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Do Lawn Mowers Need Oil? (All You Need to Know)

Lawn mowers, like any other internal combustion engine. In this article, we will discuss whether lawn mowers need oil.

We will further dig deep into the type of oil that lawn mowers need and other essential aspects associated with it.

Oil for lawn mowers

Lawn mowers need oil, just like any other combustion oil. Lawn mowers generally come with oil to help you start the engine right out of the box. But when the time comes to refuel, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to decide what type of oil you should use.

Lawn mowers have internal combustion engines, that will definitely need oil in order to run. Even simple engines need oil to run. And there are a lot of important parts in making sure the process runs smoothly.

The engines of lawn mowers run at a very high speed, under high temperatures. So you will need to ensure that the engine has a decent combustion and cooling system inside.

In addition, you will have to make sure that the lubricating system inside the engine lives up to the competence of the oil that you have put inside.

Toro lawn mower:

In order to maximize the functionality of the Toro lawn mower, you will need to use the SAE 30 engine oil in the Toro lawn mower.

It would be ideal if you can use the Toro SAE 30 engine oil for the Toro lawn mower. This oil is particularly designed for use in this mower.

There have been hundreds of hours of tests in a range of engines, and the oil has passed all the requirements posed by this engine.

Electric lawn mower:

Electric oil will need occasional lubrication. You will not have to use as much oil in this lawn mower as the other lawn mowers.

You can use 10W30 oil in electric lawn mowers. This will serve the engine well. This oil is motor-grade and made to serve a range of lawn mowers.

Battery-operated lawn mower:

You can use SAE30 oil for a battery-operated lawn mower. This is an ideal oil for operating at warm temperatures. It is also great for running smaller engines.

However, if you are expecting a varying temperature, then you may opt for SAE 10W-30 oil. This will make a great oil for cold weather as well as warm weather.

However, when you opt for this oil, it may require a higher level of engine consumption.

Petrol lawn mower:

For petrol lawn mower, you will need to opt for SAE 30 oil. You may also use synthetic variation of this engine, including the oils SAE 10W30 and SAE 5W 30.

How often and how much do lawn mowers need oil?

The rule of thumb is that you will need to change or replace the oil inside a lawn mower after every 50 hours of run time. This is particularly applicable for push lawn mowers.

And for existing lawn mowers, you should change or replace the oil at least once every season. And if you are using the lawn mower quite frequently, then you should change the oil after every 100 hours of run time. This is how often lawn mowers need oil.

If you wait longer to change or replace the oil inside a lawn mower, then the engine may fail to produce enough lubrication.

And as for the amount of oil that lawn mowers need, it mainly depends on the size of the engine. If you are working with a small engine, then it will need only about 20 to 40 ounces of oil.

Why do lawn mowers need oil?

There are many reasons why lawn mowers need oil. Like any other combustion engine, their engine needs oil as well. The following reasons are the most significant:


Lawn mowers need oil mainly to lubricate all the moving parts of the engine. There are many moving parts in the engine of a lawn mower.

In order to keep them from rubbing against each other, you will need to keep the engine filled with a minimum level of oil at all times. This will ensure that the engine is functioning properly without the parts getting in each other’s way.

The engine oils are designed to create a very thin layer between these moving parts in the lawn mower engine. Otherwise, the metal-to-metal collision within the engine would have damaged the parts very quickly.

Keeping the engine clean:

Another important reason why lawn mowers need oil is that it helps keep the engine clean.

The oil inside the engine will help you remove any debris inside the engine. It will help you get rid of any metal deposits or finings from inside the engine.

If not for the engine oil, the metal debris or deposits would have piled up at the bottom of the engine. This would have eventually caused a large mess inside the engine, potentially causing very costly damage.

How do you know if a lawn mower needs oil?

There is a general interval suggested between changing the oil in the engine of a lawn mower. But they are not specific and do not always apply to your particular lawn mower. Follow the steps below in order to accurately understand if your lawn mower needs oil.

Check the oil level:

Before every time you use the lawn mower, make sure to check the oil level in the lawn mower.

Do not proceed to work with the lawn mower if the oil level is too low. Otherwise, due to the lack of lubrication, there may be some damage in the engine.

Check the mark:

You will notice a clear indication in the oil level indicating whether or not your lawn mower needs oil. You will need to put oil in the engine of the lawn mower as soon as you notice that the oil level has dropped below the minimum bar.

You will find that the dipstick has two marks. The upper mark will indicate a full oil level and the lower mark will indicate a low level of oil.

Fill the tank:

Now that you know what the marks indicate, you may proceed to fill the oil tank of the lawn mower.

Fill the tank until it reaches the upper mark. This will serve you for several days to come, even if you frequently use the lawn mower.

What kind of oil do you put in a lawn mower?

There are several types of oil that you can use in the lawn mower. Read ahead to learn what kind of oil you should put in a lawn mower:

Single graded oil:

This type of oil does not generally have any additives in it. So there is much less change in viscosity when you are using this oil. In addition, note that this type of oil only works well at temperatures higher than 100 degrees.

Multi grade oil:

This oil is designed to provide a lot better viscosity. Also, note that this oil is designed to work in a range of temperatures. So temperature will not need to be a factor of concern in this case.

Synthetic blend oil:

This is one of the most common engine oils for lawn mowers. This oil is a mix of synthetic oil and regular oil. It is fused in a manner that the engine brings the best features of both types of oil.

In addition, there are additives added to the oil in order to enhance its viscosity. These additives also improve the oil’s functionality in a range of temperatures.

So you will not need to worry about working the lawn mower in winter as well as in summer if you opt for this oil.

Fully synthetic oil:

Another form of synthetic oil is fully synthetic oil, which is formed without the mix of regular oil in it. This oil is created artificially. It is mostly used in commercial engines, because of the wide range of functions that it offers.

Note that most lawn mowers are compatible with full synthetic oil. There are several variations of it, so it is highly likely that you will find a synthetic oil that will suit the engine of your lawn mower.

Final Thoughts

Lawn mowers need oil as well. Like any other combustion engine, the engines of lawn mowers will also need lubrication. Otherwise, the moving parts inside the engine may be damaged. The oil will also help keep the engine clean, getting rid of all the metal deposits or debris.