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Can You Put Vans in the Washer? (Quick Answers)

Vans shoes are one of the classiest ones anyone can have. For a woman, wearing heels would only cause aches in her toes. Instead, try wearing vans which would even make it comfortable to walk. On the other hand, men would always love to wear comfy vans and do speed runs.

Following the below tips and information regarding vans and if they can be washed in the washer would give you a proper idea on cleaning it.

Cleaning Vans in the washer:

Cleaning the vans in the washer is possible. But it depends on the material of the vans. Suede vans are not suitable for washing in the washer. Even though you put the vans in the washer, you have to be careful with it. That’s why it is preferable to clean the vans by hand with care.

Shoes are always preferable by everyone. You can go around comfortably instead of hurting your toes. Vans are one of the most popular and reliable shoes as well. No matter how tidy and beautiful it looks when you buy a pair of vans or any shoe, it will get dirtier with time. You definitely would need to clean it.

White Vans:

White vans would look neat and beautiful while buying and also would get scratches and dirt more on them. Moreover, it would be more visible. In that case, you need to clean the shoes. Not necessarily by putting it in the washer but rather by washing it by hand.

If you are putting it in the washer, use fewer and gentle detergents. Moreover, the washing machine should be in gentle mode so that it does not tear the vans. You should remove the marks a bit before even putting them in the washing machine.

Suede Vans:

Suede vans are highly not suitable for washing in the washing machine. It is highly preferable to clean the suede vans by hand. You can also put the vans in the washing machine but at your own risk. It would be better if you can handle the suede vans gently.

Slip on Vans:

Well, slip vans can also be put in the washing machine but it should be better not. Washing the slip vans and any other shoes requires care. If you put the shoes directly in the washing machine, there is a high chance that the shoes would not be cleaned properly.

Moreover, it can get damaged, and torn. Even drying would be tough. You should put the slip vans directly under the sunlight. When you are putting the slip van in the washing machine, you need to be gentle with it and use a low cycle to cause less damage to the shoes.

What happens if you wash Vans in the washing machine?

Vans are mostly not suitable for cleaning in the washing machine. Still, many may put it in the washing machine while being gentle with the vans. But the harm is not preventable. Even if you are careful with the vans, they would get slight damage due to the cycles in the washing machine.

That’s why hand washing the vans is much more of a wise choice. Below things can happen if you put your vans in the washing machine.

Damage the vans:

The vans need to be handled carefully. The washing machine has cycles that rotate the vans. Speedy rotation can even tear the van shoes. It can cause severe damage to the vans. Moreover, washing machines require more detergent. Rough water and detergent can damage the vans.

If your vans are white, the color can get deteriorated due to the cleaning. Even it would cause shrinkage of the shoe which is irreversible. You should clean it by hand and less while soaking it in full water.

Not cleaned:

Putting the vans in the washing machine is not the right choice. Unless you are using cold water and gentle mode. But the material would decide if the vans would last or get ruined.

Often you would find the vans not cleaned properly or the outer surface is not cleaned enough. To get the utmost satisfaction, you should go with hand washing.

How to clean Vans in the washer?

Cleaning the vans is actually a bit tough as you can not get the previous shine back. But using a washer might give you some benefit and some loss as well. To prevent severe color deterioration, you should remove the dirt from the vans properly. You can follow the below methods to clean the vans in the washer.

Clean the vans:

You should not directly throw the vans in the washer. The proper amount of detergent is needed. You should use 1 spoon of detergent and any stain remover if you want to use it. Mix them and use them on the machine. The washer machine should be fixed in cold water so that the shoes do not get shrunk.

You should use gentle mode on the washing machine. If there is no gentle mode, you can also use normal mode. Moreover, the spin should be minimized to 1-2 times. You should also put a towel on the shoes so that it does not get damaged due to the rotation.

Dos and don’ts for cleaning Vans shoes:


Clean roughly:

The washing machine would clean the vans under proper conditions. Yet, you should clean it roughly before putting it in the washing machine. Wipe off the dirt with a brush of soft clothes. If you are hand washing the shoes, you should use a brush to remove the stubborn dirt.

Use gentle mode:

The speed of the washing machine is necessary to be controlled while the vans are placed. Too fast speed can tear the vans and can ruin them. Instead, use gentle mode to prevent severe damage.

Cold water:

Using hot water can cause the vans to have irreversible damage. Instead, use cold or slightly warm water to wash the vans. As a result, it would not get shrinked and remain useful.


Using rough detergent:

Rough and harsh detergent is not suitable for washing vans. The material of the vans can get damaged due to the use of harsh chemicals. Protect the material to ensure longevity.

Cleaning often:

Shoes should not be cleaned too often. Instead, wipe the dirt and stubborn marks off. Make sure to not leave any permanent marks on the vans. Cleaning while soaking the shoes should not be done often.

How to properly clean Vans shoes?

You can clean the vans shoes by hand or by washing machine. Washing machines can lead to damage of the vans shoes up to some extent. Not necessarily you need to use the washing machine. You should clean it as much as possible by hand. You can follow below to clean the vans shoes properly.

Clean the vans shoes with a brush:

Even if you are putting the vans shoes in the washing machine, you should clean them roughly before placing them in the machine. As a result, the stubborn dirt and marks can be removed. You can soak the brush in soap water or in the mixture of lemon and water and rub the brush over the shoes. It would effectively clean the dirt.

Use stain removers or home remedies:

Some people use a stain remover to remove any type of stain on their shoes. You can do some. But the stainer should match the material. Otherwise, it would only worsen the situation. You can also use vinegar to clean the vans shoes.

Apart from that, using soap and water can also help. But instead of soaking the shoe in the water, just wipe the surface of the vans shoes with a sponge or brush to clean it. You can also use baking soda on the vans shoes.

Use cold water:

You should definitely use cold water instead of warm water. Warm water would cause damage to the material of the vans shoes. Using cold water is fine and the damage would be less. Do not clean the vans shoes often or soak them in the water.

Final Thoughts

Overall, vans can be put in the washer as long as the material is suitable for machine washing. Otherwise, the vans would rather get ruined. Still, it is a better option to clean the vans by hand instead of throwing them into the machine to prevent any kind of damage to the vans shoes.