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Can You Put Space Heater in Garage? (Explained)

A space heater is an excellent home appliance to produce heat and get an even temperature in your house. You need to install the heater in a proper place and give it the best support. You can use the recommended oil or fuel to produce the best heat.  

When you want to install a space heater in your working place, it won’t be easy. You may not find a perfect size space heater to install in safely. Today, I will describe how you can get the ideal space heater.

Putting a space heater in garage:

You can put a space heater in your garage. It will be an excellent choice to install a compact space heater in your garage, and a portable space heater will be perfect for you. You can install it in a little space and get an even temperature everywhere, but you must get a perfect one.

Putting a space heater in the garage is not difficult for a garage owner. You will have options and several choices to get the best space heater from different brands. 

When you plan on installing or putting a garage heater to maintain the temperature in your garage, you will have ample options.

You cannot choose a random space heater and install it accordingly. You must have your requirements, and then you should search for your best-matched space heater. 

Most garage owners prefer a portable space heater so they can adjust the heater size according to their requirements and space.

You can also consider installing any modern or updated space heater by investing a good amount. Mainly, when you have options to choose any manual or electric space heater, you should go for the electric one. It will give you the best service across the year.

You will also find some manual or traditional space heaters that can be installed within a limited budget. If you love the conventional heating system, you may choose any of them and get the best service. So, the entire process of putting a space heater in your garage will depend on you.

Here, I came up with three different space heaters you can put in your garage and get the best service from them. It will be easier to get an even temperature by using these heaters. They have the quality to serve you in different situations. 

Propane space heater:

You can put a propane space heater in your garage to warm the place for the entire fall & winter season since you will get a reliable and sustainable space heating service from this brand. 

You can contact the expert and make a suitable budget for a propane space heater.

Electric space heater:

You can also install an electric space heater in your garage. You can mount these heaters anywhere and get the even temperature over the garage.

Portable space heater:

What can be the best choice than a portable space heater? You can quickly put a portable space heater in your garage. It will take very little space and give you the best service and heat. 

You will also find some electric portable space heaters that would be your best choice.

Is it safe to use a space heater in the garage?

Using a space heater in the garage is always safe since it will have the best safety, but the basic safety will depend on your care. You should always check your space heater and maintain it accordingly to get the best service from your space heater. 

Remember, this is an electric appliance, so that it could be damaged.

If you use a particular space heater for a long time, it will become weak and can be damaged by an external threat. Whatever the reasons are, you should always check your space heater and repair it accordingly. You can make a routine to check your space heater every month. 

It will reduce the risk of having a faulty space heater.

When your space heater runs out of warranty or guarantees time, you must check its health and make a schedule to change it. In short, the safety of your space heater will depend on your maintenance. If you maintain it properly, it will give you a very long lifetime. 

If you fail to repair it at the right time, it could be a danger for your garage.

Reasons space heaters can be put in a garage 

You will find below why space heaters can be put in a garage.


In case you need to reposition the unit in your garage, explore for a space heater. Space heaters are, as a rule, electric and can be stopped into a divider outlet.


Temperature control is another reason you can put space heaters in your garage. Numerous space heaters have built-in indoor regulators or warm settings, permitting you to alter the sum of warmth that comes out of the unit.


Most space heaters come with security highlights to anticipate a fire from the beginning. A few common highlights incorporate closing off after coming to a certain temperature to avoid overheating and closing off after being tipped over. 

A few units are too cool to the touch to anticipate them from burning your skin or catching adjacent objects on fire.

Efficient Garage:

Space heaters draw in cold times, then warm it, and finally blow it back into your garage, making them effective at warming huge spaces.

What kind of heater is safe for a garage?

Pretty much all the space heaters are safe for a garage. You can use an electric heater, kerosene, and portable heater in your garage. It will mostly depend on your garage size and requirements. You cannot generalize any particular heater for your garage.

Still, I made a list of three kinds of heaters that will be safe for your garage. They have become popular over the years, and people love to use them safely in their garage.

Portable Heater:

Considering the garage size and other requirements, a portable heater is a perfect match for a garage. A garage will consist of different areas and different workshops.

You don’t need to have a particular temperature in your garage; instead, some areas must have more temperature than other places. 

You should always choose a portable heater for your garage if it goes for you. You can install it anywhere and move it according to your needs. From this perspective, a portable heater should be the first recommended for any garage.

Electric Heater:

In this advanced era of electric appliances, you should consider getting an electric heater for your garage. It will give you the best power source and the flexibility to maintain an even temperature in your garage.

It will have an updated version where the heater can adjust the temperature considering the weather. You will also love the economic sides of using a good quality electric heater in your garage.

Big Max Heater:

If you have an oversized garage, say a four-car garage, you should consider installing a big maxx heater. You cannot cover a large garage with a portable heater or a simple electric heater. You should go for something like a big maxx heater.

Install space heater in garage:

You can install the space heater in your garage by following the below tips and steps.

Connect Conduit:

Depending on the area of the board, you must open up an area of the divider around the board or interface conduit along the exterior of the building. Each home is diverse. 

So, understanding your domestic life is imperative in deciding how you’re able to run the conduit. 

Install Bracket:

Installation of the space heater could be moderately basic work compared to the rest of the activities. Select the bracket area and mount it to the ceiling or divider as required. 

Once the bracket is introduced, mounting the space heater is a matter of utilizing the included carriage jolt and spacer to hang the radiator from the bracket and then securing it in place with the included nut. 


Connect the wiring using a few wire nuts and then near the space heater. Finally, interface all the wiring within the intersection boxes by interfacing like-colored wiring with wire nuts and putting cover plates on the intersection boxes.


Turn the control back on at the breaker and the space heater. It has a movable temperature control handle, so you’ll be able to turn it on if you merely require a small bit of warmth; otherwise, you can wrench it up to tall and pump out a parcel of heat.

Final Thoughts

Since heaters have different versions and categories, you can put portable & electric space heaters in your garage. If you have a large or four-car garage, you should consider putting a big maxx heater in your garage. It will cover the entire garage and maintain an even temperature.