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Can You Put a Peloton Bike on Carpet? (All You Need to Know)

If you are a gym guy or love to do some exercise every day, you must know peloton bikes. It’s an exercise bike that will allow you to burn extra calories and become a fit person.

You must have some tools and a strong hard floor. Otherwise, this peloton bike can damage your floor since you cannot install it on a bare floor. If you read the installation guide, you will find some tool names you must use. 

Putting a peloton bike on the carpet

You can put a peloton bike on the carpet if you follow the instructions and use the cover. You must use a bike mat that will support you and help you put or install the peloton bike on your carpet. Otherwise, you will never get any stability and face issues in riding your Peloton bike.

The Peloton bike is heavy and comes with extra legs and a solid aluminum & plastic body frame. The manufacturer will ask you to use any plywood or strong floor under your peloton bike for extra stability. 

If you don’t have that floor and want to install the bike on your carpet, you must use a biker mat.

Biker mats or bike mats have different versions and quality. You must spend some extra bucks to get a premium quality bike mat from amazon or a nearby shop. When you buy the bike mat, you should ask if it can bear the peloton bike weight and will support the carpet.

If you get a premium quality bike mat, you should always go for it. Check the bike mat interior and install it on your carpet. You should cover that area with a bike mat and install the peloton bike. You will get the minimum level of stability that will be enough to use your exercise bike.

If you have enough money and time, you should skip your carpet and try to install the peloton bike on plywood or a similar hard surface. It will give you the best stability in exercising on your Peloton bike. 

Otherwise, the carpet and bike mat combination will give you a little shaky experience.

You will never know the exact stable peloton bike riding experience unless you install it on a tough surface. It should be installed with a good carpet, and you must get the best quality bike mat to get the minimum level of stability from your bike. 

It will also allow you to enjoy peloton riding.

But you cannot put your bike on the carpet without using a bike mat. If you do this, the bike will damage your carpet and might go through it. Consequently, you will get some torn and damaged carpet within a while. 

Besides, there will be no stability when you do exercise on this peloton bike.

So, you have two options for installing the peloton bike. First, you can put this bike on your carpet by using or covering that area with a bike mat. The other solution would be to use plywood and make the surface strong. 

It will be ready to get the Peloton bike and give you the best stability.

Is Peloton wobbly on carpet?

Peloton is wobbly on the carpet, although it has a massive weight of 135lbs. It will typically not move that much on a hard floor, but the carpet doesn’t have that cushion or strong surface that can keep your peloton bike stable for a long time. 

So, when you install the peloton on the carpet, it will wobble.

Wobbling is why people don’t install the peloton bike on the carpet. They use some plywood and make an extra surface on an existing surface. Then, it will become easier for your bike and you to get stability and exercise without moving your peloton bike.

You can also use the bike mat under your peloton bike to maintain stability. It will at least decrease the shake of your Peloton bike and give you an excellent exercising tool. 

If you have a particular place to install the Peloton bike, you must use plywood or any hard floor surface to avoid the wobbles of your peloton.

Otherwise, your peloton will wobble on the carpet, and you can’t do anything against it. Sometimes, your carpet may go off and be damaged very soon because of the extra weight of your peloton bike. So, a simple or hard carpet will fail to give you that stability.

Reasons peloton bike can be put on carpet

You will not get enough reason why you can put your peloton bike on your carpet. But I find three practical reasons your peloton bike can be on the carpet. Weight, bike mat., and dense PVC are the three reasons behind it. Let’s explore all these reasons and get a perfect solution.


The weight of the Peloton bike is huge; it’s approximately 135 lbs on average, but your peloton can come with more weight. This weight will make it stable on all surfaces, including carpet. 

If you put your peloton on the carpet and still find it stable, you should, thanks to your selection weight.

Weighty equipment can be installed on every surface. It will not move quickly and will stick to that surface. The same happens with your Peloton bike. It can be put on the carpet surface because of its weight. 

Bike Mat: 

Only weight is not the main reason you can put your peloton bike carpet on the surface. A bike mat is there to help you safely install your large and weighty peloton bike on the carpet. 

A bike mat is mainly a cover that will protect your carpet by adding a strong cushion over the carpet and will stick to the peloton bike.

If you don’t put a bike mat on your carpet, you will not get any stability, your bike will wobble on the carpet surface, and you cannot exercise on a wobble peloton bike. Therefore, a bike mat is another reason you can put a peloton bike on the carpet.

Dense PVC Material: 

Peloton bike is made with dense PVC material, which has a nature to stick to every surface. Since this bike has some extra weight, the dense PVC material will help you install it safely on the carpet surface. 

Even if you don’t have a mat, you can install it or put it on the carpet.

What to put under peloton bike on carpet?

You can put the below things under the Peloton bike.

Hard Floor:

It will be the most beneficial for you if you put any hard floor under a peloton bike on a carpet. They can also be situated on a carpet without harm, even though a low-pile carpet will create more soundness than a deep pile. 

Cycling Mat:

Among all the options, a cycling mat will be the best thing to put under a peloton bike on a carpet. You can easily take some time to discover a few great elastic mats that will offer assistance in securing the machine from the carpet and vice versa. 

A cycling kind of indoor mat will be outlined impeccably for Peloton bikes.

Yoga Mat:

It is also an excellent alternative, especially If you don’t have the cash to spend on a separate cycling mat; the best tip is to utilize a couple of Yoga mats. 

Yoga mats are ordinarily twofold the density of a cycling mat. It is also less costly. A yoga mat will cost you a third of the cost of the cycling mat. They will comfortably fit your Peloton and ensure your carpet stays safe. 

How to stabilize a peloton bike on carpet?

You can stabilize the peloton bike on the carpet by the following tips and components.

Use Feet:

The essential cause your Peloton bike is wobbling on the carpet is either the density of the heap or the solidness of your Peloton bike. 

Keep in mind that the Peloton bike you possess has six adjustment feet. Some options are also available, such as using the four external feet to balance and level the peloton bike. 

Make Floor Stable:

If your carpet is thick and your Peloton feet are balanced to their most quiet reach, the floor is unsteady at that point.  

Rotate Feet:

To alter and balance out the Peloton bike legitimately, you can alter the 4 external feet by turning to the correct ones until they are solidly on the floor or carpet. 

Try turning each foot until all four are solidly grounded, and the Peloton bike wobbles from side to side.

Final Thoughts

Since you will use a bike mat, it has extra weight; you can put your peloton bike on the carpet. But that’s not the ideal surface where you can expect the best stability. You must use plywood to get extra stability after installing your Peloton bike because the bike will wobble on the carpet.