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Do Dutch Ovens Work on Induction? (Quick Answers)

For a long time, Dutch ovens are widely appreciated for coming with the versatility to be used on both a stovetop and in an oven while cooking. But in recent times, the induction cooking top has taken the place of the stovetop and is being used in most homes.

Thence, it may raise a question in your mind that do Dutch ovens work on induction as well or not. Therefore, to learn whether Dutch ovens have this functionality or not, let’s learn the explanations.

Do Dutch Ovens Work On Induction?

Dutch ovens are capable of working on induction cooktops without facing any apparent problems. It’s because cast iron is used for making Dutch ovens and cast iron is an incredible heat conductor and has magnetic properties, so the Dutch ovens can work on the induction by using magnetic currents.

Will All Dutch Ovens Work On An Induction Cooktop?

Here short explanations over Dutch ovens made by famous brands are given to let you know whether these Dutch ovens can function on an induction cooktop or not.

Le Creuset:

The famous Le Creuset Dutch ovens are induction cooktop compatible. Because Creuset Dutch ovens are made of cast iron, therefore, it can withstand the high heat of all heat sources like induction cooktops, stovetops, coal/wood, and oven.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven, 5.5 qt., Marseille


Enamel is not a brand actually but it’s a great coating of Dutch ovens. And know that any enamel coated cast iron made Dutch oven is perfectly suitable for working on an induction cooktop because Enamel as the coating is a very good heat conductor.


The Lodge brand also manufactures Dutch ovens using cast iron as the main material. So I make clear sense that Lodge Dutch ovens can be used on induction cooktops.

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven With Stainless Steel Knob and Loop Handles, 6 Quart, Red

Martha Stewart:

The Martha Stewart Dutch ovens come with the capability of being used on induction cooktops. These Dutch ovens are designed to withstand heat up to 500°F which makes them suitable for withstanding the high heat of induction cooktops too.

Martha Stewart Teal Blue Enameled Cast Iron 6 Qt. Round Dutch Oven Casserole

Pioneer Woman:

The Dutch oven line of the Pioneer Woman brand will not work on an induction cooktop because these Dutch ovens lack magnetic properties. And without magnetic properties, Dutch ovens can’t work on induction cooktops by using magnetic currents.

Pioneer Woman Timeless Beautcy Turquoise Dutch Oven w/Wmbossed Lid


The Tramontina brand produces Tri-Ply Clad Dutch Ovens which is capable of distributing heat from all sides including the bottom. Therefore, it’s suitable for use on an induction cooktop.

Tramontina 80131/648DS Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven Combo, 2-Piece (7-Quart & 4-Quart), Gradated Red


Calphalon has the Unison, Tri-Ply, and contemporary range of Dutch ovens. Dutch ovens of the Unison range can’t work on an induction cooktop. But Dutch ovens of the Tri-Ply and contemporary range can be used on an induction cooktop safely.

Calphalon 1932450 Classic Nonstick Dutch Oven with Cover, 5 quart, Grey

Chrissy Teigen:

The Dutch oven line by Chrissy Teigen is made of pre-seasoned cast iron which makes these cooking pots suitable and safe for use on an induction cooktop.


Kitchenaid cookware made after the year 2013 is totally induction cooktop compatible. And this simply means that the Dutch ovens made after 2013 by Kitchenaid can be used on induction cooktops.

Paula Deen:

Paula Deen Dutch ovens are induction cooktop safe because these Dutch ovens are enamel cared that can handle up to 450° F heat.

Wolfgang Puck:

Wolfgang Puck Dutch ovens have cast iron construction and it’s already known how safe and compatible it is to use cast iron cookware to use on induction cooktops. Besides, these Dutch ovens have enamel coating as well.


Tasty manufactures heavy and thick gauge forced aluminum made Dutch ovens with stainless steel base. And since the base is made of stainless steel which is eligible to sit on induction cooktops, Tasty Dutch ovens can be used on induction cooktops.


Staub Dutch ovens have all cast iron compositions and promises of magnetic cooking compatibility. And this simply indicates that Staub Dutch ovens are 100% safe and suitable with induction cooktops.

Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 5.5-quart, Cherry


All-Clad Dutch ovens will work appropriately on induction cooktops if the Dutch ovens are clad/are with magnetic stainless steel/ are cast iron.

All-Clad BD55500 D5 Brushed 18/10 Stainless Steel 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Dutch Oven with Domed Lid Cookware, 5.5-Quart, Silver

How To Use Dutch Oven On An Induction Cooktop?

The detailed procedure of using a Dutch oven on an induction cooktop has been described below in a step-by-step guide.

Take Cast Iron/Stainless Steel/Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven:

The very first step to use a Dutch oven on an induction cooktop is using the right Dutch oven. Dutch ovens made of cast iron, stainless steel, and enameled cast iron are suitable and safe ones.

Aluminum-made Dutch ovens are not suitable for use on infection cooktops, however, if those have a stainless steel base, you can use them.

Place Parchment/Slipat Mat:

Now before you introduce the Dutch oven to the induction cooktop, place a parchment paper or slipat mat between the cooktop and the base of the Dutch oven to avoid scratch.

Introduce The Dutch Oven To Heat In Temperature:

Next up is introducing the Dutch oven to heat. Always make sure to introduce your Dutch oven at room temperature to heat.

Slowly Raise The Heat And Cook:

After placing the Dutch oven, slowly increase the heat to a mid-range temperature to heat up the pot for cooking. Dutch ovens work the best when these cooking pots are heated gradually using a mid-range temperature.

Remember that you should never pre-heat your Dutch oven at a high heat because it will burn the foods at the bottom before it’s cooked.

Keep Everything Clean:

You must keep both your Dutch oven and the induction cooktop very clean thought out the whole process. Because leftover food debris can cause scratch marks the next time when you will cook. So after every use, wipe the cooktop surface using a damp towel.

How Does Dutch Oven Work On An Induction Cooktop?

Dutch ovens work on an induction cooktop by using magnetic current.

The induction cooker has a copper wire coil beneath the cooktop, when current is passing through the wire it creates a magnetic field.

And since the Dutch oven base is ferromagnetic, it lets the magnetic current pass through which makes a strong thwarting eddy current to produce heat. Heat remains detained in the Dutch oven and cooks food.

So it simply means, Dutch ovens function by taking up magnetic energy induced by the induction cooktop.

What Is The Best Dutch Oven For An Induction Cooktop?

This section has included short explanations of the 5 best Dutch ovens of all time that will work excellently on an induction cooktop.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven (Best High-End):

The Le Creuset Dutch ovens are the all-around winner when it comes to the best high-end Dutch ovens for an induction cooktop.

These Dutch ovens are certainly quite higher in price but you will get a long-lasting dutch oven that comes in several sizes and colors and is lightweight.

Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven (Best Overall):

The Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens are the best ones considering overall factors. Because these Dutch ovens are budget-friendly but made with high-quality material and top-notch enamel coating that would satisfy your needs.

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven (Best Budget):

If you are looking for the best Dutch oven to use on an induction cooktop on a small budget then the Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens are the answer.

These Dutch ovens are certainly inexpensive but the durability and quality are top-notch. Plus they are suitable for cooking acidic foods in them.

Cooks Class Stainless Steel Dutch Oven (Best Stainless Steel):

Cooks classic stainless steel Dutch ovens are the best stainless steel Dutch ovens for induction cooktops because it comes with multiple layered bottoms that retain heat. Besides, you can use a dishwasher to wash these Dutch ovens.

Cuisinel Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven (Best Pre-Seasoned):

If you like a pre-seasoned Dutch oven to use on an induction cooktop then Cuisinel Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven is the perfect one.

These Dutch ovens can be used directly taking out from the packet and you don’t have to do the seasoning.

Can Dutch Ovens Go On The Stovetop?

Dutch ovens can certainly go on the stovetop without facing or causing and danger. In fact, the eligibility of Dutch ovens to be used on the stovetop is one of the reasons that make these cooking pots widely versatile.

Dutch ovens regardless of material can safely be used for cooking on the stovetop. As they can withstand high heat, retain heat, and can distribute heat evenly inside the pot to cook any kind of food perfectly.

Can A Dutch Oven Be Used On A Glass Cooktop?

A Dutch oven made of cast iron surely can be used on a glass cooktop. However, it’s better to use an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven on an infection cooktop.

Because enameled cast room Dutch ovens have a smoother bottom, therefore, it’s likely to leave no marks or scratches on the glass cooktop.

Can Dutch Oven Be Used Instead Of A Slow Cooker?

A Dutch oven can be used instead of a slow cooker because a Dutch oven is designed with multiple cooking options and slow cooking is one of them.

Besides, both a slow cooker and a Dutch oven function similarly when it comes to slow cooking, thence, it means you can cook pretty much any slow cooking recipe using a Dutch oven.

Moreover, a Dutch oven can be used on pretty any heat source and can be taken outside for picnic or camping which makes it particularly stand out as an alternative to the slow cookers.

How Do I Substitute A Dutch Oven For A Slow Cooker?

The tips to easily substitute a Dutch oven for a slow cooker are given below.

  • Use less watery/liquid ingredients
  • Add veggies such as potatoes later
  • Unlike a slow cooker, brown, sauté and sear the ingredients first
  • Cut the veggies and meat into large pieces
  • Pick the right heat and cook slowly

Final Thoughts:

A Dutch oven safely can work on an induction cooktop as it’s capable to be used on an induction cooktop falls into one of its cooking options. Also, these cooking pots are made of cast iron which has magnetic properties, so by using magnetic energy Dutch oven works on an induction cooktop.

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