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Can You Use Cloth or Fabric Steamer to Remove Wallpaper?

Wallpapers are usually put up with a long term though in mind. But sometimes it gets necessary to change it. But changing wallpapers can be a difficult job. You have to know and use the perfect process so your walls don’t damage.

Can you use cloth or fabric steamer to remove wallpaper?

Using steam is a good way to remove wallpapers. You can use clothes or fabric steamer to get the job done. It is an easy way to remove the entire wallpaper, including the extra sticky parts. There are commercial steamers which work in the same way. But you can work with a clothes steamer as well.

Removing wallpapers can be a huge hassle. And it can be a difficult job as well. Which is why home owners are constantly looking for easy ways to remove wallpapers. One easy way is to use clothes steamer. This is a hack that homeowners use very regularly because of how easy it is.

Though there are commercial steamers to take off the wallpapers, some people still opt for clothes or fabric steamers.

Because they are easy to use and definitely more convenient. Not to mention cheaper than the commercial steamers. Heavy wallpapers can be dealt with the fabric steamers too.

Remove vinyl wallpaper:

Vinyl wallpapers are thicker than the regular ones. Which is why removing these types of wallpapers can be a difficult feat, not to mention damaging to the walls.

But with clothes steamer the wall papers can be very easily taken off. By placing the steamer on the wallpaper you can loosen and melt the glue. And afterwards you can easily take down the wallpaper.

Remove painted wallpaper:

It may seem unbelievable but fabric steamers can help remove the painted wallpapers as well.

A clothes steamer will help loosen up the wallpaper and dissolve the glue. After the steaming process is done you can easily peel off the wallpaper from the wall with little to no damage. 

Usually for painted wallpapers scraping is the conventional method but using a steamer can do wonders. Scraping can cause a lot of damage to the walls. Using s fabric steamer on the wallpaper will take the wallpaper out with small inconveniences.

Remove woodchip wallpaper:

The best way to remove woodchip wallpapers is in fact using steam.

Clothes steamer can loosen up the glue that sticks to the wall and the wallpaper. The slowly dissolved glue comes off easily from the wall. This makes the entire process easier and quicker.

Remove wallpaper from drywall:

Drywalls have the most troublesome wallpaper removal process. It takes a lot of time to get the wallpaper off the drywalls. However, with clothes steamer it gets a lot easier.

Using water and clothes steamer for a few minutes can help loosen up the glue from the drywalls.

Fabric steamers come in very handy when it comes to removing wallpapers. This a new and easy way to remove wallpapers and is widely used now a days. Clothes steamers work on all types of wallpapers you have on your wall.

Why not use a fabric steamer to remove wallpaper?

Using a fabric steamer to remove wallpaper has become a very common practice in modern times.

There is very little risk of damaging the walls and the process is rather easy for the homeowners to follow. Other than convenience the common reasons why this method has gained popularity are-

Less messy:

Compared to the conventional removing process of removing wallpapers, using fabric steamer is much less messy. All you have to do is wait a bit while the steamer does its’ job and you can easily peel of the wallpaper.


Using a commercial steamer to remove wallpapers can be very expensive. It is best to use a clothes steamer as it is cheaper and does the same work. Best to use a product to get two jobs done.

Safety first:

Commercial steamers are more safe than the commercial steamers. A fabric steamer will not harm the environment of your house and will work only on the wallpaper, which is much safer.

It is best to use a fabric steamer to remove the wallpapers from the wall. This is definitely a more easier and cheaper way to get the task off your hands.

Fabric steamer vs wallpaper steamer: what’s the difference?

Fabric steamers does the same job as a wallpaper steamer. But there are some obvious differences between the two.

Fabric steamers are usually smaller in size and more convenient to carry around. And wallpaper steamers are used commercially used so naturally they are larger than the average clothes steamers.

Wallpaper steamers weigh more and have more options than the fabric steamers. It definitely more difficult to operate a wallpaper steamer than a fabric steamer.

Fabric steamers come with easy instructions because it is made for regular and general use. Not to mention the pricing. Fabric steamers can be cheaper than the wallpaper steamers.

How to remove wallpaper with a cloth or fabric steamer?

Using a clothe steamer to remove wallpaper is a very easy and convenient activity. Given the fact that removing wallpapers is very much difficult and time consuming. Though the time does not vary so much but the work get much easy with clothes steamers-

Adjust level:

Put your steamer at a moderate level after turning it on.

Spray hot water:

Spray the wallpaper with either hot water or normal water to make the process easier.

Place the steamer:

Place the steamer on the wallpaper. Make sure to decide and plan ahead about which wallpaper to take down first. This will save a lot of energy and electricity.

Keep in place:

Keep the steamer on the upper part or the lower part of the wallpaper for around 1 or 2 minutes. Let the glue loosen properly.

Run from top to bottom:

Run the steamer from either top to bottom or bottom to top to make the glue soft overall.

Carefully pull the paper:

Carefully keep pulling the wallpaper as you go from top to bottom while keeping the steamer on the wallpaper.

This process requires a little bit of time to master. But after finishing one or two parts of the wallpaper you will get the hang of it.

How long will it take to remove wallpaper with fabric steamer?

Fabric steamers are a great and easy way to get wallpapers off of your walls. This entire process takes about 5 to 6 minutes. You will have to keep the fabric steamer on your wallpaper for around 1 to 2 minutes.

This is when the glue will soften and dissolve. Afterwards it depends on how long you take to get the wallpaper off.

Best ways to remove old wallpaper without a steamer?

Using a steamer is the easiest way to remove wallpapers. But it maybe very difficult to get a hold of a steamer. Sometimes you may not know how to operate a steamer.

And sometimes the commercial steamers will be very costly. It is best to have a contingency plan set and learn ways to remove wallpapers other than using steamers-

Scrape it off:

Spray water on the wallpaper. Find an opening or make a slit at any corner of the wallpaper. Insert any small knife or putty knife in there. Very carefully keep pushing the knife inside and with the other hand keep removing the wallpaper.

Peel able wallpapers:

Some wallpapers are peel able which means the top coat of the wallpaper will come off easily without leaving any part stuck to the walls. These wallpapers are easily removed as you only have to, literally, peel away the first layer of the wallpaper.

Wash it away:

If your wallpaper is washable you should soak it in a lot of water for more than ten minutes. Afterwards you can either scrape it off or rub it away. Scrapping these wallpapers with any thin knife is much safer for your walls and much easier for you.

Make sure to clean the walls after you are done removing the wallpaper. Apart from using the steamer these are a few ways you can remove the wallpapers. In case of emergencies you can opt for any of these options. They work just like using steamers.

Where do I rent a steamer to remove wallpaper?

Wallpaper steamers are usually rented from the steamer rentals. There are some stores that work specifically for the wallpaper steamers.

You can also get these services at some designated home interior stores. There are many online sites that offer the services. But you will find these services anywhere in your local interior stores. 

Final thoughts

Taking off the wallpaper can be a difficult job. But it is easier if you know how to do so. Try to use a fabric steamer to take the wallpapers down. This is one of the easiest ways to take down the wallpaper from your wall with doing minimum damage. All you have to do is know the process.