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Do Refrigerators Have a Reset Button? (Answered)

Refrigerators have made our life easy and very comfortable. It saves our time and energy as we don’t have to go shopping everyday to buy food. It keeps our food fresh, maintaining their nutritive value by offering ideal temperature. 

However, as it is an electronic device it sometimes can malfunction.

Do refrigerators have a reset button?

Some refrigerators have a reset button, some don’t. But it’s necessary for a refrigerator to include a reset button to keep the temperature in the ideal range for food storage and preservation. It’s also good because it properly resets the cycling process and prevents damage to the fridge.

Some newer models feature a separate reset button, while others do not, depending on the manufacturer and version. However, most refrigerators now contain a reset button that can be used to correct a malfunction. 

It could be on the side of the refrigerator, within the back panel, or on the lower half of the front door. Holding the reset button for five seconds usually takes two to three minutes to re-start the refrigerator. 

A reset button can alleviate problems like excessive energy loss and the freeze not cooling adequately. When a refrigerator makes unusual noises, pressing the reset button will solve the problem. It also prevents damage to the fridge by making proper cycling. 

Some refrigerators include an automated reset button that allows the refrigerator to scan and regulate any problems that may have occurred. In fact, by pushing the reset button on the inside of the panel or on the back of the refrigerator, any internal defects can be fixed. 

The refrigerator will not work at its optimal level if it is difficult to keep cool. 

Furthermore, when the temperature fluctuates, it will be difficult for the refrigerator to preserve the food, and the fluctuating heat will cause the refrigerator to run more, reducing its working efficiency and possibly causing it to stop running. 

By pressing a small reset button in the settings, this issue can be resolved in less than five minutes. As a result, most manufacturers include a reset button in the refrigerator’s panel.

Why would a refrigerator need to be reset?

Refrigerators need to be reset for many useful purposes. It keeps the refrigerator’s freezing temperature within a safe range for food preservation. A reset to the refrigerator  will reset the system’s settings, minimizing the extra burden on the compressor. 

A malfunctioning cycle might cause harm to the refrigerator. Moreover, the reset option keeps the cycle running at a consistent speed. 

When there is no problem, it is also a good idea to reset the refrigerator to improve its function. The temperature changes when it isn’t cold enough to freeze the food, making it ineffective, hence the reset button is needed to solve the problem. 

A reset button is essential in resolving most of the problems and surprisingly it only takes a few minutes to resolve these issues.

Where is the reset button on a refrigerator?

The reset button is located behind the refrigerator, on the lower half, and inside the control panel on the majority of refrigerators. Other versions include a trip switch on the bottom of the temperature control panel within the fridge, which is easier to locate. 

However, some refrigerators include a built-in reset button, while others require a hard reset using the power button. The working mode is restored by pressing the reset button. 

If you want to manually reset the settings of your refrigerator and find the reset button, then open the backdoor of the refrigerator and then look inside the control panel for the red button.

What does resetting a refrigerator do?

Resetting the refrigerator’s reset button restores the refrigerator’s factory settings, allowing cool air to circulate within the compressor while maintaining a low internal pressure inside it. 

Resetting regulates the refrigerator’s thermostat and maintains an ideal cooling temperature, improving its efficiency to keep food fresh. The compressor moves more air after the refrigerator is reset.

Occasionally, odd noises from the refrigerator may be caused by clogged coils inside the condenser. Resetting the refrigerator resolves this problem by clearing the blocked coils by applying pressure inside it. 

It removes internal heat, circulates cool air, and regulates the temperature. The errors that arise inside the refrigerator’s control panel are adjusted, and glitches inside the refrigerator are cleared by resetting the refrigerator. As a result, the compressor and thermostat are protected.  

Do these refrigerators have a reset button and where is it? 

There are many brands of refrigerators, some may have a reset button, some may not: 

Samsung refrigerator: 

The reset button can be found most of the time on the interior side but not all Samsung refrigerators have a reset button. It can be built in using a standard key combination using two buttons “power freeze” and “power cool”. 

If there’s a reset switch, simply using the switch will work. 

Or, power off the refrigerator holding the power button for 5 seconds until the lights turn off. Another way is turning off the circuit breaker from the breaker panel. 

Keep it disconnected for a minimum 10 minutes and then reestablish the power; if the refrigerator starts back up, you’ll hear a chime.

GE refrigerator: 

There’s actually no reset button on GE refrigerator but you can still reset it while facing any problem or error by using the shut off switch that is located on the ice maker. Just open the freezer and out the ice maker. You’ll find an on/off switch on it. 

Turn it ‘off’ for a minimum 30 seconds to 5 minutes and again turn it ‘on’. 

Whirlpool refrigerator: 

Usually most of the Whirlpool refrigerator allow a reset button to make a soft reset if it’s not functioning well. The reset switch is located inside the refrigerator on the door switches. Only pressing and releasing it will work to have it reset. 

You’ll notice the display of the refrigerator becomes blank and within a few seconds it’ll be normal. However, if there’s no reset button, using ‘power button’ will work to have a hard reset. 

Frigidaire refrigerator: 

The Frigidaire refrigerator doesn’t carry a reset button. To reset the Frigidaire refrigerator you’ll need to give it a hard reset. Power off the refrigerator using the ‘mute’ button from its display ‘default settings’ or just unplug its cord from the breaker. 

Then power it on, plugging it back in after 10 to 15 minutes. 

Kenmore refrigerator: 

If there’s any reset button on the Kenmore refrigerator, you’ll find it near the right side of the ice maker behind the cover plate. 

If it doesn’t have it, you can reset it by pressing Up and Down arrows on the display settings or press and hold the ‘Ultra Ice’ and ‘home button’ for 30 seconds to 1 minute and it’ll be reset.

Amana refrigerator: 

Amana refrigerator have high quality appliances and are very easy to reset. Though there’s no dedicated reset button on this refrigerator but using the power button located in the control panel, you can reset it. 

Hold the power button until it is properly shut down, wait for a few moments and turn the power on. If needed, follow the process a few times. 

Maytag refrigerator: 

Though there’s no particular button on the Maytag refrigerator, you’ll find a series of buttons on its display and using those buttons you can reset it. 

To reset it, press and hold the ‘power save’/’energy save’ and ‘lighting’ button for 8 to 10 seconds together at the same time and then release. 

Magic chef refrigerator: 

In some Magic chef refrigerator models, there’s a reset button located near the front door handle. Press the button till the light turns green and then release it and turn the power button. 

You’ll find an error message if there’s any malfunction after reset and take steps to solve it immediately.

Norcold RV refrigerator: 

Normally, there’s no reset button on Norcold RV refrigerator. To reset it use the “TEMP SET” button on the control panel located on the near fresh food compartment. Hold the button for 5 seconds until it shows ‘Er’ and then release to power it on. 

How long does it take to reset a refrigerator?

To reset a refrigerator, it doesn’t take too much time. You need to wait a maximum of 15 to 10 minutes between the two steps of power off and power on. You’ll hear a chime when it turns on and find signals on its display. 

However, to stabilize it may sometimes take a maximum of 24 hours. It’s better to wait till then and not to give any pressure for your refrigerator to function normally. 

Final thoughts

Though every refrigerator doesn’t have a reset button, we can reset every refrigerator manually. It has very effective purposes from keeping the temperature optimal to reducing odd noises from the refrigerator. By pressing the reset/power button many issues can be resolved in less than five minutes.