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Can You Use Pine Sol in Steam Cleaner? (Explained)

You must hear of pine sol to clean heavy grease and soil ingredients. It has high-power chemicals and other ingredients that work nicely. Although it has some excellent cleaning chemicals and other ingredients, you cannot use it for all cleaning purposes.

It can damage some cleaners and reduce their ability. Therefore, you should know how and where to use the pine sol safely. Read my following tips and go through them to get clear thoughts on using pine sol.

Use pine sol in steam cleaner

You cannot use pine sol in a steam cleaner. It is not made for the steam cleaner since your steam cleaner will have some other specific cleaning materials to use. Pine sol is mainly for grease and soil cleaning materials. If you use it in a steam cleaner, it will damage the cleaner machine.

Pine sol is a non-toxic and hard cleaner that works against grease and other hard dirt. If you have a lawn mower, you can use the pine sol to make the best use of it.

It will help you eliminate strong grease and soil from your mower. This pine sol will also help you keep your gardening tools neat & clean.

But you cannot use the pine sol to clean other kitchen or house appliances. You must use some other cleaner with your steam cleaner. Typically, steam cleaners have particular cleaning material requirements. You can use all the cleaners with your steam cleaner.

You can use different laundry detergents to clean with your steam cleaner. You will find different versions of laundry detergents that will give you the best solutions regarding choosing the compatible detergent.

You can also choose the intense detergent to clean your home appliances with steam cleaners.

You must read the manual guidelines when you have a new steam cleaner. There, you will get some instructions, and the manufacturers might recommend a particular detergent for your steam cleaner.

You must use those cleaning materials to enjoy your steam cleaner and the warranty. If you use something prohibited in your steam cleaner, you will void the warranty.

It will create a new challenge if you use some pine sol and ruin your steam cleaner. Although pine sol is considered a non-toxic cleaning material, you cannot use it for house cleaning purposes.

It must be used for gardening cleaning, where you need to remove grease and other strong dirt from your machinery.

For these reasons, you should never use pine sol in your steam cleaner. If you still use the cleaner instead of another detergent, it will negatively impact your steam cleaner.

Significantly, the internal parts of the steam cleaner might be damaged and will not have any warranty or service requirements.

That’s why you must avoid using pine sol in your steam cleaner and use regular laundry detergent. The detergent will be compatible with your steamer and give you the best cleaning experience. You can safely enjoy cleaning home appliances, kitchen carpets, and other areas.

Is it safe to use pine sol in steam cleaner?

It is not safe to use pine sol in a steam cleaner since the pine sol is specially designed for grease and soil cleaning purposes. Every cleaner and cleaning material is designed for a particular reason.

You can’t alter them or use the regular detergent instead of the pine sol.

Here, the pine sol has a strong ingredient for cleaning soil and grease from gardening machinery.

When you have a mower and other tools and want to get rid of the soil and grease from them, pine sol is there for you. It’s a non-toxic cleaning material that will remove that strong dirt.

This cleaning material will not even damage your machinery. Instead, it will give you an excellent cleaning experience with its non-toxic ingredients.

You can use this pine sol safely if you have strong dirt on your floors. It will perfectly clean the hard floor, bathtubs, counters, and stoves. But you cannot use it in a steam cleaner.

Your steam cleaner must have a cleaning process where it can easily dissolve the detergent in water. But if you use the pine sol, you will face difficulties. As a result, it will lose its working capacity and fail to clean as expected. So, you must avoid using pine sol in your steam cleaner.

Reasons pine sol cannot be used in steam cleaner

You might have already learned that pine sol is specially made for hard floors and other hard areas where you need to clean soil and grease-type strong material. But you cannot use it in your steam cleaner because of three different reasons.

Let’s see why you cannot use the pine sol in your steam cleaner.


You must use the steam cleaner with another laundry detergent since they are highly compatible with this cleaner.

When you have the pine sol and steam cleaner, check the compatibility. Your steam cleaner doesn’t have that ability or structure to use pine sol and clean the entire hard floor and other areas.

So, compatibility is the main reason you cannot use pine sol in your steam cleaner. If you use it, it will void the warranty and might damage your steam cleaner. So, use laundry detergent and avoid using pine sol in a steam cleaner.

Unique Design:

Every cleaning material has the purpose of cleaning something special. If you consider laundry detergent, you can use them in washing your clothes and cleaning your hard floors.

But the pine sol is designed for hard floors, bathtubs, and cleaning grease and soil from the used tools.

Therefore, you cannot use the pine sol in your steamer. Your steam cleaner might have different requirements that you must follow. It has a unique design to use regular detergent and avoid the pine sol.

Manufacturer Requirements:

When you buy the steam cleaner, you will get manufacturer guidelines with requirements and some conditions.

There, they might write down all the conditions and user manuals that must be followed to enjoy their customer service. The manufacturer might recommend you use a specific detergent.

If you don’t use that and go for the pine sol, it will void the warranty.

What cleaner can you use in a steam mop?

You can use the below cleaners in a steam mop. They are:


With the exemption of several models with double capacities, steam mops are ordinarily planned to be utilized with water and nothing else.

The steam alone does an extraordinary job of cleaning the floor. Always peruse the manual on your wipe show completely for total utilize rules.


One good thing about Bona floor cleaner is that it is water-based and tenderly evacuates clean soil and grime to uncover the floor’s characteristic shine. Sweep or vacuum the floor to evacuate overabundant soil and flotsam and jetsam.

Take your Bona Cleaner as well as Microfiber Cleaning Cushion together. Begin with the Microfiber Cleaning Cushion marginally clammy. Turn the splash spout into fog setting and shower cleaner on the floor.

Eucalyptus Mint/ Linen:

You’ll include either the Eucalyptus Mint, which clears out behind a reviving eucalyptus mint scent as you clean or the linen, which clears out behind a new cloth fragrance.

Sure, steam cleaners tackle the control of water to clean floors easily.

In any case, water alone does not take off a pleasant fragrance in your home. Instead of adding a cleaning arrangement or essential oils to your steam mop/cleaner, you’ll be able securely to include either the eucalyptus mint or the linen floor solution.

How do you make a steam cleaner/mop solution?

You can make a steam cleaner/ mop solution using Vinegar, Detergent or Baking Soda.


Fill a bowl with water until it is halfway complete. You should add 3 to 4 drops of liquid dishwashing soap and 2 cups of vinegar and rubbing alcohol to the water.

Mix the remedy thoroughly. Pour this solution onto the floor, then mop it with a steam mop. Make sure your steam mop only includes distilled or demineralized water.


Detergents are utilized to expel stains from the texture. Include two tablespoons of any clothing cleanser of your choice.

Doing a pass of fair water after you’re done with the cleaning is favored. It is to create beyond any doubt that there’s no remaining cleanser on the carpet.

Baking Soda:

Baking Soda acts as a culminating cleaning specialist. It can expel intense spots and assist you in getting free of awful odor. Include 5 to 6 drops of your dishwashing cleanser. Now it’s to turn your steam mop on and clean the zone.

Final Thoughts

Since pine sol has a different purpose and structure, you cannot use pine sol in your steam cleaner. It will damage the cleaner’s internal parts and give you the worst cleaning experience. You should only use the pine sol for cleaning bathtubs, hard floors, machinery, and other equipment.