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Can You Use a Cast Iron Griddle Pan on an Electric Stove?

The griddle pan becomes a necessary kitchen component that you can use to make a pancake, eggs, and other foods. You can also create different fast food items, including burgers and sandwiches. It will help you to substitute your oven.

I suggest buying a cast iron pan if you plan to get a griddle pan. It will become your best purchase since it is durable and can sit on any stove. It will have a flexible & easy clean option. 

Using a cast iron griddle pan on an electric stove

You can use a cast iron griddle pan on an electric stove. It will come with a thick wall and will be for every stove. The thin layer of oil can cook everything on an electric stove. Besides, you can use this griddle pan on any gas stove and heat it to fry and cook anything following the tips.

Cast iron is an excellent material for making any metal-made kitchen tools and other home appliances. When you choose the griddle pan, you can choose the cast iron pan. It will be suitable and durable and bear high temperatures and heat. 

You will also love to use the griddle pan on any stove.

When you have an electric stove, you might think of getting a perfect griddle pan for that. You should consider your budget and the size of the griddle pan. You cannot use the large griddle pan on a standard stove because you have to fit that pan on your stove.

There is a process of using or putting the griddle pan on any electric stove. You cannot put it on and increase the heat to cook. You must follow some easy and practical tips to cook your food using this pan properly. 

When you correctly set the griddle pan, it will be ready to cook everything.

You will find two different types of griddle pan made of cast iron. These two are the best pan that money can buy for you. However, the difficulties would be selecting the best one according to your electric stove needs. I will explain these two griddle pans below to clear your thoughts.

Flat top griddle pan:

When you want to make steak or anything fried, you will love to use your flat top griddle pan. It will give you the best flexible space to cook anything in any size. 

It is flat and can be used for both beef & chicken and will make them juicier than other fry pans.

For the flat size and design, you can use a flat top griddle pan on your electric stove to cook everything. It will take a small amount of oil and fry the chicken & beef accordingly without ruining them. So, use your flat top griddle pan on anything.

Lodge griddle pan:

It’s a regular griddle that people mostly buy from amazon online shops. They love to use it as a perfect grill and griddle. You will find different brands if you search for the best lodge griddle pan. 

Most will be for regular use except for some pro lodge griddle pan.

Although the size, materials, and price differs, you can still use the lodge griddle pan on your electric stove. It will be a perfect combination you can set in your kitchen and get the best out of it. So, use the griddle safely on your stove.

How does cast iron griddle work on an electric stove?

The cast iron griddle pan usually works on the electric stove. When you put the griddle pan on the stove, it will first set to the heat and will start absorbing slowly. You cannot expect to use the cast iron griddle on the stove and heat it within a minute. 

It will take time and will be heated accordingly.

Preheating the cast iron griddle pan will take the heat for a couple of minutes since you can lower the temperature and still cook or heat the food for a long time. If you stop heating your griddle, it will still release heat and cook the food for a long time,

That’s the primary mechanism of a cast iron griddle pan. It might be different depending on the griddle size & materials. But the best part of using this pan is to preheat them and then use it like an oven. Remember these tips and use your griddle accordingly.

How to heat a cast iron griddle on an electric stove?

You can heat your cast iron griddle in two different ways. One is to preheat the griddle; another is to increase the heat gradually. If you have any concerns, you should preheat the griddle and use it like an oven. 

But to get the authentic cooking experience, you must heat it slowly.

It means the second way of heating the griddle will be perfect. You should set the griddle on your electric stove, then increase the heat gradually; it will be the best way to heat your iron cast griddle. If you want to cook for a long time, you must preheat the griddle. 

Another way could be to heat your griddle for a long time without adding any food item. Once you get the desired temperature, you can use it like an oven and cook small amounts of food that require minimum heat. It will give you the best experience of heating your cast iron griddle. 

How to use a cast iron griddle pan on an electric stove?

You can use the cast iron griddle pan on an electric stove by the following steps. Let’s follow them.


Coat the surface of the cast iron griddle pan with a thin coat of cooking oil. Utilize paper towels or a cake brush to apply the oil to the surface. 


Set the cast iron griddle pan on the electric stove. Set it equitably over the back and front stove burners if your griddle could be a twofold burner show. Turn the stove burner on to medium. 

If you’re employing a two-burner, demonstrate, and one burner is littler than the other, turn the litter burner to medium tall warm.

Warm Up:

Permit the cast iron griddle pan to warm up. This may take around 2 to 4 minutes. Wet your fingers, and the warmed cast iron griddle pan. If the water sizzles, the griddle is prepared to utilize. 

Moreover, you can preheat the griddle in a 350-degree Fahrenheit broiler for 10 minutes after recently putting it on the stove burner. This will guarantee that the griddle is warmed equitably.


Permit the griddle to cool for some time. Wipe any remaining oil from the griddle pan with paper towels to make cleanup easier. 


If your griddle starts adhering, it is time to pre-season the cast iron griddle pan. Coat the cast iron griddle pan on both sides with an overwhelming layer of cooking oil or grease. 

Preheat the broiler to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and put the cast iron griddle pan on the center rack. 

To maintain a strategic distance from trickles from the cast iron griddle pan from dirtying the stove, put a cookie sheet on the rack underneath the griddle. 

Cook the cast iron griddle pan for 1 hour, turn the stove off, and let the cast iron griddle pan cool within the broiler until excellent enough to touch.

What are the best cast iron griddle for the electric stove?

I found two best-cast iron griddles for the electric stove that you can regularly use to cook different dishes.

Uno Casa:

This reversible cast iron griddle is an all-in-one griddle. You’ll be able to utilize the level side for pancakes, flip it, and have an overwhelming obligation to barbecue for your steak. It’s super flexible and saves tons of space. 

It comes as of now pre-seasoned, so you don’t ought to stress approximately nourishment staying in your griddle. 

Fair make beyond any doubt to correct the flavoring when required. This cast iron griddle can withstand high temperatures. It culminates in gas, stove, and open campfires.

Back Country:

This cast iron griddle comes pre-seasoned and ensures a non-stick surface that, as it were, requires a light coating of oil for best comes about while cooking. 

Typically, it makes the cooking preparation indeed more advantageous, and perusing a few of the client audits of the other griddle containers highlighted in this list, numerous of those require slightly more oil for best comes about. 

Final Thoughts 

You can use the cast iron griddle pan on your electric stove since you will love to control the heat and use the griddle like your oven. It will give you the best experience of cooking different fast foods and other foods in a perfect environment. So, use the griddle on your stove.