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Can You Use Singer Needles in a Brother Sewing Machine?

Are you thinking of starting a new sewing project with your Brother sewing machine? Are you thinking of using singer needles? However, are you not sure whether or not singer needles will be compatible with the Brother sewing machines? 

Can you use singer needles in a brother sewing machine?

You can use Singer sewing machine needles in a Brother sewing machine. Accordingly, singer needles have the universal regular point needles which really help a lot to do a lot of varieties of stitches with ease and it is highly compatible to be used on any settings of a Brother sewing machine. 

Due to the universality of singer needles, you can definitely use singer sewing machine needles in a Brother sewing machine. 

Professional Looking Seams: 

Singer needles give you the perfect and neat-looking seams when this needle is used in a Brother sewing machine. 

Moreover, singer needles are compatible with Brother sewing machines because they will not shed the thread and will not also cause needle breakage. 


Whether the fabric is of denim, vinyl, corduroy, or so on, singer needles can produce the same result with a Brother sewing machine. 

In addition, you can even stitch lace or chiffon with singer’s finer 9/70 needles, and this type of needle is also flexible in its size as there are several varieties in sizes such as 80/11, 90/14, 60/8.

This feature makes the singer needles more compatible to be used in a Brother sewing machine. 


One of the core benefits of using singer needles in Brother sewing machines is that singer needles have the universality of size which enables them to be used in almost any type of sewing machine. 

Moreover, when it comes to general, even, and straight-lined stitching, singer needles are the best to be used in a Brother sewing machine. 

What kind of needle do I need for a Brother sewing machine?

Several types of needles are actually very much compatible to be used with Brother sewing machine however, being knowledgeable about the alternatives can help you prevent further conclusions. 

Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles:

Schmetz sewing needles can very well be equipped with the Brother sewing machines.

These types of needles will provide you with the same sturdiness, stability, and also have less chance of deflection of the needles. 

Singer Sewing Machine Needles:

Singer needles can also be used in Brother sewing machines effortlessly. Singer sewing needles also come in so many sizes such as 11/80, 14/90, and 16/100.

Such availability of sizes makes the singer sewing machine needles usable for Brother sewing machine. 

Universal Sewing Machine Needles: 

Another kind of needle that you need for the Brother sewing machine is universal sewing needles which can fit with any type of setting of the Brother sewing machine.

Accordingly, this will give you precise and even stitches without any skipping of stitching here and there. 

Are Singer needles good for a brother sewing machine?

Singer needles are definitely good for a Brother sewing machine. Moreover, singer needles actually offer flexibility and universality which makes these singer needles more appropriate for Brother sewing machines. 

Additionally, singer needles’ universal point needle actually comes in very handy when it comes to doing any kind of backstitch, straight stitch, or running stitches. 

Whether working on light or heavy fabrics, singer needles can withstand the pressure and can give you even or neat-looking seams with your Brother sewing machine.

Can you use universal needles in a Brother sewing machine?

Universal needles are made to be used in various types of sewing machines due to the availability of the standard sizes of needles. 

Therefore, it is better to use universal needles in a Brother sewing machine. This type of needle is also a very frequently used one due to the neat seam looks that can be obtained by the usage of universal sewing needles. 

In addition, universal needles also seem to come in different arrays of sizes and the sizes are generally between 60/8 and 120/19.

Consequently, this feature helps a lot to make universal sewing machine needles compatible with Brother sewing machines as well. 

Furthermore, the universality of universal needles also lets this needle pierce through any material of clothing very smoothly which heightens the universality of this type of needle to be used in Brother sewing machines. 

Do all sewing machine needles fit all machines?

The good news is that all sewing machine needles are standardized which basically means that sewing machine needles have the potentiality to be fitted into almost all sewing machines. 

In addition, one reason why all sewing needles fit all sewing machines is that the length of almost all sewing needles is generalized.

Consequently, this can really help in relieving the stress of first-time sewing machine users who are trying to figure out which needles to buy for their machines.

However, there are also some minor exceptions to this as sewing machines like embroidery or sergers machines will need distinctive types of sewing machines needles to work to their full potential. 

Can I use schmetz needles with Brother machine?

While working with sewing machines, you need a sturdy and comfortable sewing machine needle to work with and that flexibility can be provided by the schmetz needles which provide the perfect stitchwork and stability. 

Accordingly, you can definitely use schmetz needles with Brother machine as these types of sewing machine needles are actually made standardized to be used in any type of sewing machine. 

To be more specific, the size 130/705 H schmetz sewing machine needles work the best and will prevent needle breakage and skipped stitches. 

In addition, you can use schmetz needles with a Brother sewing machine because you will get clean stitches and neat-looking seams with the help of schmetz needles. 

How do I know what sewing machine needle to use?

Choosing the appropriate sewing machine needle is the key to developing perfect stitches. To get this effect, you need to be knowledgeable about the appropriate and effective ways of choosing the right sewing machine needle. 

Material of the Fabric: 

It goes without saying that not all types of sewing machine needles can be used on different types of fabric. Therefore, the first parameter you need to consider while choosing needles is to look at the material of the fabric.

Additionally, when it comes to thick and heavy fabrics, you should never use a sewing machine needle that is thin rather the usage of thick sewing machine needles will result in qualityful and even stitches.

Moreover, when it comes to the thin fabric, you need to be mindful of choosing thinner sewing machine needles for the perfect and unskipped stitches. 

Additionally, when you are working with leather fabric, you need to switch your sewing machine needles from regular ones to leather needles. 

Thread Type: 

To know which sewing machine needles to use, you need to consider another important parameter and that is the type of threads in use.

Additionally, it is very much important to know which sewing machine needles to use on the basis of the usage of threads because otherwise, uneven stitches, skipped stitches, unclear-looking seams, and broken threads problems may obstruct the sewing process. 

Moreover, when your project calls for thicker or heavier threads, then you must need to use larger needles with sizes like 90, 100, and so on. 

Additionally, when the thread in use is thinner, you need to use small needles of size 60 or 70 to get professional-looking seams. 

Stitching Type or Style: 

Another criterion that determines the sewing machine needles is related to the different types of sewing styles.  

In addition, if you trying to do some metallic style threading in your projects, then you have to use metallic needles otherwise regular sewing needles can cause the shedding of metallic threads. 

Moreover, if you are trying to do decorative embroideries to your fabric, then you must need embroidery sewing needles to do the finer embroidery works. 

Furthermore, if your project requires leatherworking, then you must modify and use leather needles as your sewing needles of choice. 

Final thoughts

Nothing can beat the universality of a singer needle that comes in several different sizes like 11/80, 14/90, and 16/100, and this makes these needles work perfectly with the Brother sewing machine. Usage of singer needles in Brother sewing machine will also give you precise and even stitches.