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Can You Put Suit in Dryer? (All You Need to Know)

Suits are mostly made of fabrics that require more care while cleaning. A little mistake can make the suit look old or damage the fabric. Moreover, the suit would shrink so that it can not be revived again. You need to be careful while handling a suit.

Following the below tips and information regarding the suit and if you can put it on the dryer or not, you would get an idea on cleaning it thoroughly. 

Can you put suit in dryer?

You should never put your suit in the dryer. Even if the suit is labeled as washable, you should rather go for dry cleaning. However, let it dry in the normal sunlight. Air drying would be more beneficial. Using a dryer can ruin the fabric of the suit, making it seem old. 

The suit is mostly made of fabrics that are quite sensitive. A little mishandling can cost you a lot. Some suits are made of cotton, wool, polyester, silk, and worsted. These fabrics are quite sensitive to handle. You can find the threads coming out of the dress. 

Or the dirt getting clogged on the fabric easily.

Seeing all these you may want to clean the suit as well. If you want to go for hand washing, it is a big no. Washing is not supported here in case of a suit. You should not go for mechanical washing either. The water can have an impact on the fabric making the fabric seem a bit old.

Moreover, you should dry the suit properly to remove the sweat. Well, you should not use a dryer to dry the suit. The fabrics are usually heat-sensitive. Even the low heat of the dryer can cause the fabric of the suit to shrink. 

Sometimes the lining can shrink or the suit can get wrinkled. 

Rather, go for air drying. Leave the suit in a hanger for some time and let it dry. Yet, do not hang it for the whole day as dirt would get easily attached to the fabric. You can try brushing in order to remove the dirt from the fabric.

Brushing would help to remove dirt and unnecessary clogged portions from the suit. Moreover, go for dry cleaning. Nevertheless, dry-cleaning too often can damage the suit. You should be careful with the suit. 

Can you put a suit jacket in the dryer to get the wrinkles out?

No, you should not put a suit jacket in the dryer to get the wrinkles out. It would get more wrinkles instead. Suit jackets are not suitable to put in the dryer. Putting would put you at a loss. 

To get rid of the wrinkles you should rather hang them. But putting the suit jacket in the dryer to get rid of the wrinkles is a waste. The suit can not stand the heat. The heating of the suit can rather increase the wrinkle. Moreover, it would shrink the suit making it unfit.

Well, suit jackets are a bit tough to handle as they easily get shrunk and damaged. You should rather go for dry cleaning. And to remove the wrinkles, hang the suit jacket and brush it a bit. Or you can provide some steam to the fabric while keeping the suit jacket in a plain space. 

This would help more. 

Can you put suit pants in the dryer?

You better ignore putting the suit pants in the dryer. Well, suit pants are different from suit jackets. Still better not to put the suit pants under heat. Heat can cause the suit pants to look old. Moreover, the quality of the suit paint may look off. Instead of a dryer try using steam.

If you are using a dryer, you should be a bit careful. Put the pants upside down to not let the heat touch the pants directly. You should read the instructions before doing anything to the pants. Otherwise, the results can get worse.

3 reasons why you cannot put suit in dryer

Putting the suit in the dryer is not preferable as the suit can get damaged instead of getting a new look. You would definitely want the suit to look as new but not like an old one after cleaning. After drying the suit, the suit should appear clean and tidy.

But putting the suit in the dryer can result in the reverse. Certain reasons why you better not put the suit in the dryer are given below.

Shrink the fabric:

Suits are made of sensitive fabrics. Fabrics like wool, polyester, linen, silk, and more. These fabrics are not able to stand heat or water. Heating can shrink the fabric in linings. As a result, the suit will become unfit after heating.

The size will become smaller than before. Well, it can not recover either. As a result, wearing it more times would be quite impossible. 

Lower the quality:

Putting the suit on the dryer not only shrinks the suit but also influences the color. The color can look a bit damp. Sometimes, the color can get discolored making the fabric look low quality. This would make the suit look unapproachable. 

Make the wrinkle worse:

Suits with wrinkles should never be put in the dryer. Even if you are cautious while putting the suit in the dryer, the wrinkles should be removed first. Otherwise, the wrinkles would get worse. You will have a hard time fixing that later. 

What happens if you put a suit in the dryer?

Putting the suit in the dryer is indeed not a wise decision. It can make the suit look horrible later which will not be in your fitting as well. After washing the clothing, the next thing you do is to dry it. A dryer can speed up drying. Well, it takes less time than air drying.

Apart from putting heat, the dryer also causes agitation. As a result, there is a high chance of the suit getting wrinkles. Moreover, the heat would make the fabric shrink. Especially on the sides and joints. 

This would make the suit smaller in size than before. You might not be able to put it on either. The fabric can get damaged as well. Making the suit seem poor in quality. 

Can you tumble dry a suit?

Absolutely not, you should not put the suit in a tumble dry. Well, a tumble dryer is worse than a normal dryer. The tumble dryer rolls the clothes and dries them at normal room temperature. Well, heating will not be a problem here as there would be no rise in the temperature.

Suits are not good to put in heat or at high temperatures. However, suits are meant to hang or be kept in a plain place so that the suit doesn’t get wrinkled. A tumble dryer would make the wrinkles worse. You should not use a tumble dryer for a suit. 

How to clean and dry a suit properly?

Cleaning the suit can be a bit difficult as you can ruin the suit. You have to be a bit cautious before cleaning it. As the outcome can be worse. You can follow below in order to keep the suit clean and tidy. 

Clean the suit:

First, you should see if the fabric is washable or not. If there are instructions not to wash it, do not use water at all. Well, suits are best suitable for dry washing. Using water would make the fabric heavier and the quality may drop.

In other cases, you can just remove the wrinkles using a bit of water in the stain and dry it properly. You can spray water and create steam to clean the suit. It is more suitable in the case of drying. 

Dry the suit:

Hang the suit and let it dry naturally. Do not use a dryer. If you want to use an iron, you should keep the suit upside down. And also put a towel so that the heat does not touch the fabric directly. Instead, there would be a warm feel. Air dry is best suitable for a suit.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, you should never put the suit in the dryer. It will not help at all, rather make the suit worse. The fabrics used in suits are not capable of standing high heat. Even low heat can cause a certain amount of damage to the suit. In worse cases, the suit would shrink making it unwearable.