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Do Pressure Washers Take Regular Gas? (Quick Answers)

Cleaning the dirt and even washing a huge area is no joke. You might need plenty of time and energy to do that. That’s when pressure washers are effective when you need to clean areas with ease. Making use of it under the right conditions would lead to better results.

Following the below tips and information regarding pressure washers and if you can use regular gas in them or not would help you to choose the right gas for the washer.

Regular gas for pressure washers

Regular gas can be used in the pressure washer. Pressure washers do not exactly need premium gas as long as the gas has low content of ethanol and high content of octane, that is perfect for use in the pressure washer. Regular gas has low amount of ethanol which would not cause harm to the machine.

Pressure washers are either operated using gas or by using electricity. The pressure washer using gas has better efficiency than a washer using electricity. It would provide more ease while cleaning and the outcome is also great as you would need less effort.

Craftsman pressure washer:

Craftsman pressure washers can use regular gas to operate. Well, it is one of the cheapest products available with good quality components. It is even easier to assemble and find the necessary components of the pressure.

You can use gas that contains less than 10% ethanol in it and approximately that’s what a regular gas contains. The lightweight pressure washer is even easy to use on the dirt and grease and to blow them off from stubborn surfaces.

Honda pressure washer:

Honda pressure washers are not actually manufactured by the honda company. Rather it refers to the use of honda engines in the pressure washer. The pressure washer requires small engines to carry around and perform the small tasks.

Meanwhile, Honda provides the best quality engines, it does not matter if the engine is small or big. But honda engines are not suitable for the use of high amounts of ethanol. Instead regular gas would be preferable to use on the honda pressure washer.

Ryobi pressure washer:

Ryobi pressure washer uses regular gas and also oil for some parts when operated. It provides a high pressure which is enough to drive the grease and dirt away. It is also perfect for using the areas around the home.

The high pressure offered by the Ryobi pressure water and reliable quality of the parts of the washer pressure makes it quite usable.

Troy bilt pressure washer:

Troy bilt pressure washer uses high pressure to sweep the dirt off from the surface of the area. You can certainly use the regular gas for the Troy bilt pressure washer. The washer is even reliable and comes with replaceable parts like a nozzle.

You can use it due to its capability of providing high pressure. It is somehow effective like other washers.

Is regular gas safe for pressure washers?

Yes, regular gas is for pressure washers as long as the ethanol content is not high. Pressure washers consist of smaller engines. Engines tend to get damaged by gases with time. Though octane does not cause harm, it is required to operate the engine.

Meanwhile, ethanol is not good for engines. It can damage part of the engine. Even the rubber and aluminum parts deteriorate with time. Ethanol can highly damage the parts and question the durability of the engine. A low amount of ethanol is preferable for the engines.

Regular gas contains almost 10% ethanol. This amount is sufficient but can cause slight damage to the engine. More than this would reduce the life of the engine. You should rather see the manual to know about the ethanol content.

The more octane-containing gas is better, meanwhile, the ethanol content should be lower.

Reasons pressure washer takes regular gas

Pressure washers operate while depending on the gas. The better the gas the better the performance. A pressure washer is capable of cleaning the dirt and grease only with high-pressure water. Even effectively cleaning is possible. You do not always need premium gas for the pressure washer.

You can also use regular gases in the pressure washer. Some of the reasons why pressure washers can take regular gases are included below.

Low ethanol:

Only the regular gas containing low amounts of ethanol can be used in the pressure washer engine. Pressure washer engines can get damaged if you use high amounts of ethanol. Regular gas containing 10% of the ethanol can be used but the amount should not exceed more.

High octane:

Well, in regular gas octane is not added in a high amount. It is almost 87% which is not huge but is sufficient for a gas mixture. Premium gas contains more octane. If the engine is working fine with the regular gas, you do not need to switch to the premium gas.


The less amount of lead a gas contains the better the gas would be. Lead is toxic and carcinogenic. Less amount of harmful components makes the gas more rich and usable. Make sure to know the amount of each component added to the gas mixture before using it.

What type of gasoline does a pressure washer take?

Pressure washers can take gasoline to run the engine. But all pressure washers do not have the same requirement for the games. Instead, you should go through the manufacturer’s guide on what type of gas is suitable for the engine of the pressure washer.

The common type of gasoline used in the pressure gas has the following characteristics.

Low content of ethanol:

Ethanol content is a priority in the time of choosing the gas for the pressure washer. High ethanol content can lead to damage to the parts of the engine. Even parts can get deteriorated with time and sooner.

The durability of the engine is important to maintain in order to get a better life for the machine. Lower than 5% ethanol or no ethanol is always good for the engine. Up to 10% ethanol, the machine can manage to be at a good peak.

Newly supplied:

Newly supplied gases are preferable to an old gas mixture. You should not use a month-old gas in the pressure washer machine. Instead, use the regular gas which was supplied recently. Moreover, fresh gas with less toxic components is always suitable for the engine to use.

High octane:

The higher the octane amount the more the pure gas would be. Most engines need a higher amount of octane. In the case of the bigger engine, a high amount of octane is always preferable. In the case of a small engine, regular gases are suitable.

Yet, if any problem arises, one should switch to using premium gases. Most washer pressure would not need the premium gas.

How to choose the right fuel for your pressure washer?

The pressure washer needs the right fuel to operate. Well, the right fuel for a pressure washer depends on many criteria. You have to first see if the fuel goes with the pressure washer. Otherwise, no matter how great the gas mixture is, it wouldn’t be good enough for the pressure washer.

You can follow below to choose the right fuel for your pressure washer.

Choose the right fuel:

The right fuel for the pressure washer depends on the manufacturing of the pressure washer engine. Most pressure washers have certain requirements for the gases. The gas should meet those criteria first.

Most pressure washers need gases that have low amounts of ethanol and high amounts of octane. It is not necessary that the fuel has to be a premium gas. Instead, you can choose regular gas which contains less ethanol which is not up to 10%, and a high amount of octane.

Moreover, the gas should be prepared new and have less toxic components in it. High-quality gas refers to the use of fewer components. High octane refers to more pure fuel. As a result, there is less chance that the gas would damage the engine in any significant way.

Final remarks

Overall, using regular gas is not forbidden in a pressure washer. Pressure washers can remain undamaged if you use a low amount of ethanol-containing gas. Regular gas contains almost 10% ethanol which is the least amount of ethanol a gas should contain. Know the manufacturer requirements for gases.