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Can You Put Wood in the Oven? (Read This First!)

There might be many reasons or purposes as to why you might be considering putting wood in the oven. It is very important to know if that is safe to do or what type of wood you can do that with to prevent a mishap from happening. 

Can you put wood in the oven?

You should not put wood in the oven because distort and the glue in it might disintegrate. Besides that, it can cause smoking, and if the temperature reaches high enough it can even ignite your wood. Only specific types of wood that are safe for putting in the oven which you must be aware of.


Wood is not at all safe to heat up in the microwave. Even heating normal plastic utensils in the microwave for more than fifteen seconds can be very harmful. When it comes to wood, it gets even worse. 

Microwaving any type of wood whether it be normal wood or wooden utensils can be dangerous both for the microwave as well as for the wood itself. The problem that lies in microwaving wood is the fact that it heats up very fast due to the water present in it. 

This will cause smoke to form as well as if the temperature gets too high it can also light up in flames. Some microwaves can reach really high temperatures which is why you should always keep anything wood away from it for safety reasons. 

Gas oven:

It is alright to put certain types of wood in gas pizza ovens. It is a very popular Mediterranean way of cooking pizza because of the rich woody flavor it adds to the pizza. 

Since gas is being used for this oven it is very easy to control the temperatures and not burn up the wood. 

It is also a cleaner way of cooking pizza compared to wood ovens. However, there are only certain types of wood that you are allowed to use. Ash and oak are good examples because they are not dry which means they will not catch fire at lower temperatures. 

It also does not produce much smoke and is good at handling higher heat which makes it all the more suitable. 

What happens if you put wood in the oven? Is it safe?

You cannot put wood in just any kind of oven. For example, it is not safe to put it inside a microwave. There are water droplets present on the surface of wood which gets it to heat up very quickly inside a microwave. 

It can split the wood too if there are cracks present in it and cause a lot of smoke to arise. If the temperature reaches high enough it can also cause your wood to catch on fire. 

However, on the other hand, it is perfectly safe to put wood in a gas pizza oven or even a wood oven. Albeit you will have to use the right kind of wood that is not too dry and will not absorb too much heat too quickly which can get dangerous sometimes. 

Can you put these woods in the oven?

It is very important to know if you can put wood in the oven and what kind of wood you can use in the particular oven. 

Wood with polymer clay:

You can bake wood with polymer clay to cure it properly as long as you keep two things in mind. The wood must not contain any moisture in it and you must bake it at a low temperature. Moisture can cause the wood to swell up, retain heat and even ignite.

You must seal your wood in that case. You must also follow proper guidelines because polymer clay can release toxic fumes if you do not follow specific guidelines. 

Wood in the oven for pizza:

You can use wood in the oven for pizza as long as you are using the proper wood and proper oven. You must use a wood oven or a gas oven. You must also ensure to use wood that does not retain too much heat and does not produce too much smoke. 

The best wood to use is either birch or oak in this case to make a delicious pizza. 

Wood in the oven to dry it:

You should consider not drying bigger pieces of wood in the oven because it can stir up a mishap. This is because bigger pieces of wood can end up retaining too much heat and releasing a lot of smoke. 

Not only that, it can get very dangerous if the wood starts to split and distort inside the oven due to retaining too much heat and swelling up because of it. 

Small pieces of wood to dry in the oven:

It is safer to dry cut pieces of wood in the oven as long as the wood is not cut freshly because it retains too much heat. 

If you are using a normal oven to dry small pieces of wood then keep in mind that you should do it very carefully and slowly over a longer period so that the wood does not swell up due to high heat and can dry up nicely. 

Wooden skewers, kebab sticks, and chopsticks in the oven:

Yes you can put wooden skewers, kebab sticks, and chopsticks in the oven. As long as you ensure to soak it in water for a good thirty minutes before using it. 

This is because since they are small and thin if they are too dry they are more likely to split or crack or worse even get burnt or catch fire in the oven. Soaking them in water makes them safer for use. 

Wood chips in the oven:

You must soak your wood chips for a good few hours before using them for cooking purposes in the oven. As long as you do it properly and cook slowly over longer periods you are good to go. 

Camembert wood in the oven:

Camembert wood is safe to use in particular ovens such as gas ovens for baking purposes as long as you are following the guidelines. Using it improperly can actually end up ruining your appliance. 

Wood-handled pan in the oven:

You should not use wood-handled pans in the oven because it is not oven safe. The wooden handle stops having the protection of insulating spacers in the oven. It also increases the overall temperature inside the oven.

Wooden chopping board in the oven:

It is recommended to not place your wooden chopping board inside the oven. The cutting boards are made of heat at the end of the day and if the temperature gets too high not only will it start smoking, but it can also catch on fire. 

Driftwood in the oven:

Driftwood is often put in the oven to sterilize it. It is a very complicated process and you can do so only if you are following the proper instructions or it can get dangerous if the wood heats too much and too quickly. 

Can you use wood chips in the oven?

It is important to know if you can indeed use your wood chips in the oven to cook pizza. 

Wood chips in a pizza oven:

You can use wood chips in a pizza oven, particularly the Ooni pizza oven. The best wood to use is oak because it burns the cleanest and will not retain too much heat which means it is not dangerous to use and will not cause ignition or too much smoking. 

Wood chips in a gas pizza oven:

You must soak your wood chips first and use the proper type of wood that will not get too hot. In that case, you can test your wood chips first to ensure that it does not overheat and catch fire then use them for your gas pizza oven. 

Can you put a wood plank in the oven?

You can do so as long as you soak it beforehand so that the wood does not catch fire and releases steam instead to cook your food. 

Also, ensure to keep an eye out for the temperature at all times to make sure your wood plank does not get too overheated because that can get dangerous. 

Can you cook salmon on a wood plank in the oven?

You can certainly cook salmon on a wood plank in the oven. Make sure it does not smoke because that means you are doing something wrong. 

Take it slowly over a low temperature so that your plank does not get overheated. Always ensure to keep an eye out for the plank for safety measures. 

Final Thoughts:

There are certain types of wood you can put in certain types of ovens. Being aware of it and using the right techniques and right temperatures can give you an amazing end result without getting too dangerous for you. It is always important to be aware of the right guidelines to prevent disaster.