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Can You Use Dutch Oven on Electric Stove & Gas Stove?

The Dutch oven has become a famous food pot used chiefly for its durability and strong build; it can bear any heat and protect your food from external bacteria and other things. Some people also use this oven for cooking and preparing recipes on the stove.

You will find other uses for the dutch oven if you read the guidelines and use the process of the dutch oven. It will give you the best cooking pot with a thick wall and lid.

Using dutch oven on electric stove & gas stove

You can use the dutch oven on the electric stove & gas stove safely. If you have any concerns about using this dutch oven on the stove, you must check the build materials of your oven and be sure if it can bear the heat and cook the food. Typically, the dutch oven comes with heat-bearing ability.

Although the dutch oven is a cooking pot, you can use it like a frypan and cook any recipe. But, it will not give you the flexibility to use this pot like a frypan since it will take time to heat. You must preheat your dutch oven and start cooking, or close the pot and place it on high heat.

Processing the food and making the best recipe will take extra time. You can check the dutch oven build material, structure, and other parts to ensure its uses. There are hundreds of usages of your dutch oven since it is made for those purposes, and you will love that use too.

If you have any concerns regarding the dutch oven, you should go through some best dutch oven review articles. You will get detailed ideas about using a dutch oven on different stoves.

Any stove will be perfect for using a dutch oven, and you can cook safely. It comes with a closer that will cover the pot and keep the temperature inside. It will react and absorb the heat if you heat the cooking pot. Therefore, you will get early cooking time from using this dutch oven.

In comparison, the other stove will not allow your dutch oven to get high heat instantly and keep that heat. A regular stove will take time to be heated and to heat your dutch oven.

Dutch oven on electric stove: 

You might know that the dutch oven is mainly a cooking pot where you can easily prepare or cook any item. You can also use this pot to store food for a long time. However, the electric stove has all the functionality to work with a dutch oven.

When you buy a good quality Dutch oven, it will take a few minutes to be heated on an electric stove since you can use the highest temperature for your dutch oven. Or you can set the perfect temperature for it. 

Considering these factors, you can securely use the dutch oven on an electric stove.

Dutch oven on gas stove: 

Most people use a gas stove instead of an electric stove since it is easy to operate and perfect for a large family. 

I also use a gas stove in my kitchen and operate it accordingly since it saves my electric bill and seems more convenient than an electric stove. 

You can use the dutch oven on the gas stove since it will have a convenient setting. Whenever you get a chance to use a high-quality dutch oven, you should not miss that chance to cook with the dutch oven on a gas stove.

Is it safe?

A Dutch oven is safe for use. One of the reasons the dutch oven is safe is that it starts to absorb heat very slowly. By using it, you can quickly cook or fry meat. In addition, it can also offer you to prepare bread which is your favorite breakfast.  

Based on the iron standard and how you use it, it can survive a huge amount of temperature easily, which is another reason it is safe. Although the Dutch oven is heatproof, its lid might have a maximum limit of around 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things to consider while putting a dutch oven on a gas or electric stove top

You should consider the below facts while putting a dutch oven on a gas or electric stovetop. Let’s get through each stove separately and know what you should consider.

Gas stove

You should consider three factors while putting a dutch oven on a gas stove. They are:

Clean The Oven:

When you put your dutch oven on a gas stove, you first need to clean and wash the oven. If it contains any bacteria or anything wrong, it will be dangerous and damage your cooked food. 

So, wash the cast iron wall and the entire dutch oven with a cleaner and remove the dirt and bacteria.

Slowly Increase Heat:

You can’t use high heat to cook with a dutch oven since it can damage the cast iron and ruin the internal structure and food quality. So, it’s better to increase the heat slowly and not switch it too often. 

When you put the dutch oven, you should set a fixed temperature and cook.

Set it Properly:

When you put the dutch oven on a gas stove, you should set it correctly. Your oven must get even temperature and heat from every side; otherwise, you will not get the expected cooking experience. 

It will also take extra time to boil and cook the inside food if you fail to set it perfectly.

Electric stove

Now comes the electric stove that is also suitable for a dutch oven. An electric stove is more suitable for a dutch oven than a gas stove. You can put the oven and set the temperature at a time. Let’s see what factors you must consider while putting it on the stove.

Never Preheat Stove:

Electric stove has the option to increase or preheat the stove before you put something on it. You can apply this theory with another recipe and fry pan, but your dutch oven will not take it easy. 

Instead, the sudden heat will damage the dutch oven quality and make it fail to cook properly.

Maintain Temperature:

Putting the dutch oven on an electric stove will take time, and you should set the temperature to more than 450°F. You must maintain the normal temperature range while cooking with a dutch oven.

Wash Oven:

Every time you use the dutch oven for cooking, you must deep wash it. Otherwise, the dirt and other food smell will remain on the dutch oven skin.

How to use the dutch oven on the stovetop?

Use the dutch oven on the stovetop by the following tips.


By adding hot coals underneath the Dutch oven’s contents and on top of the cover, you can use it to make bread and other delicacies. Put more coals on top of the lid than on the bottom of the Dutch oven while baking. 

As a result, the food on the bottom won’t burn.

Consider the size of your Dutch oven. Add three to the diameter to determine how many charcoal briquette coals to place on top.


Place all the hot coals beneath your Dutch oven because you’re aiming to heat liquids like water or stew. By doing this, the heat will be immediately concentrated near the pot’s bottom. 

If you plan to fry food in the Dutch oven, you should also set all the coals underneath it.

The lid can be used when bringing food or water to a boil, but you shouldn’t pile coals on top of it. The lid of a Dutch oven with boiling liquid may become dangerous and challenging to remove if it has hot coals.


The lid can be placed directly on hot coals and turned upside down to fry breakfast rapidly. Ensure the meal is well cooked and not burning by keeping an eye on it. 

Most Dutch oven lids have a center dip and are relatively shallow so that they can handle flowing ingredients.


Make a 3-foot-deep pit, then fill it with rocks. You may lower your Dutch oven into the pit and begin cooking the meal once the stones have warmed up from the heat of the wood fire. 

Coals should be placed on the Dutch oven’s lid, and the hole should be filled with earth. It will keep the heat in. The Dutch oven must be left to cook, typically overnight.

Final Thoughts

You can use the dutch oven on an electric stove & gas stove since it has a cast iron build body that can be set on any stove and can be used for cooking any recipe. If you have a coil stove, you can also use it there. But you should maintain some tips while putting it on a gas or electric stove.