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Do Dryers Come with Cords? (Explained)

The power cord is one of the most significant parts of your dryer. There are several companies with several designs that manufacture dryers. You can choose them from the retail market or online shopping. When you buy a dryer, do you get a cord along with it? Let’s find out.

Do dryers come with cords? 

Generally, dryers don’t come with a cord. You need to purchase a cord separately and then you can use it. Some brands may provide a cord with the dryer. Some new or cheap manufacturers might provide a cord with the dryer, to attract customers. You can use a 3-prong or 4-prong cord for the dryer.

Bear with us and find out if these renowned dryers come up with cords –

LG dryer:

LG is one of the finest Korean conglomerates to manufacture electric products for your home. This brand is renowned throughout the world, as their products provide a reliable service to their customers. 

And the customer retention of this company is great because the service their customers get is premium. But when you hear that they don’t provide any power cord with the dryers, you may think their service is not that good. 

But the thing is, wiring is different in different countries, so that’s the reason why LG dryers don’t come with a cord.

Samsung dryer:

Like LG, Samsung is another largest conglomerate that creates some creative and reliable technological products that the whole world adores. Not only home appliances they make phones and even they got a real estate company as well. 

Though their dryer doesn’t carry any power cord, you can buy a cord after you purchase your machine. 

GE dryer:

Another big company is GE. They have been in the business before even your birth. They know the business and they’re doing it so perfectly that their engine is used for aircraft as well. But they don’t provide any sort of power cord with their dryers.

Maytag dryer:

Even Maytag dryers also don’t provide any power cord with their dryer. Though this brand is not known to many, still they don’t provide any cord with their dryer. A 3-prong dryer is used on this behalf. 

Amana dryer:

The Amana dryer is one of the least expensive dryers available on the market. Basically, the lower segment of society seeks this type of product. As these dryers can be used for a good time, and these dryers last.

Do new electric dryers come with power cords?

New electric dryers don’t come with power cords, but they come with a different mechanism. The main logic for not providing any power cord is that the cord’s prong is different from one place to another. The geographical factor plays a great role here. 

That’s why they don’t provide the dryer cord with the machine. But you can get these power cords in the supermarket or even at the place where you are purchasing the electric dryers. One thing you can do is ask the seller if they can provide you with a power cord or not. 

By that, you might get a free power cord. You can buy your cord at 18 to 32 dollars each from amazon or any retail market. But the manufacturer will not provide you with a power cord in it.

Do gas dryers come with power cords?

Gas dryers come with a power cord. Power cords are needed to supply electricity to your dryer machine. A gas dryer comes with a three-wire power cord, which has a ground conductor for safety. 

A proper installation is required, or you will have a surprise shock from the flow of electricity. So be very careful before you install a new power cord, or you will electrocute yourself. The gas dryer needs warm or hot air to dry out the clothes. 

Due to warming the air inside of the dryer, it needs to have electric flow. A gas dryer is more likely to be accepted for general usage because gas dryers use gas to dry out clothes. And the flow of hot air is the best solution than any other dryer. 

That’s why people buy gas dryers more than any other dryers.

Why don’t dryers come with power cords?

Dryers usually do not come with power cords for the following reasons –

Different Regions Have Different Plug:

Different Regions have different plug systems. Generally, when the dryer or the washing machine is manufactured in one country and then sold in the other country, these problems occur. That’s why there is no power cord in the dryer box.

Marketing Strategy:

Nowadays, different electrical manufacturing industries have adopted a rule not to provide any wires or chargers within the box. So that the buyer has to buy a new cord. It will increase the sales revenue of a manufacturer. 

Generally, some bigger corporation is doing such things, which is followed by other market participants. And this problem is rising as well. 

Assuming the Buyer has an older Power Cord:

Another strategy of the manufacturer is that they assume that the buyer has an older cord that they can reuse. This is a strategy some of the manufacturers adopted, but from an ethical point of view, you can say that they might not have an older one. 

And, from this particular segment, the manufacturer again is making some money out of the buyers.

Different Electrical Codes for Different Products:

Though it is known to almost everyone that, all the different electric products have their unique programs stapled in them. Generally, 3-prong or 4-prong wiring is enough for an electric dryer. 

On the other hand, a gas dryer comes with cords, so you don’t need to be bothered if you have a gas dryer.

How do you install a dryer power cord?

The following steps will help you installing a dryer power cord –

Open the Wire Connection Box:

The first step to installing a dryer power cord is that you need to flip the dryer first, then open the last portion of the dryer. You need to have a screwdriver to open the back panel, to expose the open wires. Remove it gently.

Install the Cord Accordingly:

There are three different wires, you must maintain the wiring color. Tight the screw of the wire, so that they don’t come out. 

Adjust the Cord Wires:

You have to adjust the wire to the terminal block as well. First of all, you need to connect the white cord wire in the neutral or the central terminal, the black one with the left terminal, and the red one with the remaining terminal. 

Make sure that you have tightened the whole connection perfectly, use a screwdriver again to do this stuff.

Secure it Properly:

Ensure to adjust all the wires properly. Or you might electrocute yourselves. When you attach all the wires, ensure the wires are separated from each other. And, if you cannot do the wiring part properly, call an electrician to do the stuff.

Re-attach the Wire Connection Box:

After doing all the necessities, you have to re-attach the back panel. The only tool you will need is the screwdriver. Seal it properly, so that water cannot get to that place. By following these steps properly, you can install a dryer power cord.

What does a dryer come with?

Dryers usually come with the following materials –

Hot and Cool Water Supply Hoes:

A dryer must come with hot and cool water supply hoes. If there is no hot and cool water supply mechanism, then it is not a proper or good machine. Generally, a dryer or a washing machine comes with this mechanism.

Factory-Installed Power Cord:

Gas dryers have factory-installed power cords with them. So, If you are purchasing a gas dryer machine, then you should ensure that the power wire is factory installed. Or else, you should not purchase it.

Bottom and Side Vents:

Bottom and side vents help to pass the air. When your dryer is using air to dry your clothes, it needs to flow the air from one way to another. And it cannot keep the air within the machine. Or it will eventually hamper the performance of your dryer. 

So, a bottom or side vent is needed.

Dryer Rack, 1 ft hose, and a Y splitte:

Along with all these things, a dryer must have a dryer rack, a 1-foot-tall hose, and a Y splitter. The Y splitter is here to attach the dryer with its steam functionality.

Final Thoughts 

Most of the cases, a dryer will not come with a power cord. You need to purchase one and install it with your dryer. Only a gas dryer gives you a factory-installed power cord. Moreover, gas dryers are highly efficient as they use air flows. You will need an additional 17 dollars to buy a new cord.