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Can You Use Any Cleaner in Tineco? (Read This First!)

Tineco cleaner is a famous floor cleaning mob with special cleaning formula. Generally, while buying the Tineco mob, you get a warranty and a special cleaning agent.

You are recommended to use the special cleaning agent in the Tineco only. But this cleaning agent might not be available all the time or can be expensive.

So, you might be confused about whether you can use any cleaner in Tineco or not. If you can use any cleaner, you must know the application process. 

Moreover, learning about the safety of other cleaners in Tineco is essential. So, let’s see details about the cleaning mob.

Cleaner requirements in Tineco

Generally, the Tineco cleaning mob requires the recommended and specific cleaning formula. If you want to put any cleaner in the Tineco mob, you can put it. But you must ensure that the cleaner is safe for Tineco and the surface. Cleaner containing harsh chemical is prohibited.

However, you might know that different types of cleaners and floor cleaners are available commercially. Each cleaner might have different properties. So, let’s see whether these cleaners are suitable to use in Tineco or not.


Bona is an excellent floor cleaner. You might be familiar with cleaning with Bona. But when it comes to the Tineco cleaning mob, you might have confusion. But you can use this cleaner in the Tineco. Bona is comparatively a safe cleaner for using in the Tineco.


Pine-sol is another cleaning formula. Generally, pine-sol is pretty well known for its quality of surface cleaning. 

So, you can also use pine-sol in the Tineco. Pine-sol doesn’t affect the Tineco cleaning mob adversely. So, you can put this cleaning solution in Tineco.


You can also use Fabuloso in Tineco. Generally, Fabuloso is an effective cleaning agent that doesn’t affect the Tineco mob. Moreover, this cleaning solution is safe to use on most floor surfaces. That’s why this cleaning agent is pretty safe.


You can use vinegar in Tineco sometimes. Generally, vinegar is famous for its cleaning property. You might have used vinegar for different cleaning purposes. But using apple cider vinegar or white vinegar in Tineco is not recommended.

Because vinegar is known as a descaling agent. If you use vinegar in your Tineco mob continuously, it might degrade the Tineco gradually. So, you should not use vinegar in your Tineco regularly.


Using bleach in your Tineco is not recommended. Bleach is a pretty strong cleaning agent. So, if you use this cleaning formula in your Tineco, it will damage the machine gradually.


You can use Mr. Clean cleaning formula in your Tineco. But using any third-party cleaning formula in Tineco is not recommended.

Because many floor cleaning contains chemicals that can damage the cleaning mob. So, you can only use this cleaning agent sometimes in your Tineco.

Murphy oil soap:

Murphy oil soap is suitable to use in Tineco. Generally, this oil soap is not harsh and damages the cleaning mob. So, you can use this cleaning oil soap in your Tineco.

Regular floor cleaner:

Regular floor cleaner is also suitable to use in Tineco. But when you use a regular floor cleaner, notice the ingredients of the cleaner. If the cleaner has strong chemicals, you should not use it in Tineco.


Lysol is a well-known and effective floor cleaner. You can also put Lysol in Tineco. This cleaning agent will not damage the Tineco mob.


Thieves is a safe cleaning formula. This formula is safe for Tineco also. So, you can use Thieves in the Tineco cleaning mob is suitable to use.

Bissell cleaner:

You can also use Bissell cleaner in the Tineco. Generally, Bissell cleaner is supposed to use in the Bissell Spinwave. But this formula is also safe for Tineco.

Is it safe to use any cleaner in Tineco?

Putting any third-party cleaner in Tineco is not recommended. Because this type of cleaning mob is supposed to use special cleaning formula. When you use any cleaner with harsh chemicals, the cleaner might damage your Tineco.

But you can use some cleaner in Tineco. For example, gentle floor cleaners are safe to use in Tineco. Moreover, Tineco is strong enough to bear other cleaners. Sometimes, other cleaners are more effective than Tineco’s special cleaning formula.

Sometimes, the special cleaning agent is expensive and unavailable. So, you can put other cleaners in the Tineco. 

Before using any cleaner, you must notify the ingredients. If the cleaner doesn’t contain any strong chemicals, the cleaner is completely safe to use in Tineco.

What happens when you use any cleaner in Tineco?

What happens when you use any cleaner in Tineco depends on the type of cleaner. Some cleaners are safe to use in Tineco. But all cleaners are not suitable for this cleaning mob. So, let’s see what happens when you use any random cleaner in Tineco.

Formation of bubbles:

Generally, floor cleaners have detergent-type materials. So, when you use any cleaner in the Tineco mob, the cleaner might create excessive bubbles. 

This will fill up the dirty water tank frequently. So, this problem might cause cleaning to be uncomfortable and difficult.

Moreover, excessive bubbles might block the system, and the spraying system is also affected. This will lead to making the machine unusable.

Damage to the machine:

If you use random cleaners in Tineco, this can damage the machine gradually. Because some cleaners contain strong chemicals. This will lead to damage to both machine and the surface.

Generally, it is recommended to use the special cleaning formula in Tineco. The cleaning formula is specially made for the Tineco mob.

So, other cleaners might damage the Tineco cleaner over time. If you continuously use other cleaners and add different cleaners together, the damage rate becomes higher.

Problem with warranty:

Generally, after buying the Tineco, you will get a warranty for the machine. If you use other cleaners in the Tineco and the machine gets any problem, the warranty is no longer valuable.

The company will solve the problem if you use special cleaning formula and the machine gets a problem. But the company will not provide a solution if you don’t use a special cleaning agent.

What cleaner to use in Tineco?

Now that you know you can’t use random cleaners in the Tineco cleaning mob, you might want to know alternatives. So, let’s see what cleaner you can use in Tineco.


Pine-sol is pretty safe for Tineco. If you use pine sol in the Tineco, the cleaning agent will not affect the system of Tineco. 

Moreover, pine sol is safe to use on the floor. Pine-sol is a mild floor cleaner that contains no harmful chemicals. So, the machine will also not be damaged.


Thieves are also a pretty suitable and mild cleaning agent. This cleaning formula will not affect the machine adversely. So, you can use thieves in your Tineco.

Murphy oil soap:

Murphy oil soap is also safe to use in Tineco. This oil soap is considered mild to use in cleaning mobs. Moreover, the oil soap will not affect the floor also. That’s why you can use murphy oil soap in the Tineco machine.

Other floor cleaners:

Other floor cleaners with mild cleaning agents are also safe in Tineco. Generally, floor cleaners are not supposed to damage the Tineco machine. Especially if the cleaner doesn’t contain strong cleaning chemicals, this can be safe to use in Tineco.

How to clean Tineco?

A dirty cleaning mob can make the cleaning process difficult. So, you need to keep the Tineco cleaning mob clean always. Let’s see how you can clean Tineco.

Unlock the brush roller:

You must use a coin or other tool to unlock the brush roller lock. You can turn the lock counterclockwise to unlock the brush roller. Remove the lock plate from the brush roller.

Then remove the brush from the brush holder. Then remove the hair and debris wrapped around the roller.


Clean the connector and the brush roller chamber. Check and clear the tube of excess debris. After cleaning, place the brush back into the roller.

Place the lock plate back into the brush roller. Then relock by turning the lock clockwise. Make sure not to clean the power brush with water.

Cleaning the blocked air channel:

Press the release button on the side of the dust bin to empty its contents. Twist the mesh filter anti-clockwise and remove the filters.

Clean the mesh filter and dustbin. Take out the dirty pre-filter from the mesh filter holder. After all the cleaning process, reassemble all parts.

Final Thoughts

Generally, using any cleaner in your Tineco is not recommended. Some cleaners have such ingredients that can damage the Tineco. Moreover, some cleaners can create excessive bubbles and block the system. But some floor cleaners are suitable and safe to use in Tineco.