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Can You Put Toms in the Washer & Dryer? (Answered)

Shoes are preferred by all due to their convenience and the comfort it provides. But the shoes would get dirtier with time, especially when you use them frequently. When the shoes are white, they would be more visible. Nevertheless, you must clean them to keep them as new.

Following the below tips and information regarding toms and if they can be washed in the washer and kept in the dryer or not would give you an idea on cleaning it.

Toms shoes in the washer:

You can definitely keep the toms shoes in the washer. But you have to handle it properly. Otherwise, the shoes can get damaged and the condition of the toms may become worse. You need to put the washing machine on the gentle mode and insert the shoes while following the other conditions.

Washing machines indeed have made the cleaning easier. You do not need to clean the stuff by hand anymore. You can easily clean them by only putting the stuff in the washing machine. Many prefer to clean their shoes in the same way. But this can result in worse conditions if the shoes are not handled carefully.

Toms shoes:

Toms shoes are convenient to use. Like other shoes, they would also get dirt on them with frequent use. Well, you can not prevent yourself from using it. Rather keep it clean. You can clean the toms shoes by hand or put them in the washing machine.

Cleaning while using the washing machine requires proper steps. Missing any of the crucial steps can lead to damage to the shoes. Once you get the toms shoes cleaned, you will find them as shiny and neat as before. Well, in way better condition than cleaning by hand.

Improper placement of the toms shoes in the washing machine can even tear the shoes. You might not be able to use the shoes further if it happens.

Toms slippers:

Wearing slippers at home is indeed the most comfortable one. You can keep your feet warm. Using soft toms slippers would be convenient as well. You have several options to clean them. You can use the washing machine to get the appearance of the shoes back.

Or can do hand washing. Using a washing machine might seem like an easier method. You can choose your option as long as you are properly following instructions. To wash the slippers quickly, do not put them in other clothes.

These small things can lead to bigger damage. Be cautious while putting the slippers in the washing machine.

Toms shoes in the dryer:

Putting the toms shoes in the dryer is indeed the wrong decision. Many prefer cleaning the shoes in the washing machine and drying them in the dryer. In the case of toms shoes, you can clean them in the washing machine but drying them in the dryer would only damage the shoes and make them unusable.

Some washing machines come with a dryer, so you can easily put the stuff in the dryer after taking them from the washing machine. It is way more convenient as it takes less time to dry the stuff. Especially when you are in a hurry, drying the stuff might be the first option then.

In the case of shoes, all types of shoes are not suitable for machine washing. That’s why you should check the instructions before putting them in the washing machine. While most of the shoes are not allowed to be put in the dryer. Well, it is because the shoes would get damaged by the excessive heat.

Heat can cause shrinkage to the shoes. As the dryer uses heat to dry the stuff, it would do the same for the shoes. As a result, Toms shoes would get shrunk. In the worst case, the size would become distorted. As a result, you can not use it anymore.

Apart from that, the color of the toms shoes can fade away due to contact with the heat. That’s why even in the washing machine while cleaning the toms shoes hot water is not used. The surface of the toms shoes would become rough and deteriorate.

The texture of the shoes would get ruined. Some say excessive heat can also melt down the shoes. To prevent any unwanted circumstance, it is better to dry the toms shoes in natural light rather than in the dryer.

How to clean Toms in the washer?

Cleaning the toms in the washer is not just easy but also time-saving. Doing it rightly benefits one while doing it wrong would bring ruin. Following proper methods and instruction is necessary before putting the toms in the washer. You can follow the below to clean the toms in the washer.

Clean the toms in the washer:

You have to first set the washer. The functionality of the washer differs for varying stuff. For any kind of shoes including the toms the washing machine should be kept at a gentle mode. You should not go with the normal mode. Moreover, the rotation can be set 2 times.

Too much agitation in the washing machine can create scratches in the shoes and tear the shoe apart. Use only cold water to clean the toms shoes. Hot water or warm water is not good for cleaning the toms shoes. The materials can deteriorate due to the heat.

The speed of the washing machine should also be maintained. Moreover, you should use detergents or chemicals which are gentle. Hard chemicals would ruin the color of the toms shoes. Especially the color of the colored ones. Apart from that, the white shoes can get discolored as well.

You should not put the shoes with other stuff or clothes. Instead, use some towels to keep a balance and keep the washing machine crowded. Too much space on the washing machine can cause the toms shoes to toss around. This would definitely damage the shoes to a great extent.

You can also use cleaning agents if you want. Some prefer adding vinegar to clean the toms shoes. Especially to remove the stubborn marks. After following all these you can put the shoes in the washing machine and start it. After cleaning the shoes, do not put them in the dryer.

Tips clean and drying your Toms without a washer or dryer:

One can choose between cleaning the toms in the washer or by hand. Cleaning the toms by hand would definitely need effort. It is better if you could do it often. As a result, stubborn marks would not appear on the toms shoes. Some tips regarding cleaning the toms shoes without a washer or dryer are included below.

Use cold water:

Toms shoes are meant to be clean with cold water. Hot water can only cause harm to the material of the toms shoes. Moreover, the color can get deteriorated and the shoe can get shrunk. A reduction in the size of the shoes would make them unusable. That’s why only use cold water to clean the toms shoes.

Use cleaning agents:

Using cleaning agents does not necessarily does not mean you can only use prepared cleaning agents. You can also use home remedies. Some put vinegar on the surface of the toms to clean the marks and dirt. Some prefer using soap water as it is quite efficient.

Meanwhile, lemon is also useful in removing stubborn marks. Also, baking powder mixed with water can also be used. There are plenty of remedies you can try to clean the toms shoes.

Use a brush or sponge:

Using a brush to clean the shoes is one of the most effective ways of removing dirt. You can soak the brush in the cold water and rub it on the surface of the shoe. Moreover, you can also soak the brush on the remedies or in a cleaning agent and next clean the marks. The sponge is also suitable for this purpose.

Airdry the toms:

Not just toms, no other shoes are suitable for drying in the dryer. Even the heat of the sunlight can also ruin the texture of the toms shoes. Let the toms dry with the natural air and light. Do not leave them under sunlight for a long time either.

Final Thoughts

Overall, toms shoes can be put in the washer but not in the dryer. Even while putting the toms shoes in the washer, you have to keep the washer in the gentle mode and only use cold water. In the case of drying the toms shoes, you should use natural sunlight instead of the dryer.