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Can You Use Tide Pods in Front & Top Load Washers?

Tide pods is a renowned American brand that started its journey in 1946. Since then, the manufacturers have produced high-quality detergent that people mostly use. It has some strong chemicals that can clean and remove the firm dirt from your clothes.

But the tide pods have some issues with your washer. If you buy the latest model washer, you should have a list of recommended detergents for the machine. Check the list and try to be sure if it’s there or not.

Using tide pods in washers

You can use tide pods in the washer safely because the tide pods have all the required ingredients to become a perfect cleaning detergent for your washer. You can put two tide pods in your washer before adding clothes. Two are enough to clean all types of dirty clothes and remove stains.

You will find different types of detergent that you can regularly use in your washer, but they are not the best. If you look at the tide pods, you will find a perfect combination of chemicals and cleaning solutions.

For this reason, the tide pods have become so popular, and people find their reliable service from this brand.

You will get some benefits from using pods. First, pods have different types, and all of them are designed for different purposes.

All are safe for washers; you can use them accordingly, although you cannot use four pods together. People use two different pods together, or they use the same type of pods.

I suggest you use the same two pods together to get the best cleaning result from your washer. You may make a routine to use these different types of cleaning pods. Some are well known for their scent, and others work better to reduce the dirt & stains from your clothes.

There are two ways to use tide pods in your washer; front load & top load. You must know whether you can use this detergent or cleaner there or if you need a different cleaner.

We will explain in the below section and get through the perfect solutions for you. Let’s have a proper solution and be sure about tide pods.


You can use the tide pods in the front load of your washer. You can usually put some tide pods in the front load and clean your clothes. It will not damage or create any mess inside the washer. But there is a process to use tide pods in front-load washing machine.

Since there are four different types of tide pods available in the market, you should choose the perfect one regarding your clothes demand.

If your clothes are too old and too dirty, you must use the detergent version of the tide pods—otherwise, the regular tide pods or the Tide-pods Plus Downy April Fresh Scent.

These tide pods will remove the strong smell from your clothes and give you the perfect cleaning experience. You can also put it into the front load of your washer and wash it accordingly.

You must use at least two fresh smell tide pods to get the expected result. Otherwise, it will be a serious concern not to get the proper cleaning from them.

Mainly, the front load washing machine washes your clothes gently. They are paddles and will not damage your clothes.

You should always use the front load washing machine if you have sensitive clothes to wash. Here come the perfect and gentle tide pods that can also gently clean your clothes.

Top load:

You can use tide pods in your top load washing machine to easily clean and remove the strong stains. Tide pods have the detergent version that would be a perfect front load detergent or cleaner for you. If you have the top load washing machine, you must use the laundry detergent tide pods.

You should use the laundry detergent tide pods among the four varieties of tide pods. It has strong chemicals and a cleaning solution that would be a perfect cleaner for dirty clothes.

So, you cannot use the April scent-based tide pods here. When you open the top load of your washer, you should put some detergent-based tide pods and wash your clothes. You will also find a perfect process to put some tide pods into the top load of your washer and clean the clothes accordingly.

I will explain how to use your top load washer and wash your clothes accordingly. If you make any mistake in the process, it will become a mess.

Do Tide Pods ruin your washer?

Tide pods don’t ruin your washer; instead, the tide pods will enhance your washer to deep clean the clothes.

You can also use the tide pods in both the front load & top load washing machine since it has four different cleaning solutions. You should use the detergent tide pods for top load washers.

You must use the gentle version of the tide pods for the front load washer, including 4-in-1 tide pod technology.

It will become the best cleaning solution for your washer and will not damage or ruin your washing machine. But the wrong tide pods or the detergent version in your front load washing machine might be a problem.

Using the front load washing machine, use the tide pods plus Febreze sports odor defense and deep clean your clothes accordingly. Tide pods can ruin your washing machine in another way, which is the wrong process.

There is a perfect method to use the tide pods in your washer. If you wrongly put the tide pods, it will ruin your washer.

Where do you put Tide Pods in the front loader and top loader washer?

You should put the tide pods into the drum of the front loader washing machine. When you open the washing machine, you will find a drum in front of you.

You need to open that drum and put the tide pods here in a dry hand. You may also read the manual guidelines for your washer and find the drum or the proper place to add detergent or the cleaning solution.

You must put the tide pods at the back or bottom of your top load washer. You cannot put it over the clothes since the pods will not dissolve in water and fail to clean your clothes properly.

Besides, you should not put too many pods in the top load washer. Otherwise, it will ruin your washing machine.

How to use tide pods in top load and front load washer?

You can use the tide pods in the top load and front load washer by the following tips.

Front-load washer

Please adhere to these instructions if you have a front-loading machine and are interested in experimenting with tide pods.


Ensure that your hands are parched. If your hands are wet, the water-soluble tide pods will disintegrate as soon as the water hits them. You should not use the detergent dispenser if it is included in your front-loading washing machine.


Place the tide pods in the drum alone. Include your clothing in this. Please follow the instructions on the packaging while washing.

Something worth noting is that there will be variations in the instructions depending on the manufacturer. However, it is suggested that you utilize one tide pod for lesser loads and two tide pods for heavier or dirtier loads as a general rule.

Put Away:

After you have resealed the bag, put it away in a dry and cool place.

Top load washer

Use the tide pods by following these simple instructions:

Dry Hand:

Always ensure that your hands are dry to avoid dissolving the pod before it is inserted. Put it in the drum that is now empty.

Pet Clothes:

Include your clothing in this. Adding your clothes to the mix after the pod will help the pod dissolve more quickly. Always start by putting the pod on before you put on your clothes.

It is possible that it will not dissolve entirely if you put it on top of a pile of dirty laundry. This may cause your garments to become stained with streaks and detergent spots.


In most cases, tide pods can dissolve in water regardless of the temperature. Do not put the clothing that has streaks into the dryer if the tide pod has not already dissolved.

This can make it more difficult to remove the detergent from the clothing after it has been embedded into the fabric.


Replace the cap and reseal the bag. Place it somewhere dry and cool to store it.

Final Thoughts

Although you can use the tide pods safely in your front & top load washing machine, you must follow the process. Otherwise, the pods may ruin your washing machine and fail to clean the clothes accordingly. However, different varieties of tide pods are available to clean clothes.