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Can You Put a Mouse Pad in the Washer? (Read This First!)

The mouse pad makes the movement of the mouse easier. You can move the mouse without any friction when it is over the mouse pad.

Due to the frequent use, it would get dirtier as well. Meanwhile, not all the mouse pads are made of the same material and it decides how neat the mouse pad would remain.

Following the below tips and information regarding the mousepad and if it can be washed in the washer or not would help you to keep the mousepad clean.

Putting a mouse pad in the washer

It is better to know the material of the mouse pad before putting it in the washer. Not all the mouse pads are formed from the same material. Though almost all the mouse pads can be put in the washer, you should better try to wash them by hand. Thus, you can prevent damage to the material.

If you have a PC, you certainly might have a mouse pad. The mouse pad is actually convenient to use and makes the movement of the mouse easier and fast. It is not necessary to use the mousepad, yet, it gives rest to the wrist.

Moreover, cleaning the mouse pad is also easy, you might not even need the washing machine for it.

RGB mousepad:

RGB mouse pads are not suitable for putting in the washing machine. You can rather clean the mousepad by wiping off the dirt.

Using a damp towel to clean the mousepad would also be fine. The mousepad might get damaged due to its placement in the washing machine.

You can use soap or water to clean the mousepad. Gentle care would be necessary as the rubber in the mousepad can get ruined due to excess rubbing or cleaning.

Logitech mousepad:

You can definitely go for a machine wash to clean the Logitech mouse pad.

The machine should be set up correctly to clean the mousepad. It should be on the gentle mode allowing less use of detergents. Many prefer using soap or water.

Meanwhile, only cold water should be used to clean the mousepad. The mousepad would not get ruined as long as the washing machine is in gentle mode. Moreover, there are certain things that should be monitored.

The water should be cold, and the spin speed and cycle should be reduced. You should not use any rough chemicals on the mousepad as well. After setting the machine, you can put the mousepad.

The spin should also be controlled. Too much spin can ruin the fabric and damage the rubber in the mousepad. After setting the washing machine, a mousepad can be put in the machine to clean.

Glorious mousepad:

Glorious mousepad has such a special texture that it provides a smooth glide. You would be comfortable while using it.

Most importantly, you can wash the mousepad in the washing machine. There is no harm in washing the mousepad by hand as well.

While washing the mousepad in the washing machine can be a bit tricky. You can not use the cold water even not in the normal spinning mode. After considering all these, you can clean the mousepad in the washing machine.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to put the mouse in the washing machine. It is way easier to clean the mousepad by hand. You would not even need to put much effort into it. In the end, you would get a smooth and neat mousepad.

In the case of cleaning the mousepad in the washing machine, you need to consider the material of the mousepad.

Not every material would react the same to the washing machine. Some materials would get ruined, especially when it is made of rubber.

Other mouse pads which are made of clothes or other fabrics might be easily washable in the machine.

You need to learn the instructions before cleaning the mousepad. Otherwise, the mousepad would not only get ruined but also the washing machine would get damaged.

Can I put alcohol on my mouse pad?

It is better if you do not put the alcohol in the mouse pad. Some use alcohol to clean the mousepad on a regular basis.

It keeps the mousepad clean and lets the dirt off from the mousepad. But some mouse pads might not work the same. It can get ruined.

Especially the keyboard and keypad can get a bit damaged. The words there might disappear. Even gliding the mouse may become tough.

You should rather go easy on the mousepad. Instead of cleaning the mousepad by putting alcohol in it, you should clean it with soap and water.

Even though you are not cleaning the mousepad with alcohol, try to rub it with soap and water and the mousepad would be okay. For fast cleaning using a damp towel to clean the mousepad is easier and more beneficial.

2 reasons why you shouldn’t put mouse pad in the washer

Almost all the mousepads can be put in the washer. Though there are some exceptions, you can still go with machine washing to clean the mousepads easily. Well, hand washing is also easier but if you do not wish to, you can move to the washing machine.

Some reasons why you should not put the mouse pad in the washer are given below.

Ruining the mousepad:

Mouse Pads vary with the material. Most mouse pads are formed with low friction material. While cloth-made mouse pads are also found. The cleaning would also vary depending on the material.

Some materials might get totally ruined if you clean them in the washer. You might not be able to use the mousepad as before.

That’s why you should first know the material of the mouse pad. Then, learn if the mousepad needs any special care. After that, you can proceed to wash the mousepad in the washer.

Damaging the washer:

Some mouse pads are stubborn and are not easy to handle. The washer would rotate the mousepad and toss it around.

The dirt would get removed in such a way. But it can have a slight impact on the washing machine. The efficiency of the washer might get reduced and the mousepad would not be cleaned either.

More than that, the mouse pad might get damaged fully. Even the prints and if it has any sensors on them, everything would get damaged.

How do you clean mouse pads?

You can clean the mouse pads by putting them in the washing machine depending on the material.

The material of the mousepads can get damaged if it is made of rubber. After knowing the material, you can follow any method of cleaning. You can follow below to proceed.

Know the material:

Some mouse pads are made of clothes and soft fabric. While some may contain rubbers and elastic fabric. According to the fabric type, you should proceed to clean the mousepad. Almost all mousepads can be cleaned by hand washing. You can do that if you do not want the hassle.

Clean the mousepad:

After knowing the material of the mousepad, you can choose a particular method to clean the mousepad. If you are going with the washing machine, first set up the machine.

Mouse Pads should be cleaned in cold water especially when they are put in the washing machine.

The cycle number should be reduced. Use fewer detergents to clean the mousepad. Excess agitation and rough chemicals can distort the rubber in the mousepad. You can finally clean the mousepad in the washing machine.

In the case of hand washing, you can soak the mousepad in cold water. But the water should not get into the mousepad.

Only making the mousepad wet is the purpose here. You can wipe the dirt with damp clothes. Use soap and water to rub off the dirt. Do not rub too hard as the material can get damaged and the stitches can break.

After cleaning the mousepad, let it dry. It would be fine as the new one. Rubbing can take the dirt off, but the rubbers would make it difficult. You should rather wipe off the dirt without being harsh on the mousepad.

Final Thoughts

Overall, mouse pads are machine washable but it depends on the material of the mousepad. Some mouse pads might get totally ruined if you wash them on the washing machine. Meanwhile, some may get cleaned in an easier way. It would be better to go with hand washing to clean the mouse pads.