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Can You Use Moka Pot on Electric Stove? (Explained)

Coffee lovers try to taste a new or unique coffee they have never tried before. At least I always give a sip of new coffee. I remember when I first bought a Moka pot and used it to make a cup of coffee.

There is a process of making Moka coffee since you cannot use it on a coffee maker or treat it like a stove. It’s a stove pot that will help you to get an enhanced coffee within a short time. Let’s find out if you can use a Moka pot on an electric stove?

Using Moka pot on electric stove:

You can use the Moka pot on your electric stove and make a nice cup of coffee in a short time. You need to brew your coffee before putting it into the Moka pot, then put the Moka on an electric stove or oven, set the temperature at high, and get your coffee in 10 minutes.

The Moka pot is also a coffee maker based on pressurized boiled water. You will find different quality Moka pots in the market and need the premium quality Moka pot to use as the stove pot. When you place the Moka on the stove, it should have the capability to bear the heat.

If you compare the Moka pot with an espresso maker, you will find some basic differences between them. First, the espresso maker is a complete coffee maker that uses the motor to brew and produce heat accordingly. 

In contrast, the Moka pot uses stove heat to boil and blend the coffee with heated water.

Apart from that, you can use the Moka pot in the oven and on any heating machine to make your coffee, but the espresso maker is a fixed coffee maker that will follow the process. You must put water, milk, and coffee, and press the button to prepare your coffee.

If you compare their materials and structure, you will also get some fundamental differences. 

The Moka pot has an aluminum or stainless steel skin that can bear the high heat and brew the coffee through water and heat. But the espresso maker is a machine with several types and qualities.

Stainless steel Moka pot:

You can use the stainless steel Moka pot on the stove, although it will take a long time to be heated and make your cup of coffee. You should use an induction stove to heat the stainless steel Moka pot for a while. 

It’s the main reason why people don’t like to use the stainless steel Moka pot on their stove since it takes too much time to prepare the coffee. 

So, if you want a new Moka pot for your regular gas stove, you should avoid the stainless steel-made Moka pot and go for the other options. 

Aluminum Moka pot:

You can use the aluminum Moka pot on your stove, which will be heated soon. You will not face any problems like the stainless steel-made Moka pot. So, you should always focus on the Moka pot materials and get the best one for your stove.

If you have a regular gas stove, you can still use the aluminum Moka pot on it to make your favorite coffee. It will take the heat soon and boil your water to brew the coffee and give you the best coffee in five to ten minutes. 

Can you use Moka pot on any type of electric stove? 

You can use the Moka pot on any type of electric stove since it has the heat absorb and bear ability. You can still buy the quality Moka pot made from aluminum instead of stainless steel. 

Most of the electric stoves come with a temperature controlling option from where you can control the temperature and get the best heat for your Moka pot. 

Coil stove:

You can use the Moka pot on a coil stove if that can produce the heat like a regular gas stove. 

There will be no problem with using a Moka pot; instead, you can brew the coffee separately and then place it on a coil stove to get the perfect coffee in a while. So, use the proper Moka pot on your coil stove to make the cup of coffee. 

Glass top stove:

You can securely use your Moka pot on a glass top stove by controlling the heat and allowing the aluminum Moka pot. You can also use the Moka pot with brewed coffee to make the process easier. 

It will take a little bit extra time to make the perfect coffee.

Induction stove:

You cannot use the regular Moka pot on an induction stove since it will fail to heat your pot and brew coffee properly. You must use the induction-friendly Moka pot on your stove that will be perfect for that. 

So, you should avoid using a regular Moka pot on your induction stove.

What stove setting is best for Moka pot?

You can use the regular setting of your gas stove to use the Moka pot. You can only use the temperature settings and the 480 F degree of temperature to make the perfect coffee. If you have a lower temperature setting, you should increase the heat and set it accordingly.

Sometimes, the stove settings need reset to make the perfect stove for your Moka pot. The type of stove will also play a crucial role in making coffee in your Moka pot. You can use the default settings for your Moka pot if you have a regular gas stove. 

When you have an induction stove and buy the required Moka pot, you can use the regular settings of it and set your Moka pot on it. It will give you hot and fresh coffee in ten to fifteen minutes. However, you cannot use the regular Moka pot on an induction stove.

How to use a Moka pot on an electric stove?

Following simple tips, you can use a Moka pot on an electric stove. These tips will help you to make a delicious cup of coffee in a short time.  

Grind Coffee:

If you want to use your Moka pot on an electric stove, you must grind your coffee properly before putting it into the Moka pot. The grind should be fine, and it should blend properly.

Pour water into Moka pot & coffee:

After grinding the coffee properly, you should add some water into the Moka pot at the bottom. Your Moka pot will have two separate parts. So, take the pot, pour some water, and then add the coffee. 

After that, you pour some water and cover the entire Moka pot. 

Prepare Stove & Moka pot:

Once you add the water and grinded coffee into your Moka pot, you need to close it and screw with the other part. You must keep it tight so that water and coffee won’t have any way to come out of your Moka pot.

Now, you should prepare your stove and preheat it accordingly. Or you can set the Moka pot on the stove and set the heat at 480 F. It will boil the water slowly and brew the coffee with heated water. 

Remove Moka pot & Serve Coffee:

After 10 to 15 minutes, you will get your coffee; if your Moka pot has too much water, you should heat it for another five minutes and try to get the perfect texture of your coffee. 

Your Moka pot might have a sign if it prepares the coffee.

It’s time to remove the Moka pot from your gas or electric stove and unscrew the opener. You will love the coffee smell and enjoy the cooking process.   

What stove is mostly recommended for using Moka pot?

The gas stove is most recommended for using a Moka pot. The right burner, or a burner that allows you to control the heat easily, is the first step in making great Moka pot coffee.

Gas stoves are frequently suggested for Moka pot coffee since the open flame dramatically enhances your ability to adjust the heat. If you want to beat the Moka pot at a high temperature or a specific temperature, a gas stove will always be the best choice. 

Besides, gas stoves offer you greater control, thus making the whole brewing process much more manageable. Induction Stoves, however, make it more challenging to adjust the temperature. 

It also doesn’t let you precisely schedule to make sure there is no flame on the Moka to guess what amount of heat the stove has produced. As a result, it might become overly heated, making the coffee taste like something burnt.

Final thoughts

Since Moka pot has a strong and quality build, you can use Moka pot on your gas and electric stove. If you spend 20-25 minutes with a stove and a moka pot, the coffee will be amazing. Using the aluminum Moka pot will take less time since it will be heated soon and can boil water fast.