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Do New Ac Compressors Come with Oil? (Answered)

Who doesn’t need Air Conditioners these days, right? They make an very hot environment liveable for us. However, like every other appliance, something may go wrong with the ac compressors and you might need to replace them.

While getting new ac compressors, you might wonder if they come with oil and how to check the quantity of oil in a unit. Let’s find the answers to all your queries regarding the oils in new ac compressors.

Do new ac compressors come with oil?

Generally, new AC compressors come filled with oil. They usually come with the right type, and amount of oil to run the air conditioner for a significant period of time. However, to prevent any damages, you should check if there is enough pre-filled oil in the AC compressor before installing it.

Numerous brands load their AC compressors with oil to reduce the hassle of customers. That being said, some companies pre-fill the compressors with shipping oil. Let’s find out which ac compressor brands provide oil with the new units.

Car Auto Ac Compressors:

The Car Auto AC compressors normally come with the right type of oil. They also fill the compressors with the right amount of oil so that you can install them immediately after purchasing.

Murray Ac Compressors:

Murray is quite a renowned brand in the AC compressor industry. The new Murray AC compressors come pre-filled with 3 ounces of oil. So, you can run your air conditioning system right after installing the compressors.

Denso Ac Compressors:

The Denso AC compressors come pre-loaded with the right amount and right type of compressor oil. It ensures that the moving parts of the compressor don’t get damaged.

Alliances Ac Compressors:

Most of the AC compressors manufactured by Alliances come with oil. In fact, these AC compressors come with the perfect type and amount of oil to run the air conditioning system without any issues for a long time.

Motorcraft Ac Compressors:

The new Motorcraft AC compressors are filled with PAG oil. So, you won’t have to go through the hassle of filling oil into the compressor after buying it.

ACDelco compressors:

The new ACDelco compressors come with 4 ounces of oil. The pre-filled oil is generally the right type of oil required for that particular AC compressor.

How much oil comes in a new AC compressor?

The amount of oil that comes in a new AC compressor is different for different units. In general, the new AC compressors come pre-loaded with 3 ounces of the type of oil required to run the compressor.

However, most units have a tank of 4 ounces capacity. The manufacturers usually don’t fill up the tank of the new AC compressors to avoid spilling while shipping.

Should I add oil to my new AC compressor?

You should add oil to your newly purchased AC compressor only if it doesn’t come pre-filled with compressor oil. The oil in the AC compressor keeps the moving parts properly functional. As a result, most of the manufacturers provide oil in the new AC compressors.

After purchasing an AC compressor, you should check if there is enough oil in the unit. If there is no oil or a very little amount of oil present in the AC compressor, then you should add oil to it.

How to check the oil in the ac compressor?

It is very important to check the quantity of oil in the AC compressor as insufficient oil in the compressor can damage the entire air conditioning system. Checking the amount of oil in the AC compressor is not as difficult as it may seem. You can do it in a few simple steps.

Let’s take a look at how you can check the oil in your AC compressor effectively.

Remove or unpack the AC compressor:

If you are going to check the oil in an already installed ac compressor, then you will have to first remove it from the air conditioning system. You can easily find it in the AC due to its cylindrical shape and unique color.

After locating the ac compressor, you should unscrew it and safely take it out from the air conditioner.

In case you want to check the oil level in your new AC compressor, then you will just have to unpack the unit. While unpacking, make sure you do it on the right so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Locate the drain valve:

After removing the AC compressor, you should find out where the drain valve is located in the unit. The drain valve is usually situated in the bottom part of the compressor.

Drain the oil:

Now that you have located where the drain valve is, it is time to drain the oil. First, you should remove the opening cork of the valve. Then, you should drain out the AC compressors’ oil from the drain valve into a measuring container.

Compare the oil to the required quantity:

Every AC compressor requires a specific quantity of oil to run the whole air conditioning system flawlessly. The manufacturer usually mentions the required quantity for the AC compressor in the user manual or in the units’ body.

So, you can easily find out what is the recommended quantity of oil for the product.

After knowing what is the required amount of oil for the AC compressor, you should check how much oil is present in the measuring container. If the oil in the container is less than the recommended quantity, then the compressor is low on oil and it needs to be refilled.

How do I know if my AC compressor needs oil?

Running the air conditioning system without enough oil in the compressor can damage the whole system permanently. So, knowing when your AC compressor needs oil is very important. Here are some signs by which you will understand if your AC compressor needs oil:

Odd sounds:

One of the main functions of the oil in the AC compressor is to keep the moving parts functional without any issue. If there is a shortage of oil in the compressor, the parts won’t be able to move properly. Thus, your AC compressor will create humming noise when it needs oil.

Hard to start:

The oil in the AC compressor minimizes the friction between the surfaces that supports the load. If there is a low oil level in the compressor, the rods of the load-bearing will get damaged.

As a result, when your AC compressor will need oil it won’t start immediately, it will take a bit of time to start.

Insufficient cooling:

If there is a shortage of oil in the AC compressor, its cooling system won’t function properly. So, your AC won’t cool your room properly if the compressor needs oil.

How do I fill my AC compressor with oil?

To fill your AC compressor with oil first you should make sure that you get the right type of oil required to run the unit. Then, you should locate the input valve by reading the user manual. After you have done all that, pour the oil slowly through the input valve.

However, filling oil into the Ac compressor doesn’t fill up the tank fully. You should leave some between the oil level and the opening port so that oil doesn’t pour over through the port when the air conditioning system operates.

What happens if the AC compressor has no oil?

The oil in the AC compressor basically lubricates all of its moving parts and interior surfaces. If the compressor of the air conditioner doesn’t have any oil, it won’t produce cool air and might heat the room instead.

The overall air conditioning system can get damaged just due to the shortage of oil in the AC compressor as it will malfunction. In addition to that, the compressor will create humming noise, and the interior parts will wear out if it has no oil.

Will an AC compressor work without oil?

An AC compressor will work without oil, but won’t run for a long time without malfunctioning. The oil in the AC compressor saves the bearings, rods, crankshaft, and load-bearing surfaces from wearing out while rotating and sliding.

So, to prevent any long-term damage to the AC compressor it shouldn’t be used without oil.

Final Thoughts

Most of the new AC compressors come with three to four ounces of oil in them. Sometimes the new compressors are filled with shipping oil, which needs to be changed with compressor oil. So, it is best to check if there is the right type of AC compressor oil present in the unit after purchasing.