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Do Dryer Balls Reduce Static? (Explained)

People use dryer balls to get rid of wrinkles and increase the productivity of the dryer. It will also help to give you the best drying experience for your different colors of clothes. Using the right size and number of dryer balls will be better to get the secured drying.

Since there are different dryer balls available, you need to choose the best one. Some dryers may ask for the wool dryer balls; others may be suitable for the plastic dryer balls.

Do dryer balls reduce static?

The dryer balls reduce the static of your clothes. When you stop running the dryer and let your clothes cool down after getting the heated air, they will be on the dryer drum. When they get the cool air, they will get static. At that time, the dryer balls can reduce the static cling.

You may also consider it a static cling that might damage your clothes. But the dryer balls will prevent the static cling since it will tumble around the dryer and will not let the dryer drum cause any damage to your clothes.

If you want to get rid of the static cling, you must have a sound dryer drum and the dryer balls.

They will together eliminate the static cling from the clothes. Mainly, the static cling is caused by the lack of humidity of your dryer drum. When you stop the dryer, it can’t produce enough moisture to let the clothes be fresh and get rid of the static cling.

In that case, the dryer balls will help you reduce the damage. They will absorb the humidity when you run the dryer and release the humidity once you stop the dryer and let the clothes cool in the dryer drum.

The humidity will keep the clothes fresh and don’t allow the dryer drum to give static cling.

Therefore, using dryer balls will be helpful in many ways. They are not increasing the productivity of your dryer; instead, they will consume or retain the humidity to help your clothes not get the static cling.

Plastic dryer balls:

The plastic dryer balls can also reduce the static cling since they have a soft surface to retain the humidity once they move in the dryer.

You need to use soft and smooth plastic dryer balls to let them consume more humidity. It will be able to release the humidity once your clothes are dried to soften them.

But the truth is that plastic dryer balls are not 100% safe for reducing the static cling. They sometimes fail to get the moisture to release later. Therefore, you must be careful about the productivity of your plastic dryer balls.

Wool dryer balls:

The wool dryer balls can also reduce the static cling. They have everything to consume the humidity once you run the machine and dry the clothes.

The wool dryer balls are perfect for consuming humidity and releasing it later on the dryer drum when your clothes are getting cool air.

The wool dryer balls are mainly soft and have a smooth surface to absorb humidity once they move quickly and let the air go through the clothes safely.

If you stop running the dryer, they will start to release the absorbed humidity to save your clothes and freshen them.

Silicone dryer balls:

Since all the dryer balls help reduce the static cling, the silicone dryer balls will also reduce the static from your clothes.

But you cannot use the silicone dryer balls for all the dryers. You must read the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that your dryer is safe for silicone dryer balls.

These balls can absorb the humidity when they move and get the heated air. They will easily consume much humidity inside them and release the humidity when your clothes run out of it. Thus, they will help with static clinging and will reduce the risk.

How to get rid of static with dryer balls?

You can get rid of static with dryer balls by following tips.

Decrease Drying Time:

Static electricity thrives on dry fabrics, so it’s so common for people to over-dry their clothes. Turn off the dryer a few minutes earlier than usual to avoid this problem. It will help you to get rid of static.

Wet Towel:

Include a wet towel or washcloth in the mixture. During the final ten to twenty minutes of the drying cycle, incorporate a wet washcloth or towel into your load of laundry. Static electricity can be dissipated by maintaining moisture slightly in the air.

Separate Synthetic Fabrics:

Synthetic fabrics are more prone to static than natural fibers. When they contact natural fibers like cotton or wool, static occurs.

If you dry natural fibers and synthetics in separate loads in the dryer, the two types of fibers won’t have a chance to contact one another and cause static when you remove them.

Why are my clothes static after drying with dryer balls?

Sometimes your clothes are static after drying with dryer balls because of the low-quality dryer balls and the commercial softener. You might use the commercial softener to soften your clothes and rely on your old dryer balls.

These two reasons are the best answer to why your clothes are static after drying with dryer balls.

The dryer balls are the helping hand for the dryer, ensuring barrierless heated airflow. This airflow will dry the clothes five to ten times earlier than using the only dryer machine.

Moreover, the dryer balls are also helpful in reducing the static cling and decreasing the damage to your clothes.

Unfortunately, your dryer balls will also indirectly cause the clothes to get static cling. When your dryer balls get damaged due to the heated air and prolonged use, they will not keep the humidity inside them.

Consequently, they will fail to release the humidity when your clothes need the humidity.

Another reason could be the use of commercial softeners. The commercial softeners often come with harsh chemicals that might damage the dryer balls and the clothes.

Maybe the softener is not entirely safe for the dryer and gives you the extra static cling. So, go for the DIY softener.

How do I make my dryer balls less static?

You can make your dryer balls less static by the given tips.

Moisture Sensitive Setting:

The most effective strategy to make your dryer balls less static is to use a setting that is sensitive to humidity.

If you want to make your dryer balls less static, the finished load of laundry should always have some moisture in it after going through the drying cycle. 


It’s possible that your dryer balls need to be recharged if they were functioning normally but suddenly started producing more static than usual.

To accomplish this, place each item into a thin sock and put it through a hot washing cycle in the machine. Next, place it in the dryer and set it to the highest heat setting.

Avoid Overdrying/ Overloading:

Because excessive drying is the primary cause of static, the first thing you should do to make your dryer balls less static is to find the optimal setting for drying your clothes while avoiding overdrying them.

It is also essential to avoid stuffing too much into the dryer. If the dryer is too full, there will not be enough space for the balls to do their job.

What gets rid of static in the dryer?

The below things will help you get rid of static cling in the dryer.


Vinegar might seem like an unusual solution to get rid of the static, but it works very well.

Put some white vinegar on a clean washcloth, sock, or other pieces of fabric, and then spray it with vinegar before tossing it into the dryer with the rest of the clean laundry. Because of the vinegar, the atmosphere will remain humid.

Soap Nuts:

Although they are commonly referred to as nuts, soap nuts are a type of berry. To use the natural anti-static properties of soap nuts, place some in a muslin bag and then throw the bag, along with your laundry, into the washing machine.

Soap nuts eliminate the need for other anti-static products because of the natural properties.

Wool Dryer Balls:

Try using natural wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets to get rid of the static in the dryer.

When a number of wool dryer balls are thrown into the dryer with a load of wet clothes, they can absorb moisture, which helps to keep the air moist and prevents static electricity from forming.

Final thoughts

The dryer balls will reduce the static cling if you can ensure the best quality dryer balls. They are safe and will retain the humidity when you run the dryer. And they will release the humidity once you stop the dryer. At that time, your clothes will require some humidity to become soft.