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Can You Use Any Cleaner in Bissell Crosswave? (Answered)

The Bissell crosswave is an excellent cleaning material that vacuums and washes the floor simultaneously. When you look for a cleaner to clean the floor and washes it, you should consider buying a Bissell crosswave. It is also a multi-functional cleaner.

Moreover, the Bissell crossbow is compatible with most of the cleaners. You can use different detergents and soap to deep clean the floors.

It has options to use the vacuum cleaner or the water mixed detergent washing option. You can use both options or alter them.

Can you use any cleaner in a Bissell crosswave?

You can use any cleaner in a Bissell crosswave. You can use bleach, detergent, vinegar, and other cleaners in your Bissell crosswave. They will be fine, and the Bissell motor will mix them properly and give you an excellent cleaning. Additionally, you can use the vacuum cleaning option.

As you can use any cleaner in the bissell crosswave, you still need to be careful. This way, you can ensure the safety of it and your floors.


You can use fabuloso in a Bissell crosswave. It’s an excellent cleaner that will help you clean the kitchen, and both are fine. Besides, you can deep clean the floor with the fabuloso cleaner.

Fabuloso cleaner will create a fantastic smell that will freshen the room and entire environment. This cleaner is mild; therefore, it will help you safely clean the kitchen, bathroom, and floors. You can also boil it to freshen the kitchen environment.


Bona hardwood floor cleaner is a fantastic cleaner that you can use in a Bissell crosswave. It will deep clean the floor and clean all the dust, grime, stain, and all other things from the floor.

The bona cleaner is safe for the Bissell crosswave. There is nothing to worry about the Bissell crosswave health. It will be fine and will help the hardwood floor clean properly.


Vinegar is the best cleaning material for the Bissell crosswave. You can mix the vinegar with warm water, let your Bissell crosswave make the perfect mixture, and deep clean the floor and other surfaces quickly.

Since vinegar is an excellent cleaner, you can safely use it in your Bissell crosswave. After vacuuming the floor, you can wash the floor using vinegar water.


When you look for the best deep cleaning cleaner, you must hear the name of bleach. It’s a strong cleaner that can remove all the dirt, dust, stain, and germs from the hard floor.

You can use bleach in a Bissell cleaner. It will be fine for the cleaner and allow the machine to be deep clean the floor within a while.


Mr.clean is a famous cleaner for its diverse uses. You can either make a mixture or add it to your Bissell crosswave. You can follow the MR. Cleaner using a guide and add it accordingly.

If you want to clean the floor or other surface safely, you can consider buying Mr. Clean and putting it in the Bissell cleaner.

Murphy Oil soap:

You can use the murphy oil soap in your Bissell crosswave. It will be helpful in many ways. One of the main reasons is the deep clean.

Whenever you feel the need to deep clean the floor or surface and live in America, you will find the Murphy Oil soap a blessing. You can add your cleaner tank and mix it with the warm water.

Regular floor cleaner:

You can surely use the regular floor cleaner in your Bissell crosswave. It will be fine to clean the strong stain and dirt. But it will be better if you use bleach or other detergents in your Bissell crosswave.


You can use the Lysol in your Bissell crosswave. It will be better to make a mixture of Lysol and warm water and apply it on the kitchen floor.

Apart from that, it will help you clean pretty much all hard surfaces. In fact, Lysol is an American cleaning product, so you can surely use it.


You can use the thieves cleaner in your Bissell crosswave. It will not damage the tank or the machine in any way. However, the thieves will help you remove the strong stain and dirt from the floor and hard surfaces.


This is a good cleaner for the house floors. However, it is not safe for the Bissell crosswave pet pro. If you want to clean the hard surface and don’t have any pets, you can use the pine-sol in the Bissell crosswave.

Is it safe to use any cleaner in Bissell cross wave pet pro?

Using any cleaner in Bissell cross wave pet pro is not safe. It will be harmful to pets and other animals. You will get a user manual when you buy the Bissell crosswave pet pro. There the recommended solutions and cleaner will be written.

You need to buy those solutions and use them accordingly. If you use any cleaner, or not the recommended one, it will not be safe for the pet pro cleaner. It will create issues for the pets.

Besides, the pet pro cleaner is specially designed for hard surface cleaning. Therefore, it needs the suggested cleaning solutions that are safe for the cleaning machine and the pet as well.

What happens when you use any cleaner in Bissel crosswave?

Since Bissell crosswave is an expensive cleaning machine, you should not use any cleaner in the tank. But if you use any cleaner, you will find issues.

Warranty Issues:

Every Bissell crosswave has a warranty. If you buy the new Bissell crosswave, you will get a brand new warranty time. You cannot use another cleaner other than the suggested one within this time.

Tank Quality:

If you use any cleaner in Bissell cross wave, it will hamper the tank quality. After a few days, you might see the damaged tank there. Also, the tank quality will be damaged, and you cannot claim any warranty for that.

Damage Machine:

Unsafe cleaner will damage the cleaner machine internally. The Bissell crosswave might be damaged for the unsafe cleaner. So, it will be better to use the recommended cleaner in the Bissell crosswave.

Improper Cleaning:

Sometimes, the Bissell crosswave cannot correctly mix the other cleaner with the water. Therefore, you will not get the proper cleaning through the mixture.

What solutions can you use in Bissell cross wave?

Some solutions are there to use in the Bissell crosswave. They are:

Vinegar Solution:

The first solution should be vinegar. You can securely use the vinegar solution in the Bissell cross wave. It will mix with hot and cold water and be a nice mixture. And, it will help you to clean the surface smoothly.

Baking Soda Solutions:

You can also use the baking soda solution in the Bissell crosswave. It will also be a great way to clean the hard surfaces. Moreover, you can make the baking soda solution by using water into it.

Bottle Solutions:

If you search for particular solutions on the market, you will find different bottle solutions in this regard.

Particularly for the Bissell crosswave, you will also find excellent ready-made solutions. And, you can use them in your cleaner safely.

Oil Solutions:

Some oil solutions can be used in the Bissell crosswave. You can safely use it for deep cleaning purposes.

On the other hand, the oil solution cleaning methods will be useful in many ways. The most important factor is safe cleaning.

How to self-clean a Bissell crosswave?

To self-clean a Bissell crosswave, you can follow some easy steps. They will be helpful to self-clean the Bissell crosswave.

Pour the detergent:

You need to pour the detergent into the tank and add some water. It will be better to mix the warm water with the detergent.

Start the machine:

You need to turn the Bissell crosswave on and run the engine for about 40 seconds.

By this time, your machine will mix the water and detergent properly. It will also clean the tank properly and remove all the dirt and stains from the tank.

Run the Washer:

If you follow the previous step, you might clean the tank already, but you need to clean the washer part as well.

Pour the freshwater and run it:

After cleaning the washer and tank with the detergent mixed water, you should pour the clean water. Then, run the machine properly; it will clean the tank and washer and remove all the detergent perfectly.

These are the best steps and solutions to self-clean the Bissell crosswave. These steps will make the tank and washer clean. Moreover, the freshwater will retain the shiny look and durable the cleaner.

Final Thoughts

Using any cleaner in the Bissell crosswave is safe. You should be careful to use the recommended cleaner to claim the warranty. But, if you don’t have any warranty issues, you can use any cleaner in the Bissell crosswave. It will be fine, and you can deep clean with your favorite cleaner.