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Can You Replace the Glass Top on a GE Stove? (Explained)

General Electronics have glass tops on their stoves. They are famous for their quality and glass design stove. Easy to set up, durability, and maintenance are some of the best parts of using the stove. Some more causes are also there that you can add to the list.

You might think about their glass top. Mainly, the glass top is an attraction for most users. It enhances the overall beauty and the performance of the GE stove. And replacing it might not be that difficult.

Can You Replace The Glass Top On A GE Stove?

You can replace the glass top on a GE Stove. In most cases, GE stove comes with a limited-year warranty. If you face any issues and want to replace the existing one, you can call their customer care and replace the glass top shortly. It can be done through experienced local stove mechanics.

Replacing the glass top will require some experience. It will be the best thing to ask the seller to help you regarding the replacement. What if you don’t have any warranty? If so, you can do it by yourself or hire a local stove mechanic from a hardware shop.

Hearing, of course, will cost you some bucks. If you are a DIY worker, you can do it by following some quick steps. You need to follow the given instructions one after another and save your investment.

Mainly, the GE glass top may go wrong or be damaged by a long time of use. In both cases, you have to replace the old one. Repairing is not the recommended way since it is glass. And repairing glass is nearly impossible.

You can take care of your existing glass top to enhance its lifetime. It will give you a long service without any issues. If you forget to clean it properly and break the top accidentally, replacing it will be the ultimate option.

If you need to replace the glass on your GE stove, do you need to replace your entire cooktop?

If you need to replace the glass on your GE stove, you don’t need to replace your entire cooktop. Replacement of the existing glass top is now available at the stove shop. Or you can ask the seller of the GE stove to give you the glass top. It is not free, though.

You can purchase the glass of your existing GE stove and replace it with the existing one. It’s not that difficult anymore. Opening the old glass top, cleaning the surface, and placing the new one will be your ultimate goal. Can’t you do that? Of course, you can.

Try to purchase the new glass stove from the authentic GE stove merchandise, ask the seller about your stove model, and find the perfect match glass top.

Don’t buy the unmatched or faulty glass top. Some fraud sellers may ask you to buy another model glass top. You should never believe them.

Can you replace your glass stovetop yourself?

You can replace your glass stovetop yourself. You don’t need to hire any mechanic or go to the GE customer care center to replace it.

You can only avail of their service if they give you the warranty, and you can access the free service from them. Otherwise, a DIY worker can successfully replace his glass stovetop.

Replacing the glass stovetop is not that difficult. If you want to avoid the risk and enjoy a perfect installation, you can ask for help from those sources. You will also need some replacement tools, including screwdrivers, wrench, and DIY tools.

If you don’t have these tools and you don’t want to invest in them, hiring a local mechanic will be your final solution, or getting the paid service from GE Stove will be another way to replace your glass stovetop. Remember, you have to spend a good amount both ways.

How to replace the glass top on a GE stove?

Follow my tips and steps to replace the glass tip on a GE stove.

Disconnect the Stove & Cool Everything:

You must disconnect the stove from the electricity and unplug the wires. Then, wait for a few minutes until the stove becomes cool and ready to touch. Don’t be in a rush and try to replace the glass top quickly.

Open the Door & Bolts:

Once the stove is cool, you need to open the door of the GE stove and remove the two bolts from the existing glass top. You have to be patient because the bolts might firmly attach to the glass.

Disconnect the Burners & Remove the Glass Top:

After removing the bolts, you have to lift the glass top to find the burners brackets. It’s time to disconnect them from the glass top, don’t disconnect the wires.

Only be sure to detach the burners from the glass top.

After that, your old glass top is ready to remove. Do it and keep it aside.

Connect the brackets and burners with the new one:

It’s time to install the new glass top. Before that, you have to connect the burners brackets to the stove and connect the new glass top.

It’s a must-follow step; you cannot install the glass top without connecting the burners.

Place the New Glass Top & Finish Installation:

Everything is ready, and you need to place or install the new glass top on the stove.

After placing the glass, you have to close the bolts that you remove first. After that, close the door and start using the new glass top.

How much does it cost to replace the glass top on a GE stove?

Replacing the glass top on a GE stove will cost around $200. It’s an average cost of replacing the damaged glass top on a GE stove.

You may need more or less depending on the stove model. It might be around $250 or more if you have an oven-type stove, including the installation charge.

The replacement cost will depend on you. If you hire the local stove mechanics, he will charge around $50-$100. You can save it if you install it by yourself. On the other hand, you don’t need to spend a single penny if you still have the manufacturer’s warranty.

In most cases, the GE stove comes with several years of warranty. If you damage the glass top within that time, you can avail of the free replacement service from the seller or the manufacturer. All you need is to carry the transportation cost.

Moreover, the cost might increase if you don’t have the warranty and ask for the paid service from GE customer service. They will charge you for both the glass top and the service. You can enjoy the free home delivery, though & save the transportation cost.

Can you fix a cracked glass stovetop?

You cannot fix a cracked glass stovetop. It’s impossible to fix once the glass gets cracked, and your entire effort will be vain. If you think that you can fix the car glass, why can’t you fix the glass stovetop? The answer would be different.

Car glass can be replaced and repaired, but stove glass cannot. Car glass has a structure, and it doesn’t need to bear the heat and resist something. In contrast, the glass stovetop is a sensitive part. If it gets cracked, it will fail to hold the heat.

Therefore, the replacement of the glass stovetop is the only available option. You have to buy a new one and remove the cracked glass from the stove. You can claim the free installation; otherwise, you have to bear all the costs.

Is the glass top replacement covered by GE’s warranty?

You can enjoy a one-year limited warranty from the GE manufacturer from the purchasing date; it ensures the replacement and provides you with a free service charge. They will give free home delivery or a home-replacement guarantee within one year.

That means GE’s warranty covers the glass top replacement if you still have the time left. If your glass stovetop is cracked or damaged within one year, you can ask for a free replacement. GE’s warranty will cover it, and you don’t need to spend a single penny.

If the warranty is gone, but you have to replace the glass stovetop, you need to bear all the cost, but still ask GE customer care to give you the service. Maybe, you will get the most reliable and best-fitted glass stovetop.

Final Thoughts

Although you can replace the glass top on the GE stove, you must invest a good amount. It will cost around $200 to replace the entire glass top. If you replace it yourself, you can save the labor cost. You can follow the tips and steps that showed before and get the job done within a while.