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Can You Put Suede Shoes in the Washer & Dryer?

Shoes are meant to keep clean. It would get more dirt on it as the day passes. You do not want your newly bought shoes to get dirtier with time. Frequent cleaning would keep the shoes as the new ones. Yet, shoes should not be cleaned often. Still, there are multiple ways of cleaning suede shoes.

Following the below tips and information regarding the suede shoes would give you an idea if they could be put in the washer and dryer or not.

Cleaning suede shoes in the washer & dryer:

Suede shoes can be cleaned but not in the washer. Moreover, it should not be exposed to the dryer either. Suede shoes would get ruined if they are exposed to too much water and heat. The damage would be enough to ruin the shoes and you would not be able to use the shoes again.

Suede shoes are more popular in fashion. They are reliable and can last long if you can take good care of them. Suede shoes are types of leather that are soft and can go with modern fashion. Who would not like to wear the best quality shoes when the shoes can satisfy in every way.

Suede shoes in the washer:

You would definitely need to clean the shoes once you use them. You can not always wear dirty shoes. Well, shoes get dirt on easily. When you run and walk, your shoes are meant to get dirtier. You can not help but get the shoes dirty.

If the shoes get to the muddy places, the stubborn dirt needs to be cleaned right away. If the shoes are white, mud can leave permanent marks on the shoes. You would want to clean the shoes in the easiest way. Well, a washing machine is indeed the easiest way to keep the shoes clean.

Yet, suede shoes should not be cleaned in the washing machine. Well, the washing machine can clean any marks on the shoes and make them cleaner. But the damage it would cause is huge. Due to the rotation speed of the washing machine, the shoes can get torn.

The damage can happen to a greater extent. Moreover, the long exposure to excess water can damage the material of the suede shoes.Especially when the water is hot or warm, the shoes can get shrunk. The shoes would not get their form back again.

It would become ruined completely. To avoid such a situation, it is indeed better to clean the suede shoes by yourself. Moreover, dirt needs to be wiped off before putting it in the washing machine. You can just wash the suede shoes by hand instead.

Suede shoes in the dryer:

Suede shoes are not appropriate for putting in the dryer. After cleaning the shoes, you would definitely want to dry them. The easiest and quick drying process might be using the dryer. But it would not help at all. Suede shoes are kind of leather.

And leathers are never meant to be put in the washer and the dryer. The highest temperature of the dryer would make the surface of the suede shoes rough. It can even cause discoloration of the surface color. The shoes will no longer look good.

High temperatures can even damage the leather or suede shoes by melting the material. You would not be able to use the suede shoes anymore.

Does washing suede ruin it?

Well, of course washing the suede harshly would ruin it. But you still need to clean the suede. You can not wear the dirty suede again and again. Moreover, there are also multiple methods to clean the suede efficiently. It does not mean that the suede has to be washed.

You can clean the suede with a damp towel. Or use a brush to clean the dirt and marks. Instead of soaking the suede in the waster, less exposure to water would keep the suede last long.

Can you wash faux suede shoes in the washing machine?

Faux suede shoes can be washed in the washing machine. Faux suede differs from the original suede. The original suede would get ruined in the washing machine. Meanwhile, the faux suede under proper conditions would remain fine by washing in the washing machine.

You can put the faux suede in the washing machine in gentle mode and use only cold water. Hot water would shrink the shoes. Cleaning by hand is also fine for faux shoes.

How to wash and dry suede shoes without ruining them?

Cleaning the suede shoes is necessary to remove the dirt and marks from the shoes. Unclean shoes do not look appealing. Moreover, dirt is meant to be on the shoes. You can follow below to wash and dry suede shoes without ruining them.

Use a brush:

Instead of soaking the suede shoes in the water, you should clean them with a brush. Well, the marks and dirt on the suede shoes must be wiped off. You can use a brush to clean the dirt from the suede shoes. Soaking the brush in the water would help. As a result, the suede shoes would not be in contact with excess water as well.

Use remedies:

Using remedies to wipe off the marks from the shoes can work perfectly. Stubborn marks would not be removed easily. You can use baking powder, vinegar, and lemon to wipe off the marks. Some may prefer using stain removers. You can also do the same as long as you are using very less water.

Moreover, using bleach is not good for the suede. Better to avoid it.

Dry on natural light:

You should put the shoes in the sunlight. Moreover, direct sunlight can also be too much for suede shoes. Excess sunlight would make the marks on the suede shoes more visible. Dry the suede shoes in the natural light. The shoes will dry soon and will not be ruined.

Use a damp towel:

Using a damp towel to clean the suede shoes is indeed reliable. Even cleaning the inside of the shoes would be possible with a damp towel. Do remove the soles and laces before cleaning the shoes. You can rub off the dirt with a damp towel. And let it dry in the natural light.

Tips to care for your favorite suede shoes:

Suede shoes need extra care to last long. If you can take good care of them, they would definitely last longer without any damage. From cleaning the suede shoes to washing and storing the suede shoes must be done with proper care. Below some tips are given related to suede shoes.

Use a brush to clean:

Using a brush to clean the suede shoes with less exposure to water is the best for the suede shoes. You can also use a sponge if you want. You can find suede cleaning brushes on the market. You certainly do not need the exact ones. Rubbing the dirt with the brush gives the best result while cleaning the suede shoes.

Use cleaner:

There are some suede shoe cleaners in the market. You can use those cleaners to get rid of the dirt and stubborn marks. You can also use home remedies. Do not use any harsh chemicals on the suede shoes as they can damage the surface of the suede shoes. Use gentle cleaners on the suede shoes.

Avoid sunlight and heat:

Direct sunlight and heat are not good for suede shoes. Even drying the suede shoes after cleaning them should not be done under direct sunlight. Avoid excess sunlight as it can ruin the suede shoes. Even heat would cause shrinkage to the suede shoes. Avoid places where direct heat exposure is present.

Store in cool places:

The suede shoes must not be stored in a hot place. Especially the places where heat is visible. It can be around the kitchen or out in the yard. You should put a bag to keep the suede shoes away from sunlight. Keep the shoes covered and in a cool place to store for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, putting the suede shoes in the washing machine would damage the shoes. You should not put the suede shoes in the washer and dryer. Rather clean the suede shoes by hand and dry them in the natural light. Moreover, excess light exposure is not good for the suede shoes as well.