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Do All Keurig Coffee Makers Have a Water Filter? (Answered)

Keurig coffee makers are renowned for their modern aesthetics and features. It is one of the most famous coffee maker brands available worldwide. It can make coffee instantly without any manual labor.

You must have never thought about whether the coffee maker that you are using to make coffee has got a water filter in it or not. Let us know whether or not Keurig coffee makers have a water filter.

Do all Keurig coffee makers have a water filter?

Almost all Keurig coffee makers have a water filter. While making coffee, water filters make the water free from chlorine and minerals. Some models of coffee makers which are made for households or small offices do not have a water filter in them. In those models, avoid using tap / hard water.

Most of the coffee makers have a water filter in them. Keurig coffee makers also have a water filter in them.

Using a water filter is significant to ensure the use of safe water while making coffee. Besides, a cup of coffee won’t give you the authentic taste if the water is not made chlorine and mineral-free by the water filter in the coffee maker.

However, some Keurig coffee makers do not have a water filter in them. The models of Keurig coffee makers that do not have a water filter are the K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, K15, and Rivo systems. Therefore, you must use purified or filtered water in it while making your cup of coffee.

The Keurig coffee maker directly intakes water from the water connection no matter wherever the source of water is. After taking the water into the system, the filter purifies it and removes all kinds of harmful chemicals from the water.

It removes the other derbies from the water too. The rest of the purification is done while the water is boiling to a high temperature.

But the Keurig coffee makers that do not have a water filter can not take unpurified or tap water directly. Rather, they have a water reserve and it has to be filled with pure water from time to time to make coffee.

Is a Keurig water filter necessary? Does a Keurig have to have a filter?

Yes, a Keurig water filter is necessary. A Keurig water filter is essential to remove harmful chemicals from the tap water. It also removes the minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, and many more mineral elements from the water.

Thus, you can make the right coffee for your daily needs without making it flat and flavorless.

Yes, a Keurig has to have a filter if one can be installed. It is vital to use a filter if you use tap water to make your coffee.

Not only does it keep the level of the minerals at a certain level and remove the excess minerals and derbies, but it helps the Keurig coffee maker to run smoothly. It prevents the coffee maker from clogging and prevents technical errors as well.

How do I know if my Keurig has a water filter?

If you are confused if your model of Keurig has a water filter or not, you can follow some simple steps to find out. Let us discuss the steps to find out if your Keurig has a water filter or not:

Check the user’s manual of your Keurig:

All Keurig comes with a user’s manual. Check the specification page of the manual. You can find details about the water filter if your Keurig has got one inside it.

Check the packaging:

If you can not find the details about whether your Keurig has a water filter or not, check the packaging of your Keurig. Check the box in which the Keurig comes in it.

It may contain certain features and specifications written on it which may help you to find whether your Keurig has a water filter or not.

Search on the internet with the model of your Keurig:

If you fail to find the information by searching the user’s manual and the box, you can easily find out about it by searching on the internet. Just type the model of your Keurig on the search bar of your browser and you may find the necessary information.

Inquiring in the shop from which the Keurig was bought from:

While buying a Keurig for yourself, always inquire about whether your coffee maker has got a water filter in it or not. In case you forgot to ask them while buying it, you can ask them by calling or mailing them.

Nonetheless, you can also visit the shop physically and ask questions as well.

Which Keurig does not have a water filter?

Although most Keurig has a water filter, some Keurig might not have a water filter in it. Let us help you know about the Keurig models that do not have a water filter:

Keurig K-Mini:

The Keurig K-Mini system model doesn’t have a water filter in it. As it is a slim and small coffee maker, it does not have the space to have a water filter in it.

Keurig K-Mini Plus:

Another model that does not have a water filter is the Keurig K-Mini Plus. This model is similar to the Keurig K-Mini system model. However, it has some advanced features.

Keurig K15:

The Keurig K15 system model is made for personal usage. More precisely, it is basically made for making coffee for a very small number of people. Thus, adding a water filter to it is not important as the user can add filtered water and make a cup of coffee.

Keurig Rivo:

The Keurig Rivo system model is a compact two-in-one coffee maker that can make both Cappuccino and Latte. As it can make two types of coffee and has a compact size, it does not have a water filter in it rather has a water reserve where filtered water can be added.

Can you run your Keurig without a filter?

Yes, you can run your Keurig without a filter. Because all coffee makers don’t need to have a water filter in them.

Coffee makers can function quite well without a water filter too. However, if you run your Keurig without a filter, there are some factors that you should emphasize.

Firstly, avoid using unpurified or unfiltered water in a Keurig with no filter. Because the function of a filter in a coffee maker is to filter the water from all harmful chemicals and minerals.

So, if the Keurig you are using has got no water filter in it, you have to purify the water manually as the machine won’t do that for you due to the absence of a filter.

Secondly, make sure to use purified, filtered, or bottled water while making coffee in the Keurig that has no filter. The water needs to be chemically purified as the coffee is made with harmful chemicals, the taste of chlorine and minerals in it isn’t going to satisfy your taste buds.

Besides, it can cause you health risks if you drink coffee with harmful chemicals in it. So, you should keep these two things in mind while making coffee in a Keurig with no water filter.

Do I need a filter in my Keurig if I use bottled water?

No, you do not need a filter in your Keurig if you use bottled water. Bottled water comes with the perfect amount of minerals. Thus, you do not require a filter.

The filter’s main job is to filter the excess amount of minerals and derbies in the water. This helps the machine to run smoothly and make the perfect coffee for you.

Bottled water is already pre-filtered with the required amount of minerals in it. Therefore, you won’t need to use a filter in your Keurig if you use bottled water while making your coffee.

Which water filter fits my Keurig?

Depending on the model of your Keurig, the filter will vary. There is no universally fixed filter for all Keurig coffee makers.

You have to purchase a filter based on the Keurig model that you are using, the serial of the filter that your Keurig uses, and the position of the water reservoir.

Tall handle water filters can be used on the Keurig models that start with serial 55 at the filter serial. This filter is supported by K-Supreme, K-Cafe, K525, K-Slim, and many more.

Short handle filters are supported by Keurig models that have a rear water tank. The Keurig models that support this filter are K-Duo, K-Latte, K250, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Almost all Keurig coffee makers have a water filter. Some compact Keurig coffee maker system models do not require a water filter as those are made for personal use or small offices. You must use filtered water to make your cup of coffee while using those system models.