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Can You Put Wet Clothes in Dryer? (All You Need to Know)

The washer and dryer consecutively do their work on clothes. Cleaning and drying come in one package. Even though a dryer machine may cost a fortune, it still solves a lot of problems and time. A dryer may be used to dry the clothes immediately after washing.

The cost may be a bit high, and even the electricity bill may rise too.

Following our tips regarding using a dryer and whether wet clothes can be put in the dryer or not may help you to understand more in detail.

Can you put wet clothes in the dryer?

One can put wet clothes in the dryer unless it is soaked too much in the water. Too much water present in the clothes may have an impact on the motor of the dryer. That’s why remove the excess water from the clothes before putting them in the dryer. This will cause the drying sooner.

Dryers are meant to dry wet clothes. One can put clothes immediately after washing the clothes in the dryer. The dryer dries the clothes immediately depending on the amount of water it has soaked.

The main purpose of drying is to remove the excess water from the clothes and turn the wet clothes into dried ones. The dryer may cause some money and a bit of a high electricity bill.

Damp or semi-wet clothes can be put in a dryer. Well, as they are slightly wet, they may take less time than usual. Yet if you put a lot of clothes together, it may require more time. Well,

Damp or semi-wet clothes can also be dried by hanging in the sunlight. That will work faster. If the clothes are too much soaked in water, that water is dripping from the clothes. Better not put it directly on the dryer.

Before putting those clothes in the tumble dryer, squeeze the clothes and remove the excess water. Otherwise, the dripping water may make the spinning of the dryer slow and take a lot of time. In addition to that, it may affect the motor in the dryer.

That’s why apart from fully soaked clothes, wet clothes can be put in a dryer. As soaking clothes may cause damage to the dryer in further periods and also a dryer is expensive to buy.

The damage may not be visible for a time period, rather result directly by making the dryer useless.

Is it safe or dangerous to put soaking wet clothes in the dryer?

It is not ok to put soaking wet clothes in the dryer. The dryer may dry the wet clothes but differs with time and water the clothes content.

Putting wet clothes is suggested as it contains water but in an average amount, not too much water and neither totally dry. Yet putting soaking wet clothes is not suggested. Soaking wet clothes mostly drip water, and in the spinner, it may slow the spin.

Even too much water can damage the motor to function. Plenty of added at the same time may double the effect. Putting soaking wet clothes in the dryer is not dangerous but not ok either.

As the dryer may lose its effectiveness sooner than before. The effect may become visible after a long period.

Will soaking wet clothes ruin a dryer? What happens if you put really wet clothes in the dryer?

Of course, soaking wet clothes can ruin a dryer. Well, it may be a gradual process. Still, the effectiveness of the dryer decreases rapidly. One may even wonder why the dryer is not working properly after making mistakes.

Wet clothes may get dried easily in the dryer. But the soaking wet clothes may damage the machine that may lead to buying a new one. Even a new dryer costs a lot. Buying a new one and making the same mistake again may become a burden.

Better learn from mistakes. Below things may happen to the dryer if you put really wet clothes in it. These may slow the machine and result in damage.

Spin slow:

Really wet clothes are mainly dripped in water. This may cause the spin to occur slowly. Well, the whole drying the faster spin can dry the clothes faster. Reversely, the slow spin will take time.

Even spinning may become difficult because of the extra water in the clothes. That’s why it is better to squeeze it before putting it in the dryer.

Motor gets damaged:

The motors spin with speed. Yet too many soaked clothes become heavier to the spin-off. As a result, the motor may find it hard to make spins. The weight of the clothes becomes higher because of the extra weight added due to the water.

Thus it can result in damaging the motors. As you are putting greater weight on it to handle.

Take time:

The spin of the machine becomes slower if you put soaked clothes in it. As a result, the machine may take a lot of time to dry the clothes. In addition to that, it also causes high electricity bills.

One may get their work done faster by putting soaked clothes in the sunlight.

What to do if clothes are still soaked after washing, before putting them on the dryer?

Sometimes, after washing, the clothes still remain soaked. Especially if the cloth is made of heavy materials that absorb the water, it might be a bit difficult to release the excess water yet floor the below information to get the work done.


Squeezing is a must before putting the clothes in a dryer. Squeezing the clothes may drench the excess water from the clothes. As a result, you still get a slightly wet texture on the clothes.

Squeezing sometimes may create folds in the clothes. That’s why if you want to hand the clothes after drying, spread the clothes all over properly. Or else iron the clothes after drying.

Hang dry:

One can hang dry the clothes a little bit. As a result, the excess water may fall off. The amount may not be much. Still, the weight will become bearable for the washer.

How to dry soaking wet clothes without a dryer?

Dry soaking wet clothes are not suitable to put in a dryer. Well, whether it is a soaking wet cloth or a damp one, one should first squeeze the excess water from the clothes. Otherwise, it will take a long time to dry.

After squeezing, the following methods can be followed to dry the soaking wet clothes faster.


Putting clothes in the sunlight is a home remedy to dry clothes. Even our mothers do the same. Though in summer, the clothes may dry faster, in winter and rainy seasons, sunlight may not be exposed.


Hanging clothes in the open air also dry them. Especially in the winter and rainy season, many hang their clothes inside their homes. The air itself vapors the excess water and dries the clothes.

Why is my washer not spinning all the water out of my clothes?

The draining pump in the washer might have got clogged, or due to the excess water, the clothes have become heavier to spin.

As a result, the motor in the dryer may not be able to hold the weight. As a result, spinning doesn’t occur. On the other hand, the draining pump should always be cleaned. It drains water and pollutants.

If it is jammed, the washer may not spin. All this will lead to the clothes not getting dried. That’s why, before drying, check the drain and also squeeze the clothes a bit in order to dry the clothes.

Can you leave wet clothes in the dryer?

Of course, you can leave the wet clothes in the dryer even overnight. Yet frequently leaving may damage the machine instead.

The dryer is for drying the clothes, and wet clothes are put into it. Thus you can put on wet clothes too. In case you leave the clothes overnight, they will not do damage. If the dryer is kept on, it will cost more energy.

Other than that, leaving frequently may not be a good idea. Completing the drying of clothes right after washing is indeed the best solution.

Final thoughts:

Finally, summing up altogether, it is visible that wet clothes can be put in the dryer. Yet soaking wet clothes are not recommended to put as the excess water may have an impact on the functionality of the dryer. That’s why squeezing wet clothes before putting them in the dryer must be the best way.