necessary to use oil in Tower air fryer. However, adding a bit of oil, perhaps a drop or two, will make the food taste much better. 

Instant vortex air fryer:

Instant vortex air fryer, as the name suggests, will allow you to cook very quickly and efficiently. However, you should use a bit of oil in the fryer. This will offer a much better result. 

Can I use Airfryer without oil? 

Even an air fryer will need some oil in order to prepare a good meal for you. You should add at least a few drops of oil to the air fryer when you are preparing a meal. This will add a crispy touch to the food. In addition, the food will be rather well cooked when you use oil in the fryer.

There are different types of fryers in the market. And each fryer works well with a different type of oil. Let’s read ahead to find out whether the following air fryers need oil, and if so, then what type of oil will be ideal for them. 

You can use a range of oils in an air fryer. You may use soybean oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, and many more. 

Reasons air fryer need oil 

There are a few reasons why air fryers need oil. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent reasons. 

Adding a crispy touch: 

While an air fryer is considered a great solution for oil-free cooking, there are some instances when you can and should use some oil in an air fryer. Air fryer will help you add a crispy touch to your food. 

You may prepare a range of food in an air fryer. In order to make the food a little crunchy around the edge, you should spray a little oil on it. 

However, the good news is that you will not need to add as much oil as you regularly have to. You will only need to add about 25% of the oil that you otherwise would have to. 

What happens if you don’t use oil in the air fryer? 

If you do not use oil in the air fryer, there will be some tradeoffs. It’s true that air fryers offer you the luxury of not using any oil while cooking, but you will have to make sure to use at least some oil in certain recipes in order to retain its flavor and taste. 

Read ahead to learn what happens if you don’t use oil in the air fryer. 

Food will not hold the seasonings: 

If you are making fresh fries, whether potatoes or vegetables, then you should use some oil in the air fryer. If you do not use oil in the air fryer, then the fries will not taste up to your expectations. 

Say you are trying to make fresh french fries. You should apply some olive oil or vegetable oil in order to cook it properly. If you do not use oil, then the fries will not be able to hold salt or seasonings.

It will not be crispy: 

If you do not apply oil to the air fryer, then the food that you are preparing will not be crispy. In order to attain crispiness in your fries, you will need to apply some oil, be it vegetable oil or olive oil. 

Air fryers mainly operate based on the air circulation inside, instead of oil, in order to fry food. But this will not get you the crispiness that you crave. 

It is believed that you will be able to get crispier food in an air fryer than in an oven. This is because you can apply oil to your food when cooking in the air fryer. But the same cannot be said for an oven. 

How to use oil in an air fryer? 

How you should use oil in an air fryer mainly depends on the type of dish that you are preparing. Let’s take a look at the steps that you should follow: 

Prepare the dish: 

The first step would require you to prepare the dish. If you are preparing french fries, cut the potatoes into small sticks. You can also cook large food ingredients in an air fryer, such as drumsticks, meat, or breaded dishes. 

If you need to soak the dish in water for the sake of the recipe, make sure to dry it well using kitchen paper before you put them in the air fryer. This will make sure that the dish is being properly cooked in the air fryer. 

Mix oil and ingredients in a bowl: 

Now you should know that there are several ways in which you can apply oil to the food that you are going to prepare in the air fryer. 

For example, if you are preparing fresh french fries, it is important that you should apply oil. Otherwise, the air fryer will not be able to retain the seasoning and salt on the fries. 

In this case, apply a couple of teaspoons of oil in the bowl and mix it with the potato slices. Then simply put it in the air fryer. 

Brush oil: 

There is another way you can apply oil in an air fryer. And as for breaded ingredients and larger ingredients, you can simply brush some oil on the surface of the ingredient and put it in the air fryer.

Final Thoughts 

Air fryer does not need oil in order to operate. But if you are trying to meet certain recipe goals, then apply oil. Such as, if you are trying to retain seasoning, or gain some crispiness in the food, then you should apply a little oil to the ingredients before putting them in the air fryer.